Chinese Tv.. humm interesting..

So just the other night I was watching a Chinese tv show.. this is often difficult for me since it is all in Chinese… however sometimes to entertain myself I attempt it.  Anyway… on this show I noticed a young lady that seemed to be complaining about something that happened to her… and after careful observation I realized (from the diagram) that she had went to the doctor and had him remove her sweat glands from under her arms so she wouldn’t sweat, and then not smell under her arms.  I was a little shocked by the fact that she got this kind of surgery.. however, after consulting with my husband .. he informed me that it was common for Chinese women to do this .. and that is why they do not use deodorant.  (amazing… ) .. Any way .. it seems that this young lady in particular… had the misfortune of getting a doctor that performed the procedure incorrectly.. and she was unable to lift her arms .  Yeah.. I know… she could only lift her arms a little away from her sides..  Poor girl… she can wave at anyone… and … cant signal for a taxi..

The show continues with the camera following her into the doctor’s office and the doctor who is trying to hide walking down a hallway… Ahh.. i got it now… this show is kind of a “whistle-blower” … the doctor kept claiming he did not do anything wrong.. (of course) and the woman kept yelling and screaming at him.. with her arms swing back and forth.. kind of like a Chinese SpongeBob.

Toward the end of the show.. it seems the doctor whispered something to the woman and put his arm around her and walked her away from the cameras … she shook her head and followed him into a room the cameras were not allowed to go.  It seems the woman was going to get some kind of compensation or relief to the armpit debacle…. funny as it seems… she did not seem so upset later when the camera showed her walking out of the building.

I quickly turned to my husband and asked him… why didn’t she just get a lawyer and own that guy…

he said .. lawyers do not work that way in China… if you get a lawyer and the guy has more money.. then he will pay the lawyer off… and then you will get nothing… if you go on tv and tell the world what he did.. he will lose clients.. and “lose face” then you will get paid…

wow.. what a thought… just embarrass someone and they will pay you off to leave them alone…..

What if things worked like that in America… Would Tiger be in so much trouble?…instead of the lawyers getting all your money.. you just go on a tv show that told all your business and they would just pay you to shut up…. Life would be a little simpler I guess.. but would it really be fair?  Do Americans even care about “losing face”?  Some dont by some of the things they wear in public.. I am sure.  Is money worth losing the ability to wave at someone from across the street?  Is it worth going thru an operation just so you do not sweat and smell under your arms… ? 

Well … what do you think?  These are just the thoughts I had after watching that show…

until next time…


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