China Goo Goo for GaGa

I don’t think you would believe how much the Chinese love Lady Gaga.  Yeah.. I was a little shocked also.  I might sound crazy but Lady Gaga has sparked a new and wild revolution here in China …. seriously.

I was in school the other day and a little girl around the age of 10 wanted her English name to be “KaKa”  because it sounded like “GaGa”, unfortunately, I had to tell her that this word was another word for when you go to the bathroom, number 2, and we quickly changed her name to “KiKi.”  (smile) much better don’t you think? Yes, children even under 10 are listening to her music.

Her music videos are not blocked online so they are easy to view.  If people are afraid it will warp the minds of America’s youth, just think of what it will do to the Chinese people as a whole.  No more great math students and engineers, now more fashionistas and dancers…(well you know what I mean)

I personally think it is great, I cannot wait until they start dressing like her in public. (smile) The traditional people are going to flip. This country is very strange when it comes to sex.  Prostitution is out in the open, pushed in people’s faces practically. You can see “Pink Houses” on every street that sell sexual favors but pose as salons.  Yet, I’ve met so many people who graduate from high school and University without ever experiencing their first kiss, let alone sex.  Some even ask me what is dating.

When I asked several people if they thought Lady Gaga was beautiful, I was told that she was sexy and hot.  Odd, seeing as most Americans call her many things .. but sexy and hot isn’t one of them.

Sexy and Hot Lady Gaga

Hot Lady Gaga

I really was totally surprised when I found out that Lady Gaga was going to be performing in Beijing this year.  This is the capital city and where all the government officials stay.  I am actually wondering if they will make her cover up, like Beyonce had to do in Thailand or if they even know what they have agreed to.

As strict as mainland China is I am so surprised they would let GaGa even enter the country let alone dance half-naked in front of their precious youth.

Even the Chinese girls and guys that work in my office that are ages 23 to 28, try to copy her dance moves.  (this is quite funny to watch actually)

I am wondering if China is really starting to open up a little and let a little individualism come into play.  (nayyyyy) …

I do know that everyone I meet knows who she is.. and even the store keeper came to me in one of the small shops… a small older lady and held up a blouse that was quite glittery, with holes in it .. and said to me… while pointing a finger at the shirt…”gaga, gaga” … and smiling very big…(made me think of a large brown toothed baby) I’m guessing she thought that because I was from American I would want to dress like the Lady herself. (uhh… I don’t think so)

I was even watching a singing tv show.. (almost all shows on Chinese CCTV are singing shows.. actually) anyway.. there was a man (full-grown man) dancing like Lady Gaga in Bad Romance… with the claws out and everything.  It was crazy…. he was on the floor, swaying his hips, pigeon-toed and sticking his butt out.. I was rolling… couldn’t believe what I saw.

The Chinese are known for trying to copy something or someone.. I don’t know how many times I have seen them trying to cover a Beyonce song, or dance like Michael Jackson (RIP) … but GaGa?  Let’s just say I never want to see that again… my eyes are still bleeding…. ugh!

Next thing we know.. they will be having her songs played in the KTV Bars..(Karaoke)… right now .. they have every Michael song,  Celine Dion song and Whitney song that was ever played… lord help me if they do the same with GaGa.  Can you imagine… drunk Chinese people singing Lady GaGa’s Paparazzi loudly and off-key?…. if you can’t then that is a good thing.

Well… I always say the Chinese are a special kind of people… now you know what I said is true…. Watch out who knows who will be next….Miley Cyrus…Paris Hilton ? I hope not….

until next time…


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