Sickness is in the air…

Today I woke up with the feeling that body is not wanting to agree with me this morning.  You know that feeling you get when your not sick.. but your not 100% either.  You just would rather stay in the bed all day and be lazy?  This is my feeling today… however.. I, being the reliable teacher.. got up and came to school for my 1:00 class.  To my surprise… most of the Chinese teachers were out sick… so it wasnt just me.

This never happens.. in the history of me working at this School there has never been a time where there where more foreign teachers then Chinese teachers… and the two teachers that did show up… are complaining that they do not feel well.

What does this mean… ?  do they all have some strange flu strand that is going around China .. and they are not telling the foreigners?  or Are they all planning a special party that they didnt invite us to?  I dont know.. but it is sure kind of strange.

Although the weather has been changing a lot… and there are students coughing and sneezing all over… and the office is freezing most of the time.. (they do not like to use heat in this part of China… dont know why) .. Wait.. I cant get sick here.. there are no good drugs that will cure me… not shots of Nyquil… no bright orange tablets of Sudafed, … no soothing smell of vicks vapor rub… what would i do… drink tea to cure my illness… (think not) …

I have just decide that I will refuse to get sick…. that is it… Flu bug.. i am stronger than you .. I am able to beat anything you throw at me… nothing will keep me down.. I have determination on my side… Confidence… and motivation…. no one can and noting can keep me down…

Do I have a fever?… I feel a little warm… maybe I should get some tea….

until next time…..


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