China, home to the world’s most enthusiastic smokers who smoke about two trillion cigarettes a year, according to the Chinese government…

Although China is one of the most health conscious places in the world.. They kind of miss the mark when it comes to cigarette smoking.

As I spend more and more time around the Chinese people I learn more and more about eating healthier and excercise.  They always take time to walk after dinner and even with their very busy lives they always try to eat healthy and on a time schedule.   (yes) … They always eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner… at their respectable times.

Every meal is freshly made with the freshest ingredients.   They try to open the windows to always let fresh air flow through.  I am always warned not to eat too much of this or too much of that .. because it is not good for my health.

However, in the mist of all this healthy living… there is the  largest population of  smokers in the world.   I am thinking it is like it use to be in the USA before we had all these no smoking laws; if it is, I am so happy that we have those laws in place.

I am a non-smoker however, I do not judge anyone that wants to smoke I do not mind if you smoke as long as you are respectful of me.  Actually, my husband smokes…. (but that is another topic…(smile)).

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I have learned that it is customary when meeting someone or doing business to offer a cigarette to everyone.   Usually, the host offers first, but eventually, every man gets a chance to offer cigarettes as a form of respect.

In every business meeting, every dinner, every basic meeting of anyone.. you are to offer a cigarette.

I was informed that at a traditional Chinese wedding we must give packs of cigarettes to everyone as a gift for coming.  At Spring Festival or Chinese New Year to you and me, the most expensive cigarettes are purchased and given out as a kind of status symbol.

With so much emphasis on cigarettes of course you must have shops to sell these.  I can honestly say that on every single street there are at least 3 or more cigarette shops.   These cigarettes range from the cheapest of 10 rmb to as expensive as 200 rmb a pack.

They are imported like Marboro and domestic.  With so many types and brands of Cigarettes it is difficult to see how they know which ones are the best.  But as far as I can tell they go by price.  The ones that cost the most are the ones that are the best.   (go figure)

The one thing that did shock me was the fact that men seemed to shake their heads when they see a woman smoking.   They feel if a woman smokes she is sort of bad girl.   They would prefer a woman did not smoke.  I guess that lady like imagine is trashed if the beautiful girl has a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

But when I asked some women what do they think about a man smoking… most were totally against it but understood that to be a “Man” especially a “Businessman” smoking must come into play.

When you want to know where these smokers can smoke… EVERYWHERE….. yes.. In  China people smoke everywhere… in offices, in shops, in cinemas, restaurants etc.   There are very, very few places you can go where there is no smoking allowed.

Makes you kind of understand why they always want the windows open inside every place you go.   You would die of smoke inhalation if you didn’t.

It really saddens me to think what kind of sicknesses will be occurring her in the future, and how the government will be able to deal with the rising health issues that smoking is going to cause.  With about half the world’s population living over here and more than half of them smoking it is a recipe for disaster.

So Listen up my fellow Americans… we may bitch about all the places where smoking is not allowed and how our rights are being taken away.  We may complain that the government should not tell us what is healthy and good for us.  We may hate to have someone telling us that they are looking out for our health… but you know…when you look at it from this side of the world… it is not so horrible to have a government that wants to take care of you.. and wants its people to be healthy and happy… is it?  I do not think so….

Ahhh… China… such a strong beautiful history of healthy living, healthy minds and healthy bodies…. all being thrown away with the ashes…

until next time…