Obama Bar in Shanghai…

Just when I thought I would have nothing to do this weekend, my friend in Japan asked me if I had been to the new Obama bar in China… I was like the What?  So of course I had to check this out… How could she be in the know and I,here in China, be out… So.. I had to investigate.

I found that there was in fact a new bar that open on April 26th in Shanghai Called the Obama Bar. Here is what one club goer said on their website:

The first thing we noticed when we arrived for the Obama Club’s soft opening party last night is that the place is massive! You could see the sign from two minutes away in a cab and we were already wondering how much they spent on the Las Vegas styled water display out front…Said to be designed by renowned American interior designers Cagley and Tanner from Las Vegas, the circular built club however had a familiar karaoke glow  to it with golden fixtures and golden dance poles…

The VIP rooms on the second level of the club provided us with some hope as we were told that they were each named after a different city in America and we were thinking that maybe each room would have a unique style. After visiting the Miami room and Boston room, we found that the interiors were almost identical, faux-French with crimson carpeting and dark furniture. We are pretty sure Miami is very different from Boston. The only consolation was the large private toilet next to the rooms which was ideal…

Democratic would be the word to describe the people we saw at this place because everyone was there and we mean everyone. Murse-carrying middle-aged men, chi-chi snobs, break dancers, wide-eyed kebab sellers who looked like they’d just arrived in the city, and a table of decked out ladies who had everyone wondering if they were paid to just sit around and look pretty.

DJ Coco Ariaz, when he did finally hit the decks, delivered a nice mash of beats and live saxophone music, which leaves much to be said about the DJ before him whose transitioning of top 40 hits was about as smooth as nails screeching across a chalkboard.

The first part of the act consisted of some girls in oversized shirts and shining ties gyrating on the dance poles. Pairs of dancers decked out in leather attempting sensual moves moved in after the girls had stripped out of their shirts to revel shiny bikinis and it was entertaining enough but how was this related to the IBIZA my SOUL theme of the evening?

They must have gotten to the soul part next because the next act looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland. On crack. Strange looking women with bejeweled faces bounded in white lace outfits mingled with devilish looking creatures left us more amused than in awe.

well.. after reading this article .. I have made my decision that I must go check this place out for myself.   Shanghai is only 2.5 hours away… and I have a three day weekend… I am thinking it is time to party Obama-style.

Obama Club
2088 Yan’an Xi Lu, at the Garden Plaza
Expect to pay 48RMB for beers, 45-48RMB for standard drinks,
38RMB for non-alcoholic drinks, 30RMB for shots and 55-88RMB for cocktails.


Check out the website and photos…. can’t wait to tell you what happens….

until next time…


3 thoughts on “Obama Bar in Shanghai…

  1. pearls

    I must say you made tears come to my eyes on that one! I’m still laughing! When you said everyone gets up on those poles, I could just imagine it. Especially the ones that had a few to many drinks trying to busta move and a groove! LOL!!! Ok ma’am, I’ll respect your decision to not discuss it.

    The mentioning of pole dancing reminds me of a 2005 movie that I saw on tv recently, starring Rob Schneider and Eddie Griffin called Gigolo Deuce Bigalow. Deuce Bigalow had a portable dance pole that he could assemble anywhere he went. Like a ‘have pole will travel’ business! Too funny!

  2. pearls

    First, the exterior is so classy while the interior looks phenomenal and regal! The photos that you posted are very nice. Second, this article is too HILARIOUS! Poles??!!! Next, they must have gotten to the soul part…Alice in Wonderland druggies (appearance)??!! What! LOL! I just knew something more was askew when I saw ‘poles’ in the mix of this article and in such a beautiful interior, at that. Its ambiance or should I say entertainment segments are more of a ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ feature than an ‘inclusive of women’ type atmosphere. But, ‘bar’ is part of the name, right?! I could with humor spew a rip roaring hilarious, comment about it, but I won’t, especially since I don’t live there and haven’t seen it personally! I’ll just wait for your response after you venture there (big smile).

    I look forward to knowing, if it’s a whacked out modern version of the Parisian cabaret’s like the Folies Bergere, Moulin Rouge, and Las Vegas shows performing all under one roof, and with a DJ at that! If so, they’ll make two of my favorite Impressionist era artists, Edouard Manet and Henri de Toulouse Lautrec sit up and scratch their heads from their permanent residences, respectively! While causing the legendary Chicagoan DJ Herb Kent go…huh! LOL!

    P.S. It’s a nice, inviting site. I noticed the Chivas Regal emblem in the upper left-hand corner of the site. What? No Crown Royal???? Just kidding, because I don’t drink alcohol.

    1. I laughed my ass off also.. that is why I had to post that…. actually I can believe what they say .. because.. there is a bar here.. G+ that has the poles .. and the girls… it seems to be a main component of the Chinese bars… and girl.. everyone gets up on those poles…. umm.. even little old me.. one time… I dont want to discuss it…(smile)

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