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I was teaching dance class today… and one of the young ladies asked to sit out of dance class because her “Big Aunt”  was visiting.  I asked her if she was having pain or cramps and she said no we just cannot do PE when she is visiting.  I said well that isn’t really true as long as you are not having any pain or anything.  She shouted oh no my mother said I cant.

I then sat the girls down and asked them what else did their mothers tell them and you will not believe the things they told me.  I had to make a list.

1) When you are on your period you are not allowed to wash your hair.  It will make you sick.

2) When your on your period you are not allowed to take a shower it will cause you to not get pregnant in the future.

3) When asked where do babies come from.. they are told from the trash, or fruit market or supermarket.. and the worst one from the toilet.

4) If you take a shower everyday in the winter you will damage your skin. But its okay because Chinese Girls never sweat.  (they are told)

5) You can not wear tampons, they will fall out when your walking.

6) When your pregnant you have to cut your hair short because your hair will steal vitamins and proteins from your baby.

7) After you have a baby, you must stay in bed for a month without showering, watching tv, or moving.  You cannot be around your baby for that month.

8) Cannot have ice cream or anything cold on your period.

9) Don’t shave the hair around your “kitty Kat” or no man will want you.

10) Don’t swim when your on your period or you will….. DIE!!! (they seriously told this to me)

I almost died myself when I heard some of these things that they were told.  I explained that a lot of those myths were not true. But I don’t really think they believed me.

But I think the funniest thing was, when I came back to the office telling the other teachers what the girls had said and one  of the Traditional Chinese male teachers said to me and I quote “Jo, I think the mothers only tell them that they cant swim during that time because they wanted them to be afraid and not go in the water.  Because the water will change colors and everyone will know it is their time.”   My mouth hit the floor…. i said seriously…..that is what you think?   I was Done.. Done….

It just tells you how the youth of China lack basic knowledge of their own bodies.

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First of all, for those of you who want to join the Wechat group that we have here in China for black women.. please add me to your and i will add you.

Now… I was quite ill the last week or so.. It seem although I have lived in China for ..damn.. six years… I have not been able to conquer the food.  Dont get me wrong.. Chinese food can be delicious.. my favorite is Dong Bei food,  from the north of China.  It is the best chinese food ever.  However, every now and then I catch a bad batch of food.  It is a given here in China.  There is not one foreigner that has come here that hasn’t had a bout of food poison.

I  thought I had figured out what the problem foods were…. street side BBQ, well pretty much anything that is cooked street side is iffy.  Restaurants that look dirty and don’t have bathrooms, and food that is sitting out in the open for long periods of time.   For those of you that don’t know, the sickness usually starts about an hour or so after you eat.  Severe stomach cramps, then one of two things will happen.  You running to the bathroom holding your arse.. or running to the bathroom holding your mouth… and hopefully you can get there before … well you know.  In my case, I am usually running holding my mouth.

I vomited for two days… couldn’t even keep down water.   I was taken to the hospital… (at least that is what they call those horrible places they have here in China).. the doctor proceeded to poke my stomach asking me if it hurt… and I proceeded to give him dirty looks as he caused me more pain.   I then had to walk my arse to get blood drawn and then walk to get a ultasound.  I was carrying a plastic bag with me .. you know.. just in case.  In the end, they couldn’t find anything wrong with me… and wanted to run more tests… I just told them forget it.. I will fix myself.  I love Dr. Google.. he has helped me with so many things.

I also when to the medicine shop and found some things to try…. the cure ended up being some Children’s medicine.  Leave it to China to have better meds for their kids than the adults.   By the fourth day I was drinking water, and sixth day I was back to work.  I have always had a weak stomach but I have noticed that after these bouts of food poisoning it has steadily gotten weaker.

What you may ask did I eat?  I am always told by the locals to buy fresh meat from the fresh market because it is safer.  I went to the market and bought some “fresh” chicken.  I was fooled by the fact that everyone else was buying it, so I figured it must be okay.   I went home and de-boned it and steamed it with some spices and ate it with rice.   That chicken did me in.

My husband came that following weekend and told me honey.. if you want chicken so bad… eat KFC.   Who said fast food is not good for you?

until next time….


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