Strange Yet Interesting Happenings in China…

When you are in a country that is filled with so many people there is bound to be some strange and where stuff that happens that we never hear about.  I was curious about what kind of crazy stuff happens in China.  So I decided to compile some of the craziest and stranges stories I have read.  Enjoy!  I surely did.

A woman fainted when a dog that flew down from the top of a building hit her as she sat drinking tea in  Chengdu, Sichuan Province.
The dog, weighing about 5 kilograms, had been left on the rooftop by its owner for a “breath of fresh air.” It unexpectedly fell down and died.
Its owner has agreed to pay the medical fees for the shocked woman, surnamed Bai, who had to be hospitalized.

Source: Huaxi Metropolis News

A bride from Beijing has sued guests at her wedding after a toast went very wrong.
The guests  made her perform a toast in which her husband had to hold her in his arms.
Unfortunately, he slipped and dropped her, and the injuries she sustained cost 50,000 Yuan (US$6,165) in medical fees.
The woman decided to make the guests pay for her misfortune, and the court ordered them to pay half the amount.  Source – Beijing Times

You know… if i was at my wedding party and my husband dropped me … I would want them to pay also…(smile)

A  drunk driver was prepared to try anything to avoid punishment, even pinning the blame on his son.
The man hit three parked cars, but instead of taking responsibility he phoned his teenage son  and asked him to admit the accident, in the hope that the punishment would be lighter.
However, police cottoned on to the trick and landed him with 30 days imprisonment, a six month license  confiscation and hefty fine.
Source – Beijing Times

This is terrible… try to get your son to take the blame for your drunk  I also found an article on some other foreigners that have been living in China.


“Chickens have all the bones in them, and they keep the head and feet”
“People stare at us”
“Personal space is very different”
About a hundred new and not so new foreigners now living in Shanghai shared their experiences at a restaurant – closed for the event – in People’s Square.
“At my last job at Microsoft,” said Scott Rosenberg of Cross Cultural Interchange, “they brought an expat and his family to China.”  Without support to build a life here, he said, “within two months they were gone.” A lack of cultural understanding “affects the length of assignments,” he said.
Kathleen Lau, author of Riding the Red Dragon, said, “Business relations are often more personal and require a deeper connection if they are to succeed.
We are talking about a relatively rigid (social) system. As a foreigner in China, basically your status is a guest.”
In this country you don’t do business with associates”, she said. There is no avoiding friendship if business is to be done.”

Source:  China Daily
Writer: Alfred Romann

This is so true if you want to do any business in  China.. you have to make the right friends.


In the past two weeks, a Shanghai-based marriage service has received applications from seven women millionaires, mostly in their 30’s, looking for Mr. Right. Most complained they seldom meet men that lead the same lifestyle as them. Source –

You would think that with all the men available in China, these girls would be able to find one.  Or maybe their standards are a little too high.


A woman who was preparing to give birth was shocked to be told that she was never pregnant.
Earlier this year the woman’s periods stopped and she started putting on weight. Her family, from a small village in Kaiping, Guangdong Province, were convinced she was pregnant.
But after 10 months of “pregnancy” during which her weight grew from 45 kilograms to 80 kilograms, the woman went to hospital.
A scan revealed nothing but fat, doctors said her periods stopped because of the sudden weight gain.  Source – Southern Metropolis News

Wow now this is just crazy… the woman thought she was pregnant but she was just fat… I have no words.

A 62-year-old woman, Wu from Chongqing went for cosmetic surgery three months ago, and she looks much younger and attractive after the cosmetic surgery.

However, her husband, Zhang, begged the surgeon to do another operation for her wife to make her look older. In fact, the husband was jealous and angry when his wife became popular in the ballroom dancing classroom and approached by many men after the cosmetic surgery.

He also angry his wife for not asking his consent and opinion before having operation. Zhang asked for divorcing to end the 40 years marriage with Wu. However, the couple’s children persuaded Zhang to forgive Wu and they were reconciled.

Well.. I am saying that must have been some darn good plastic surgery.  I thinking I might have to find this doctor.  This next one is…. Amazing.

A 27-year-old Chinese woman, Wang Fang, who is living at Chongqing, China, was born with her feet facing the wrong way.

However, Wang Fang has refused to be classified as disabled. She claims that she has learned to live with her condition without problems.

At Wang Fang’s birth, doctors were concerned that she would be unable to walk normally, but her family agree that she can not only walk perfectly well, she can in fact out-run most of them.

Wang Fang has a five-year-old son and she is working in her family’s restaurant as a waitress. She said, “I can run faster than most of my friends and have a regular job as a waitress in the family restaurant. There is no reason to class me as disabled.”

She is not looking for sympathy, and is certainly no benefit scrounger. “I’m like everyone else – except of course that I put my shoes on backwards,” said Wang Fang.

Well… only in China I guess…there are so many interesting stories and things that happen here I have decided to start a separate page of the strange things in China so be on the look out the next few days.

until next time…


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