China sure can keep a grudge…

Well, it seems that China is really big on holding grudges with people…or should I say countries.  We all are familiar with the grudge the Chinese government (and people) have with the Japanese.  And rightly so, if the rumors are true about them erasing the part in their history books about taking over China; killing and raping millions of people.  I would be a little upset too.. however, the Chinese are convinced that the Japanese are still out to get them.  They feel that Japanese cars are the worse in China.  They fall apart easy and are of the lowest quality.  When I asked why do they feel that way.. one answer was because they are still trying to kill us.  (I actually had to smile at that one) ….Some locals would even like to go to Japan in this day and age and get revenge.  I say … let it go people… and enjoy the electronics they are now producing.  My Japanese friend answered when questioned about this…

Hey, we said we were sorry.. what else do they want?  Anyway I wasn’t there, that were my ancestors not me…

They were none too happy when Obama raised the tariffs on the tires.  My whole office was in an uproar when I walked in that day.  Yelling at me, (like I control Obama and the country….they said well .. he looks like you…I just shook my head and walked away) .. that my president is raising the tariffs.  I told them… Hey .. slow your roll.. we Americans buy everything from you people, can’t you at least let us make some money?  We have to take care of our country too, you know?  Damn, you want us to just stop buying stuff .. then you all will be thrown into another tailspin when you’re all jobless. That temporarily shut them up.. but the grumbling still is heard every now and then.

The big news these days is Taiwan.  It seems that the Chinese government wants Taiwan to be under its rule and Taiwan is basically saying “kiss my ass”.   The locals seem to think that it is an attempt to have them all united again.   Taiwan is not hearing that since they are quite friendly with the US of A.   I guess the Chinese government is still pissed that the Taiwanese people left and started their own country long ago.  Although they recently signed a ” Cross-Taiwan Strait Pact” ; I don’t think it will be the end of China trying to gain control.

Photo of Taiwan, great vacation spot

To bring America back into it again.   They are now pissed that we sold them some weapons.  I told them… look.. just because we sold them weapons doesn’t mean anything.  We sell everyone weapons… we are all about making the cash… (they didn’t really get it)

So, I had to defend America yet again… I honestly think that China has a love hate relationship with America.  First, they love us.. because we buy all their products, have invented almost everything and have the best schools.. then they hate us because we are the only Superpower in the world, everyone follows us and we control stuff.

Ahhh.. some would call it “penis envy” ... okay.. I call it that.. (smile) .. however… everyday I hear them spouting off that one day they will be bigger than the USA.  I told them .. you are already bigger.. but you can never be better.  (my Patriotism has increased ten-folds since I moved here)

However, what I say is true…. from the way the Chinese do business, the lack of trust they have in their government and the traditional thinking that they have; they can never out do us.  There is way too much corruption going on.

One of my students, who is in a high position in his company, told me that at the beginning of every year before the Chinese New Year; he has to go to all his customers and pay them large sums of money so he can get paid for his products.   Now does that make sense?  You have to pay them to get paid for what they bought from you... and in many cases you have to pay them to have them do their job.   This amazes me.   My boss informed me that for the home office of my school to renew my visa, he had to pay them “gift money” to do it or it would not be done in time.  When it is their job to renew the visa in a timely manner anyway. Hello, I work for their school???

I couldn’t believe it… but I am told that is common knowledge you have to do that or you will not get anything done.

So…whenever you get fed up with the American government or the American way… think about the Chinese way of government and business.  As my grandmother use to tell me, “whenever you complain about having no shoes… think about the man with no feet.”  (such a wise woman)

Maybe China keeps grudges so long because they like to hold on to traditions.. or maybe it is because they are tired of being the underdog and want to get back at everyone … or who knows maybe it is just the Chinese mentality…. (my husband seems to hold on to things a long time) Whatever it is .. it is just crazy… How can they possibly move forward if they are always looking backward?

until next time……


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