The Definition of a Beauty in China

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Ahhh… beauty…Always a topic of conversation in China… and especially in my school office.  I know the same happens in every office at one time or another.  But the conversations I hear in my office are much different.

Since, I have lived here in the Far East I have seen several very beautiful women and many not so pretty but still interesting to look upon.  However, the Chinese definition of beauty is just so strange to me.  First of all, a true Beauty must be thin… now I do not mean size 3 or size 4 … I mean… very, very thin… more of a size 0 or smaller… yeah right…  A more of a childlike size.   The girls here tend to try to sometimes starve themselves just to look emaciated, and skeletal.   I saw a woman walking down the street that I just could not believe she could possibly be alive, she was so skinny.   I think in my mind how could this be beautiful.  Yet, day after day I see girls that are a true size 4 or 5… complain about their weight.   Many refuse to eat, or will not touch anything sweet, or claim to be on a diet .. because they feel or are told by their peers and family that they are too fat.  And trust me.. they do not say it politely… they just come out and tell people that they are fat… have experienced it a few times myself… and I have come back and said and you are ugly .. what about it… (i just can’t stop being American sometimes)

The next requirement would be… that you be white… yeah.. I know white (rolling my eyes)… the whiter the better… (sound likes something you have heard before?)  It seems in China there is a level of whiteness and to be at the highest level you need to always stay out of the sun, keep yourself covered in the summer, use bleaches to lighten your skin and carry an umbrella, Micheal Jackson must have learned from the Chinese.  

 If you are too dark then you are not considered a beauty, whatever.  The more I think about this .. the more I think old southern belles, or slave times when the light-skinned blacks got the jobs in the house… unbelievable.. that people in this century still think this way.   I see women all over the world in other countries laying out in the sun to darken their skin, to have that little sun-kissed glow.  But in China if your skin is sun-kissed.. then you won’t be man-kissed.

And the last requirement I will list… but is definitely not the final one required.  Is Big Eyes… this just cracks me up… BIG EYES…. they want to have big eyes… Now you and I know that what makes Asian people Asian is that they have almond-shaped eyes… and these people want their eyes to be different, bigger… some even get surgeries to make their eyes bigger.  I have seen photo-shopped pictures in magazines and on their websites to make their eyes look so big that they remind me of those Japanese Anime Cartoons.  All they need is blue hair and they would be twins.   Ahhh .. the Chinese folks are some crazy people… their ideal woman will be Skinny, very white with big eyes… hummm….

Makes you want to scream doesn’t it….. Well… I feel that every woman is beautiful, in her own way.   No matter if your fat or thin, white or black, or big eyed or small eyed… the beauty is within…. and maybe the Chinese should learn that…..because it has been proven time and time again… that just because a woman is beautiful on the outside does not mean she is beautiful on the inside.

Where does this image of beauty come from I wonder… Why do men in China prefer women to be a beauty not to be intelligent.  Is it because of their own low self-confidence… they can’t have a woman who is more than just a pretty face?

I don’t claim to understand it.. and I do not condone it.   I am a by Chinese standards big, overweight cow…and I get pointed at, laughed at and stared at as I walk down the street.  But you know what… this big ole’ cow has a wonderful, loving husband.. and is very confident, and proud of herself… and most of happy….and THAT.. is what is important…

until next time….


73 thoughts on “The Definition of a Beauty in China

  1. Your opinion is incredibly biased, oml. I’m 100% Chinese thru and thru and I have eyes that are larger than American’s and skin darker than a cocoa bean. I go out and play tennis and run cc everyday. Every culture is different, so please respect that and not add side comments like, I quote, ” whatever”.

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  3. Talya

    As someone who has travelled throughout Europe, the Far East and the USA, I found that what was considered beautiful was very varied. In South Africa, where I come from, I was always bullied because of my porcelain skin, black hair and large almost kurdish coloured eyes. I’m only 5’3, very naturally thin but curvy. In SA, women who are tall with tans, athletic builds and blonde hair. When I went to the USA, I found that there was a group that didn’t like my looks, but also a large group that think I’m beautiful. In China, everyone thought I was extremely beautiful, to the point where Chinese men asked to pose in photos with me. It was quite disturbing and eventually horrible when people poked their hands in my face constantly. In South America a group liked me, but in general I was considered less attractive because my hips weren’t big enough, but my boobs were too big. In Ireland I’m considered beautiful. I’ve been with a Frenchman for four years and in France I’m considered in vogue. In Italy I was actually called ugly. In Australia I was called ugly and actually had people staring at me. So I personally find that certain countries are more accepting then others. I suppose it has to do with what’s the norm. In the USA, you have people from a whole bunch of different heritages, so it’s a huge melting pot of different mentalities and ideals. In China, they are far too strict on their women’s standards. I find the French very open to all kinds of beauty and are the most embracing.

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  6. H

    Thanks for the article. As a girl growing up in China I HATE the restrictive beauty standards. I don’t think there is any problem considering pale skin + big eyes + skinny beautiful, but it is a problem considering those attributes the definition of beauty. Weirdly, based on my experience in general Chinese women are much harsher than Chinese men when judging women’s appearance using these standards.

    When in China as soon as I exceed 110 lbs (about 5”3 tall) I’ve been openly called fat or (more politely) “strong” (which is derogatory when used to describe the appearance of women in China), by almost all people I met. In an attempt to lose weight I got into eating disorder, which does not help me lose weight btw. It was only after I came to the U.S. that I gradually got rid of the eating disorder, when finally nobody calls me “fat” again and some even consider me “attractive”. While to a certain extent U.S. also seems to adore thinness it is by no means as extreme as in China.

    I don’t blame the Chinese standards of beauty for my eating disorder. It is my over-reliance on outside standards for beauty that I blame. A confident and self-secure person (like lifebehindthewalls) would not let his/her life be ruled by some stupid standards just because it is popular, and it is simply stupid to sacrifice one’s health (both physical and mental) for those standards.

    1. Thank you so much for writing. I am so glad you were able to overcome your eating disorder. I am sure your a beautiful person on the inside and out. I understand all that you have said. I think you are becoming that confident woman after all.

  7. Random Girl

    This makes a lot of sense… I live in China and all the girls here are all like “LETS LOOK LIKE A SKINNY PIECE OF PAPER WITH GIANT EYES BECAUSE IT IS BEAUTIFUL” Like… no. You are beautiful just the way you are, whether skinny or fat, pale or tan, small eyes or large eyes.

  8. sunita

    reading this page and numbers of comments …….i really entertained myself. numbers of thing grumbled in my mind. in my opinion: beauty and standard living are inter related. those who are rich they care of their diet, beauty, boyfriend and ……………..but for those who don’t have enough food to eat and money to pay their bill doesn’t matter: how they look: ugly or pretty, fat or thin, black or white, tall or small. they have their intention just for their goal.
    and girl are born to rejoice their life not to attract boy. we should be satisfied by the thing that we have. we must take lesson from those disable people who are satisfied within their disability.
    furthermore, Chinese have small eye but they don’t like it. they want bigger one, it is because: we human don’t care the god’s grandeur.

  9. A

    I agree with everything you said, but did you have to use Michael Jackson as an example? or more like a joke? Bad enough he’s been teased in life and even in death he can’t get any peace. He’s said many times he had Vitiligo. His autopsy confirmed it. He also had Lupus and Vitiligo can sometimes be a result of Lupus.

  10. I came across you article while searching on Chinese standards of beauty. I’m working on portrait of a Chinese face and I want it to be beautiful. It’s hard, because what is beautiful to my eye may not fit with Chinese standards and I want it to be appealing to both. It’s made me think about transcendent beauty… that which is beautiful in all places in all times. Hmm…. I think that is a subject of philosophical discourse. I had the same challenge when doing a portrait of Nefertiti. I end up having to please my own eye and hope it pleases others. Anyway, your article was helpful and interesting. Thanks!

    By the way, I have learned that facial surgery to shave down the jaw line is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in China… ouch! And, the thing about large eyes and elongated noses seems to be referenced quite often, too. .

  11. Think about why societies build biases/gives preference to lighter skin. Who would spend more time in the sun? Farmers, laborers, “lower-class” people. Who’d spend less time in the sun? Those who can afford to be sheltered majority of their lives. The cache if tanned skin is a relatively recent phenomenon, while the appreciation for pale skin dates back significantly in Western culture. Aristocrats were/are called blue blood for a reason (their skin were so pale their veins showed). I’m not saying this is right or wrong. I also don’t think it’s helpful for you to assign value on such systems either way.

    Standard of beauty in any society change all the time. As someone who grew up in China in the late 80’s, I can say that under Communism, a woman was considered beautiful for bold features and a little meat on her bones (probably because the famine was within recent memory and no one had too much to eat even decades later). Look at the wife of current President, for example. Peng Liyuan was a star back in the day. Does she resemble any of the delicate features shown in Chinese beauty magazines nowadays? If you want to go even further back, look at the Tang Dynasty, famous for their voluptuousness beauties.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is times change, societies do too. Why get hung up either way on what is considered beautiful one moment and ugly the next?

  12. sam

    I live in Taiwan, although I’m not European, I still find it embarrassing when people find out I’m from UK and say ” wow, your so cool”. What for and why. It makes me feel sick when I see their people and kids encouraged to worship another people. As soon as many people European and non European people see this it makes us kind of sad and embarrassed, because people should never do this. It makes me think the Taiwanese people are clueless and self loathing. Why. Taiwan is beautiful, the people are beautiful,creative, hard working, iindustrious and generous. So why all this crap about worshiping European culture. Ok , respect, admire, like , desire European culture I can somewhat understand, but we as people should never worship other people, we will have to answer for that one day.

  13. sam

    I think people will always have preference about skin colour, but in the end that will not help us in the next life. The creator will not give you extra points for being fairer, rather if we discriminate according to colour we will be in trouble with our maker.

  14. sam

    To be honest people are lacking in perspective, yes some people are more attractive than others and many people want to be like others, I say have a great big heart and smile at others, and everyone will want to be like you.

  15. Isabel

    I’d just like to say that I think this article is a bit biased and disrespectful.

    How is wanting pale skin any different from wanting tan skin? They hold umbrellas to protect their skin… we put two year olds in tanning beds so they win Toddlers in Tiaras.

    And, yes, being skinny is a big deal. But how different is it over here? Americans have different body shapes than people in East Asia – what looks skinny to us probably looks different to them because they naturally have slighter frames. And if you look in the US, plenty of people starve themselves daily. You can’t pick on one group of people because they do that… many cultures promote this.

    And with the eyes. Large eyes are seen as beautiful in many cultures, and many asian people do have large eyes with just a different eye shape. Did you know that many teenagers in the US wear contacts to make their eyes look larger – contacts that can cause permanent eye damage? Some of it is anime inspired but much of it just depends on a very general idea of beauty that culture inspires us to take too far.

    You can sit there smugly and say you find every woman beautiful – many Chinese people probably feel the same way. You’re overgeneralizing and making a mockery out of what a culture deems beautiful and I am very offended by this.

    1. @Isabel… First of all this blog is my views and my opinions as a Black American woman that currently lives and has been living in China for the past five years. Secondly, I am sorry you feel they way you do but I will not apologize for writing my opinions on my blog. It wasn’t a comparison article it was exactly what I see here in China. Finally, just because many people believe it doesn’t mean it is right.

      1. Isabel

        I respect your opinion and don’t ask you to change it under any circumstances or even justify it to me. I realize we are writing from very different perspectives – I am a white American woman of European descent, currently in my freshman year of college and hoping to study abroad in China this year. I do not mean to offend you, but as someone who is supposed to embody the American standard of beauty with white skin and a small frame/skinny, and being told constantly that I’m ugly and purposely portraying a stereotype I argue that all standards of beauty are exclusive and intrinsically bad.

        As an example, in getting a doctor’s report on my health recently so I can study abroad, they wrote that I should be watched for anorexia, despite the fact that I have never suffered from such an illness and am fairly healthy and happy with my weight. I happen to have a light frame and a fast metabolism (fairly common as a teenager) and I am constantly put down and accused of anorexia.

        My pale skin also always comes under attack – I’m too pale or not pale enough. I don’t tan and that makes me stuck up and prissy and a “non-conformist.”

        I understand your perspective. All I ask is you understand mine. I find all cultural standards of beauty interesting for study, but I don’t believe any single one is worse than another.

        1. I understand your prospective and where you are coming from. You will be happy to know that your beauty will be greatly prized in China. You will be the focus of much attention. I also want you to remember to love yourself no matter what anyone says to you. Because as my Idol Rupaul says “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else” thanks for reading. Good luck in China.

  16. ForAll

    “I see women all over the world in other countries laying out in the sun to darken their skin, to have that little sun-kissed glow. ”

    The other side of the world consider pale skin consider ugly than dark skin. Sorry, but other countries ideal beauty is just as fuck up as Asian beauty ideal standard and yet you deem other countries ideal standard are better instead of seeing the totally fuck upness within overall beauty standard as a whole. All I can say that fuck up! ALL beauty all fuck up. Also liking certain feature than other feature and deeming them as better is pretty fuck up.

  17. Michelle

    I think that in all human populations the ideals of weight or skin tone are subjective to predjices held by that population.

    I accept the idea of lighter skin being considered more affluent therefore more attractive as some cultures prefer heavier women for the same reason. As to why they would prefer being thin perhaps it is similar to the western notion that weight is indicitive of whether you are lazy or not? It is hard to say but I cringe to think of anorexia being a norm in any country especially China since it holds the majority of the worlds population.

    As for preferring big eyes that seems to be everywhere. Most cultures use and have used cosmetics to “open the eyes” for thousands of years. Having surgery seams excessive to me personally but then my eyes are my best feature so perhaps I am not on a position to judge whether or not I would consider it if they weren’t.

    If anything at all bothers me about your blog post its that so many girls feel pressured to react drastically and feel inadiquate in China. I agree with you that all women are beautiful and I hate the idea of anyone feeling like they’re not when they truly are.

  18. lionpride

    in the western world not just china, being skinny is considered beautiful. Look at the western models size 0 and its not just a chinese thing, its a global thing.
    being pale goes back thousands of years, the whiter you were means you are living a luxurious life style, while being tan means you are pour, out in the sun farming. Its not a racist thing. and look at the western women using sun tanning lotions and fake tans, some of them look like oompa loompas, its bad for the skin too.

    “… Why do men in China prefer women to be a beauty not to be intelligent. Is it because of their own low self-confidence… they can’t have a woman who is more than just a pretty face?”
    over generalization huh? Not all Chinese men are like that. Same could be said about western men.

    you should check this sub culture stemming from Korea, called uillzang, it means beautiful face in korea, its a fashion trend to make yourself look like a doll.

    Btw not all chinese people have small eyes. Southern chinese have bigger rounder eyes.

  19. But I forget something though. Most of Chinese men do prefer to date and marry skinny women, but their parents are usually like to have a daughter inlaw who can carry baby for the family…which means someone who’s not so skinny…

  20. My American friends said the way to tell how long a Chinese woman have been lives in the US is to take a look how skinny we still are…I am 5’11″/150Lb and I feel great with my size in the US, but I remember couple of years ago I went back China for business trip. One of my old schoolmate look at me and asked “How did you get so fat, Jian, you need to loose weight!” wow… 🙂 Seriously!

  21. Jess

    Thank you so much for posting this! I was wondering if the Chinese also have something against height. My relatives who all grew up in China are always telling me to stop growing, as if I could actually control that. My grandmother actually said that if I hit 5’9″ (which, to her dismay, I have) I would end up an old maid. I would suspect it is because of this desire to have childlike bodies as mentioned in some of the previous comments, but I don’t know if its the Chinese who dont like tall people or if it’s just my family.

    1. Janin

      Well, I don’t know if they prefer smaller women or not – but I know that most Chinese men prefer their woman to be smaller than them. So, the problem you could face, dating-wise at least, is that there may not be so many Chinese guys who are taller than you because the average height in China is smaller than in North American and Western European countries.

  22. Jessalyn

    16 year old Jessalyn here, from the U.S. I’m doing a cross-cultural report on China and two other countries, and through my research a stumbled upon your blog. I’ve found it quite helpful and I hope you don’t mind my using you as a resource! The theme of my report is on “Ideas about beauty,” I would really appreciate it if you could contact me by email, or post another blog entry about the looks of women in China?

  23. Amy

    I am second-gen Chinese, American-born.

    Chinese people prefer pale skin because in the older days, a tanned person meant somebody who was not rich enough to not have to work in the fields. A pale face was a sign of wealth.

    Chinese people do not value thinness any more so than Americans. I’m a size four. By both American and Chinese standards, I could afford to slim down.

    And as for eyes, eyes are an asset. It should be understandable that Asians, who are naturally graced with smaller eyes, would sometimes go to extremes to make them bigger. At least they generally don’t go for boob jobs, lipo. And I’m sure every magazine photoshops.

    You are generallizing an entire country of people made of vastly different backgrounds, beliefs, etc. Just as in America there are rednecks, white supremacists, black nationalists, etc, China has its cut of extremists too. It’s not always what it seems–the pale face aspect is not a racial issue, and being slim I think is a general issue that is not restricted to the Chinese.

    Check your facts.

  24. Louise

    I found it quite disgusting that you’re comparing China to ” southern belles”. It isn’t because being black is bad its because of a cultural beliefs and old traditions. As a Chinese person I have no problem with being black but I don’t think its a good idea chucking yourself out in the sun, ruining your skin, trying to get a “sun-kissed” glow only to look like you’ve smeared yourself with dirt. Some people believe being white gives you a heavenly glow. The belief is that you have porcelain skin, all smooth and white. It is no difference from wearing stilettos! Some weirdos think its discriminating to short people when it is not! Its like saying skin smoothing cream is bad because it discriminates toads!

  25. Lynn

    Interesting post. I was always aware of the Chinese people’s perception of beauty, yet I have only now realized that I have not become victim for not conforming to their standards. I am an ABC and every time I do visit China, I never hear any comments about how “fat” or “large” I am. By western standards, I am a perfectly healthy size 4, ~125 lbs, and 5’5.5″. By Chinese standards, that’s humungous. (I look like a giant next to all my relatives.) In fact, my family are always encouraging me to eat more and put on some weight.

    I do wonder if it has to do with the geography of where my Chinese family live as I do notice that there are a lot of other traditional Chinese beliefs that they do not practice/believe in.

    1. @Lynn… it does have a lot to do with where you live in China. Northern Chinese people are usually larger, and taller… I have some friends from Xian that are normal sized. But most of the people in Zhejiang Province, Guandong province.. are very small…. so you would stick out if you are too curvy… or have a large butt..Down here… 110 pounds or less… is beautiful.

  26. Jenni

    Hi I’m 15 and live in England. I was born in Taiwan and lived there until I was 5 and am half Chinese and half British. What is considered attractive in Asia is completely different from western cultures. Over in England I am considered a healthy size 8/10 yet it is some what “too fat” over there for flesh and having an ass. Most women seem to have very child like figures. Big eyes are a craze over there mainly due to anime (haha) many even under go surgery to have bigger eyes or wear circle lenses. Double lids are a must for being considered “beautiful”. A double lid is basically a double crease/fold on the eyelid as it also helps to make your eyes appear larger, more attractive. White skin appeals to both men and women as it shows a sign of wealth. People who have tanned to dark skin are categorised as labourers – poor people. There is a huge hype over Korean culture right now, many aspire to look like Koreans, all pale, sickeningly skinny with large eyes.

  27. john

    Britany spears meets all these criteria, “or used to” back when she done “hit me baby one more time” all the girls were jealous of her and all the guys wanted to date her. yeah, chinese are no different than every other race.

  28. Frances from the Philippines

    I am from the Philippines and I must say whitening products here sell very very well. For the most part, we inherited the “white is beautiful” idea from our great-grandparents who were around during the Spanish era in the Philippines. They were around for 300 years and made no mistake in making sure the Filipinos look to their race as superior. I am happy to say, though, that as of late, more and more Filipinas are embracing their natural color, which, I must say is just the perfect shade between white and dark. I do support staying out of the sun, though, or at least using sunscreen, because too much sun exposure does age the skin a lot no matter what color it naturally is.

  29. Jade

    Yes, this article is very true but we have the opposite crazy thing over here in north america with people going tanning and fake frying to get some colour, which too be honest is more crazier than the trying to go light thing…at least if you’re going whiter u won’t give urself skin cancer! lol

    I’m chinese and I’m very dark skin. thank god i don’t live in china because I am often mistaken for Filipina especially with my big eyes. I don’t think those standards are that important here in north america for chinese because many of them tell me i am pretty and that the dark skin suits me, which it does and i like it better than the pale ghost look! I am a size 3/4 and Chinese people here tell i have a great figure. I’m so skinny and i weigh 115 lbs…wonder if i would be considered fat in China? haha

    oh and as for the big eyes, this author doesn’t know what she’s saying. Even if chinese people have big eyes, we still have the almond shape and it still looks very exotic. i will be honest, i will big eyes on Chinese more attractive and believe it or not, there are lots of chinese people with big eyes anyway. Not more than the ones that have small eyes, but come on…it’s not that rare.

  30. natalie

    i think the reason that they long for light skin and stay out of the sun is because it ages them. they don’t have skin like black africans. so when they go out in the sun, they get age spots and over time their skin will began to wrinkle and sag from too much exposure to the sun. it’s really unattractive, so i can understand why they stay out of the sun and aim to have lighter skin. sun damaged skin is very unattractive.

  31. Global Citizen

    R E D I C U L O U S, who are you to critizise a culture’s definition of beauty. How would you like it if the people in the East point and frown upon your defitnion of beauty – dry tanned skin with thick legs- and say “those silly caucasians and caucasians wannabes, they are crazy” lol

    all the high fashion models are thin, have you seen size 5 girls pose in magazines like Vogue? It’s not just C h i n a, sweetiepies

    It’s great to see you accept yourself as who you are. Sure, north americans and generally caucasians are more confident although they may be rejected as beauty icons. But I have seen many MANY articles regarding how girls are wanting more and more to look like the girls in magazines and how it’s affecting their lifestyle.

    as for the ABCs or CBCs who love their new found culture and despise their ancestry’s traditions and thoughts, you are even more ignorant than the caucasions who look down on asians. and yet you yourself ARE asian.

    People are allowed to see things their own way and have their own definitions of things. It’s hilariious how so many people are blinded and do not see the hypocrisy in Western culture.

    Although i know i am wasting my time leaving my msg here. I am just doing this for my own sake of satisfaction.

  32. Woman

    My university students laugh at me when they hear my answer to what I find attractive, “I like men who look like men, not little girls”. But it is true. And what shocks me to tears is the foreign men who come over here and fall so head over heals by the Chinese “beauties”. But when a woman does not look like a woman, in my opinion it makes them look like boys.

    I love it up here in Inner Mongolia, where people look human and not aliens. Sure the sun hats are out in full force, the umbrella’s are constantly poking me in the eyes (my bane of being a giant and all)… but it is grand to see the envy in the eyes of many of those around me when I walk out with no hat, no umbrella even in the desert heat because, the sun is shinning and I am enjoying it.

  33. Lisa

    Ohh… The condescension is strong in this one. A few things to keep in mind here, this white-craze is not new. It’s been prized as a sign of beauty in China for hundreds, if not thousands of years! There is a cultural/biological reason to it. If white people like tanning up, it’s because it makes them look healthy and sun-kissed, instead of the sallow, I’ve-been-living-in-my-parent’s-basement-for-a-year look, and also implies an active lifestyle. Asians, however, tend to brown as they grow older, as opposed to whites, who actually become whiter. Large, cute eyes, and pale skin, therefore, is a sign of youth, as well as, you mentioned, higher social class. As for the tiny frames, it once again teeters towards 16-year-old-girl type. Why? Because the White tall, Amazonian woman with prominent curves are not usual in China. The small, stickish types are relatively more attainable.

    And as for the whole, dye their hair, coloured lens thing… Just thing about it. Here in the West, white girls can decide to dye their hair blonde, red, black, brown. Why? Because they want to look different from their peers and friends. Why can’t the Chinese and their other East Asian cousins want to look different? They have even less phenotypical variation: everyone has some shade of black hair and black eyes.

    Those silly Asians, they want to look different.

    While it’s impossible to say that there hasn’t been some Western influence in their cultural standards, and that all the suffering and self-hate is unfortunate, it’s terrible to generalize, don’t you think?

    1. Lisa.. thank you for your comment.. and no I dont think it is a terrible generalization… I am here and I see girls.. stop eating for days to be skeletal, I see girl bleach their skin so white that they are unable to go outside in the summer without covering their entire body and head, and I see girl crying because they are 27 yrs old and are told they are too old to ever get married. As for wanting to look different… funny you say that.. because everyday I am told that they dont want to stand out… they are taught that the bird that sticks out gets shot first… so they dont want to be to smart, or too beautiful or too anything… you cant try to clarify it all you want.. but it is not healthy, not fair and not right.

    2. Khala

      i liked the first paragraph… the rest was getting too.. much like your making fun of asian people or something. i didnt like that, even though i’m black, not asian.

  34. V

    I saw an article and video on a website that explained the obsession with European features among people of different countries/cultures. It originates from European colonialism. Over time, native people desired to look like those who invaded their land, oppressed them and ultimately had power over them. Apparently, the closer you resembled your oppressors, the better you felt about yourself. Pretty sick, huh? When I saw this it clicked for me as to why this is such a worldwide problem. Colorism or “shadeism” as the article calls it, affects folks in the U.S., Africa, Asia, the Middle East, etc.

    Funny how folks in the U.S. spend big bucks in tanning salons and on fake tanning (sprays and lotions) because they think it makes them look healthier, more attractive and yes, more affluent. They are also getting lip injections to make their lips fuller and Brazilian butt lifts to give them that extra “something.” Some dark folks want to get lighter and some light folks want to get darker. Go figure…

    Check out the article and video at the bottom. Once the site comes up, be sure to scroll down.

    1. Khala

      its not so much ” the closer you resembled your oppressors, the better you felt about yourself”, its more like, the more you look like the people who took over, the less likely you will be oppressed. if someone invaded america right now, like china, youd better believe i would become fluent in Mandarin to gain some level of respect. i could never look like them though, cause i’m tall and african american. if mexico (or paraguay or somewhere) invaded, i would have a better chance.

  35. deb

    Black is beautiful! Everyone knows darker skin ages well. Thank you God.

    Yes, India has a colorism issue and these people continue to deny it. lol, Indians should know that Denial is not just a river in Egypt. I first heard that joke on the Roseanne Barr show and I still think it is funny.


  36. Jing Hu

    Aye, I am also with you guys. WHen I went back to China to visit even my grandparents in ’08 they said I looked fat! “too muscular”. LMFAO. Which is funny becaus for me, personally i keep health and physique in check going to the Gym everyday.

    So I think the standard of beauty in China is NOT healthy. Heck even the Chinese men in China I met are even thinner than me! LOL I rather have a healthy body than a thin stick figured body.

  37. Christina

    Yes, its hilarious — I’m size four (live in China) and I am white, they love the white part but hate the four — I’m too fat for them!!!

    Too bad I have a black boyfriend… darker the better!!!!

  38. Lillian Chen

    Hi, I grew up in China, and it is like you said, everyone expect you to be skinny, pale and have big eyes…Thankfully, I’ve got big eyes and “light” skin for an Asian, but just not the skinny part, and everyday of my 14 years living in China, I get condemned for it. Some how, a girl with muscle is a BAD BAD thing, I was too “athletic” and need to be more girlie. Thank God I moved to United States at age 15, otherwise, I would have to stop moving and starve myself to death. What’s REALLY funny is that every time I go visit family there in China, they would take me out shopping. OH IT IS A JOY to find cloths that won’t fit my bust or my ass but will fit my waist and legs no problem X-D. I find Karma is ironic because I get to tease all the Chinese women who called me fat, FLAT and BOYish. BTW, did you know there’s a herbal tea in China that help circulate your blood if you don’t eat? !!! No wonder there’s a negative population growth despite the growing economy. There’s no healthy women left to reproduce!!!

    1. First thank you so much for reading by blog… now.. you are sooo right about them looking like stick people… I sometimes wonder how they make it .. and every day someone is on a diet because they grew breasts or an ass…. amazing…. and dont get me started on the shopping…..LMAO

  39. Randy

    (How did I miss this one?)

    This is funny and not funny at the same time. Sounds like the same stuff I hear about Korea (both North and South), which this is probably why I experience a lot of racism from the Korean communities. Ah well, no need to get mad.
    I love dark skin. I love Asian skin that is sun-kissed. To me that is beautiful. I couldn’t imagine being a man and saying “ooh baby, I love the way your bones rattle” haha.

    Curvy hips, dark skin, intelligent, and take no Sh**….. I would probably scare those asinine little people that are disgusted by my appearance. Yeah, they’re not confident. And even though I am still working on mine, I don’t need no outsiders belittling me and telling me I’m not beautiful the way I am.

  40. Sometimes I wonder why many Western men adore Asian women… Is it b/c they have child-like bodies… ???

    When I was in China and Japan, I notice many women with “white” facial make up, blue eyes (contact lenses), and blonde hair (dyed). Crazy… I oftened remarked to my coworkers how beautiful Asian women are, but of course, w/o the alterations.

    1. maybe.. or the idea that they are weak and controllable… which they are not… but maybe in their mind they will do anything and everything for their man.. treat them like a king….this may make them more attractive

  41. margotmarrakesh

    In Morocco (which is mostly Caucasian, but often with olive-toned skin, such as Greeks or Italians), people act just the same–they stay out of the sun, often use bleaching creams, and the whiter, the better.

    In Central Africa, where most people are as black as a black crayon, to my surprise, I heard a number of people commenting, “I like to stay out of the sun, because it makes my skin darker, and I don’t like that color.”

    So I think this problem is everywhere. Very interesting to read about it in China, though!

    1. Lillian C

      My mom (Chinese) used to put pearl powder on her skin to look whiter. Also a lot of skin care products in China have whitener in them

      1. I noticed the whitener thing… .every body soap, make up, face wash, lotion, cream… everything.. has skin whiter in it… I am a black woman… I am afraid after living in china for a few year.. i will be the next Michael Jackson…(RIP)

  42. missindependent7

    The beauty standard in India too is a bit similar..e.g. the top bollywood actresses(even though some of ’em can’t act to save their lives) hare mostly light skinned. They’re supposed to represent Indians but the truth is 90% or more of Indians are brown. Indians are as obssessed with light skin as are their neighbors, China. I’m Indian myself and a close girlfriend of mine still to this day uses ” Fair and Lovely”( the most popular skin lightening cream which she continue’s to buy even though it doesn’t…i tried it once & even though it smells good, i was out off instantly cuz that shit makes your skin dry…ugh..beside’s..i’ve come to accept and love my natural skin tone..sadly,there are millions of Indians who still obssess over light skin. for e.g. if you open the matrimonial section of any major newspaper, you will find ads searching for or advertising “Fair brides or Wheatish complexion brides”…LOL… Another thing that’s a new fad(?) among urban educated Indian women is wanting to be skinny. Ever since top Bollywood actress Kareena lost weight(apparently..she’s size 0), many young urban girls have started obsessing over theier weight..sad..but the whole skinny is beautiful concept is a fairly new one so i guess it’s not that severe…

    1. Khala

      its the caste system… the lighter people are usually higher up the social ladder…you know, kinda like what this blog was about… at least the skin part

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