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The Great Fire Wall of China has struck again…... 7 years ago when I arrived in China .. I was able to access Facebook , twitter and you tube… and a brief six months that was blocked by the Chinese Firewall, due to information being leaked out that was not showing China in a favorable light..   I was actually okay with that for a while because I wasn’t an avid fan of the three websites.

Everything has been fine until the most recent blockage.   The All Mighty Google.   Yep, Google has been blocked in Mainland China.  My heart is broken…. I am a great fan of Google, I often refer to Dr. Google for all my medical questions, and any other research I might need.  Now that it is blocked it makes life a bit difficult for us expats that depend on it.


It seems that  this all happened on anniversary of Tiananmen Square that recently past and Google decided to show a memorial tribute to it on their search page.   I often see the different memorials or celebrations that are shown on this page and I did not think much of it.   However, China leaders did not like to be reminded of the incident.  As a matter of fact, it is not in the history books, nor is it taught in school at any level.  It is the incident that must never be mentioned.  In the powers that be’s eyes, it never happened.

Yep, it seems they can just cut out the parts of history that is not  “politically correct”.   I find this ridiculous myself…. how would people feel if we cut slavery or the Indian massacres out of our American history?  Needless to say, Google over stepped their bounds again in this country and evidently it was the last straw. They have been booted out of China for their audacity of showing a memorial of a horrible massacre that happened in the real history of China.

Now the only way to access Google, or Google mail is through a VPN or Proxy server.  However, they can not be downloaded directly in China unless you have a friend with a VPN or Proxy already that can help you.   There are free servers however they are not stable and when the government does a sweep of the illegal VPN they get knocked out first.  I personally use a paid VPN and I have chosen one that is used by the locals.  If anybody knows how to get over the firewall of China its going to be a native.

Strangely enough, you can access it on your cell phone, maybe they have not figured out how to block that yet.

So, Heads up if you’re coming to China…. Google has left the building… or country I should say.   You are stuck with Mr. Bing (bing) or Ms. Yahoo (yahoo)… unless you want to use the Chinese produced search engine

Also, although you have installed a proxy to sneak over the wall….. there are still chances that it just may not work.   FYI, has now been blocked even with a proxy…. but I think that was done on the American side.  Life in China … always filled with challenges you need to overcome.


until next time….

I am sorry everyone I had to take a small hiatus since I had so many things going on in my life I really just didn’t have time to write anything.   You ever have a time when you have so much going on that you don’t even have one minute to think.   I have kind of had that kind of few months.  But you will be happy to know I am back and I have got some stories to tell. Of course, I wont be able to fit them all in one entry, so I have decided to post multiple entries today.  Get your reading glasses because it is going to be a long night.



To give you some highlights, I have been dating and I have been networking and I have been looking at career opportunities and … did I say I have been dating?

As for the networking, I have been meeting many people from all over the world and making connections.  I am not sure what my next career or venture might be.. but I think its time for some changes…. I am divorced now and its time for some new opportunities to head my way.  I have really never had many issues with careers or jobs, I have always been successful in that aspect.   I have become a shareholder of a bar here in china.  I have become the person in charge of advertising and marketing to the foreigners.  I am still teaching.. that is my stable cash cow… but I am trying to dip into some other avenues.   I have been here long enough time to start using all these connections I have made the past 7 years.


I have mentioned before that networking or making relationships is essential in china.  Without them you are nothing.  I have made a point to make relationships with powerful people then I can get things done when need be.  Unfortunately, I have learned not to use your relationships to help other people unless they are going to use it wisely.  I have helped several foreigners to get jobs and make some connections only to be fucked over by then not showing up for work, or messing up the situation for me.   One example of this would be a huge party I planned for my birthday.  I invited American women from all over China to come together for my birthday.  It was a great way forever everyone to meet.  I has at least 10 women from other provinces travel down to meet me.  I used my connections to get the owner of the Korean restaurant to hook us up and the bar I am a shareholder at to host my party, with drink specials in my name.

It didn’t start well when the dinner was supposed to start at 7 pm and most of the girls didn’t show up until 9 pm.   Yes, two hours late for a dinner.   Mind you they were all at the hotel getting ready.  The restaurant had set up tables and prepared foods and everything for my birthday celebration.  I was so pissed.  By the time everyone arrived, there was no food left due to other customers and the restaurant was extremely busy.  I think the last straw was when they started complaining that there wasn’t enough food.   I told them and I quote…. If you bitches would have had your asses here on time there would have been all kinds of food….. that shut the table up.    Luckily we order all they had left to order and I apologized my ass off to the Korean Owner… who by the way is amazingly hot.  I fixed that relationship..and I also learned a lesson.

That is one example of when you have to use your “relationships” wisely in china.


until next time…..

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