Metro In…Macho out…

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Ahhh.. Chinese men… love em’ or hate em’ you just gotta look at em’… at least I do… I just can’t help it…

Chinese men have really changed their style…at least here in China, recently… gone are the bowl cuts, thick glasses and bucked teeth.. and hello to the sexy, suave and cute… I guess the men over here have figured out that with their size and stature it is very difficult to be the “macho man” and be taken seriously… unless you can walk around and use Gong Fu on everyone .. they just aren’t very tough looking.

So they have seem to have taken the other alternative… and be the “metro man”.  In every beauty salon, nail shop, and bar… you will see these handsome Metro guys…. they are termed the “bad boys” of China.   

It seems this look of multi-colored, long or spiked hair and an earring or two.. is considered the bad boy look.   Only those that are looking for trouble .. look this fashionable.   (you got to be kidding me)   In America, this look was popular around the 80’s hair band age…(maybe that is why I like it)  however, in China it is the hottest style straight from the Korean fashion runways.

I have noticed that the Koreans have a lot of influence on fashion here.  From hair to clothes, to even speaking style.. the Koreans are the go tos for fashion and style.

Most men would think at first look that these men are gay, however, you would be surprised to know that they are usually the playboys, and have most of the girls attention they definitely have mine….

A typical day at the beauty salon, entails a hair wash, hair cut, ear cleaning..not really sure why the do this.. , and shoulder and neck massage by these beautiful men.  You just do not want to leave the salon… at 20 to 40 RMB  ($3 to$8 respectively) … it is worth it…..

Now if your in the mood to go out to the club and dance and drink and you have no one to go with…. you can go to the dance club alone and these sexy, guys will be behind the bar… waiting, willing and happy to sit and drink, and talk with you .. as long as you keep buying the drinks.   They will even .. ummmyou know…. for the right amount of money.   As it is their job to keep you happy.. the customer is always right you know.  Mind you this is not legal.. so I would keep it on the down low if you know what I mean.

Ahhh.. China somethings you just have to love… hehehe… ohh don’t worry men… there is something for you too…. At these clubs.. there are girls… that work for the club… they are usually scattered around, walking from table to table.. or dancing on the stages.  They would be happy to sit and drink and dance with you.. and make sure you have a good time.

But back to the men…. ahem…If you are in the mood for a nice foot massage.. there are parlors all around town that will be happy to service you.  One of these hotties will come out and rub your feet, legs and back.. for a nominal fee… while serving you hot tea and fresh fruit.  Heavenly… yet a bit painful..

 Not only are the hairstyles different but the clothing is also quite the fashion statement….Tight T-shirts, tight jeans in various colors.. and a blazers or jackets… are the most popular.. however.. you also see… tight button up dress shirts, and the tight pants.. with a skinny tie, or just a nice pair of dark shades…mmmmm.. just makes you stare at them and fan yourself….

For those of you that are not into the pretty boy, toy look… there are still those traditional, businessmen running around and some of the younger men even work the short, fashionable haircut with the business suit look… which is also quite attractive… and there is always the sportsman, soccer or basketball player that are rocking the sports gear…

All styles are of the highest quality and most popular brands.. from D&G, Gucci, to Nike, Adidas…. from popular shops of Jack & Jones, Levis, to Jay Chou to even Jackie Chan’s fashions… they are all dressed to the nines… at all times of the day and night.

Whatever your tastes.. there is a veritable buffet of flavors running around China… with a couple million strong to pick from.  Although, I found my preferred dish, in my handsome yet low-key  husband… I still admire the eye candy as I walk down the street.

Well why not Ladies we are just human you know…..

until next time….


One thought on “Metro In…Macho out…

  1. April

    This post is really old, but the look is popular all across America since probably 2004-2005, stemming first from Japanese anime, American punk, and Korean glam. Here stateside it was/is called “scene”, and yes, they’re bad-boys/girls. Drugs, sex and rock n roll. Lol.
    And then came the skinny jeans…(haha)
    But all these people tend to be tiny (skinny) and super-hot.
    I miss being a teenager. I had awesome hair.

    I’ve never seen it on Chinese people stateside, Japanese are always the fashionistas while Chinese still look like school is the only thing in the universe.

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