I feel so inspired these days... so many people are interested in my life here in China.  I have had another article printed about me.. and as with the first it is beautifully written.

I thank all of my friends for their support and love that I can feel all the way over here in the Far East.

by Adrianne George

In just over a day Jo Bai transported herself to China to start a life far away from the United States. Even though she didn’t know anyone in China Jo decided two weeks earlier that she was making the move and she wasn’t going to let fear stop her. Instead she embraced the excitement. Maybe it was watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom program growing up or The Discovery Channel that instilled a sense of adventure in Jo. Whatever the reason Jo thought living in China would be temporary until, “it all changed and I found myself living in China after meeting my fiance”, she reminisces.

From the mid-west to the far-east we are all the same

Jo was born in Missouri and spent over a decade in Florida before moving to China yet she finds the people in China are not that different. “Although people have different ways of doing things and have different customs that are their own, mentally people are the same.” Whether you agree with Jo or not is up to you but she believes people share “the same issues and problems” whether they realise it or not. “I hear Chinese women talking about weight, beauty, money, finding a good man, and clothes… same as (in) the USA maybe even more. It is crazy that a people that are so small and petite could be so worried about getting fat (smile)”, she contends.

In the city center traditional architecture coincides with western influences of KFC and Pizza Hut

The Obama Factor – Not!

Jo was disappointed to see “blatant United States 60’s style racism” in China. “It is like the world took a step back in time and I am fighting the war my grandparents fought to get the freedoms we have in the USA. I made the assumption that because we have a black president, that the whole world would be as forward thinking as we are.. but I am wrong”, she laments. “There is a big problem since China was such a closed country for so long. People are not use(d) to seeing any foreigners in the smaller cities, let alone Blacks, so they tend to point and stare at you like you are animals in the zoo. They also try to cheat you out of your money, since they assume that all foreigners are very wealthy”, Jo rants. And she’s not alone. “I met a young Jewish man from New York City and he told me that he had never felt so alienated in all his life and that he kind of feels bad for things he has said and done in the past to people”, he confessed. He went on to say, “I feel like a black man in the South. I will never treat people without respect again”, he resigned. With a smile Jo replied, “Welcome to my world”. The two were able to laugh about their shared experience and Jo reflected that this young man had to come to China to learn a valuable lesson, one that would go a long way in America.

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