For those of you that do not know… This year China will be doing it big.. much bigger than the Olympics… bigger than the Three Gorges Dam… This will be Amazing…

Basically… every country in the world… (well big country that is) will have their own Pavillion that represents the culture and style of that country.  This will be huge…. The China pavillion is amazing.. so far …

There will be so much to see that the actually expo will be from May 1st to October 31st this year, 180 days of excitement.   I will be right there in the middle of the mess… (smile) …

This is a one in a life time experience and of course China wants to make a statement so they will go bigger and better than any other host country has ever done.

The theme of the Expo this year is ” A Better City, Better Life”

:Blending of diverse cultures in the city, Economic prosperity in the city, Innovation of science and technology in the city, Remodeling of communities in the city, Rural-urban Interaction Goal:To attract the participation of 200 countries and international organizations and 70 million visitors.

Incredible… you have to give it to China when they do something…they really want you to remember it.

I was looking at some of the pavillions from some of the other country they are unbelievable.


Argentina Pavilion

Laos Pavilion

Taiwan Pavilion

Spain Pavilion

Italy Pavilion

Fujian Pavilion

Japan Pavilion

Hunan Pavilion

Danish Pavilion

Malaysia Pavilion

Brazil Pavilion

German Pavilion

Poland Pavilion

Thailand Pavilion

Canada Pavilion

Hong Kong Pavilion

UK Pavilion

I am quite disappointed with our USA pavilion….We are the greatest country in the world.  The only world superpower and have invented almost everything in the world and THIS is what we come up with as a representation of America????

US Pavilion

I feel a little bit embarassed.  We have some of the worlds best designers and this is all they could come up with…. Even the small pitiful countries have better pavilions.

There are many, many other pavilions that will be there and you can see them all on the Shanghai Expo Website

I will list some of the great things I will try to see when I am there.. however the expo is so big.. that I will not get to see half of it I am sure.

City Square Art Festival

Well.. I know you guys are a little jealous right now that I will be in the middle of this cultural feast… however.. good news for you overseas folks…. they will broadcast it all online…. yep.. when the show starts you will be able to see it online.

See.. I think of you guys…. oh… just wait for the photos I will take… whoohooo….

until next time….