Born in Columbia, Missouri and raised in a small town not far from there.  I always knew I was not your normal Mid-Westerner.  I had dreams and wanted to see things that my family thought was impossible at the time.   However, after a living a life of many different experience that only a book could express totally… I have found my place in the world.  Unbelieveably to most, that place is  The People’s Republic of China.  

Yes, I am an African-American Woman over 40 living in the P.R. China with my young Chinese husband.  I decided that I wanted to express myself and my feelings the best way I knew how, through words.   I also wanted to share what it was like to live in a foreign country.  Where things are not what you expect and people are not what you think. 

Follow me through my experiences, my joys and my pains.. but most of all live through me what you are not ready to do yourself.  I hope to inspire all of you to live your life the way you want and to not be afraid of the unknown.  Live outside the box…. do not only “Dream it… Do it”