I have to tell you guys what happened to me last night. I want to first say that I have lived in China for 1.5 years and have only one time had a problem with a Chinese local bothering me and that was easily handed. However, last night after school, around 930pm my co-worker, an Irish girl around 23 years old and I decided we would go to the 24 hour Mcdonalds for a burger. Now keep in mind that we live in a small city and it pretty much rolls up the streets at 10pm. So, therewere very few people out.

We went to Mcdonalds got our food and then I decided to walk her halfway home just to be safe.. and then take a taxi back to my home, which was a little farther away. While we were walking and talking .. we saw two foreign men walking toward us. We were trying to decide what country they were from I guessed European and she guess Middle Eastern. By the time we met they had noticed us and started to smile. We greeted each other as all foreigners usually do. Since, very few foreigners come to this town we are always surprised to see them. But, they shook both of our hands and asked where we were from, and we asked them where they were from. She was correct they were from some middle eastern countries. However, they had very white skin so I was surprised. (my middle eastern knowledge is limited)

So, we spoke about China for about 3 minutes or so and they suggested we come to their hotel for coffee. I being of sound mind and body .. started seeing red flags. My Irish friend was excited to see foreigners and agreed to go. I did not want her to go alone so I agreed to go.

I knew that most businessmen stayed at the 5 star hotels in town and I had many friends in these places so I felt it was public enough. However, when we started walking I noticed that they were not staying in the higher class hotels. More red flags…. however, I glanced over to my little friend she was chattering and smiling having a grand time… clueless.

I continued to walk.. and one of the men around 40 years old, started asking me questions.. like why was I living in China and I said my husband lives here.. he said you married Chinese? I said yes.. .he said why? and I said why not? and that shut him up for a little bit. I can be a bitch when I want to be… (smile)… anyway .. we were almost to their hotel and they asked if we knew Chinese.. and I said a little.. and they said they didnt know any. Information I was happy to know.

So we got to the hotel, and I noticed on the elevator that there was a coffee shop on the 2nd floor… however when we got into the elevator.. they pushed the 4th floor… the Irish girl stated .. look the coffee shop is on the 2nd floor .. and the older man, around 60 years old, said.. oh no their coffee is not good, we have arabic coffee in the hotel room that we can make ourselves. NOW.. the Irish girl’s light bulb went off… I saw her face when it did…. and had to smile to myself… when we got to the 4th floor.. the guys got out first and when to their room… to open the door… she looked at me and said… these are dirty old men… my god… and I said.. you are just figuring this out? At that time, my phone rang.. and it was my husband..(he always knows when to call.. like a connection we have) .. he said… to me.. where are you? your not home? I said.. yeah.. I am with the Irish teacher and we went to Mcdonalds.. he said.. come home now… I was like okay…how long will you be .. he asked… at that time the guys came out of the hotel room to see what was going on with us…. I said loudly we will be there in 10 minutes. My husband said okay.

I told the guy my husband just called we have to go… the old guy said… she can stay with us… I told him.. NO.. she is going with me…. and I looked at him.. with a look that said.. try me bastard and it is on…. he looked at her.. who was not hiding behind me.. and she said.. I have to go with her. I looked at him and smiled like… nice try asshole and turned and walked away.

He wasnt going to give up and started asking for her phone number.. she said.. I dont know it… (which was actually true) .. and I said just give us your business card…. he handed it to us… and I said.. we will call you… and then got on the elevator, where there was a Chinese man there that quickly closed the elevator for us and said hello in Chinese and started having a conversation with me in Chinese so the old guy had to just stand there.. as the door closed in his face…His look was in anger.. and I smiled widely.. and waved.

When we were leaving.. .I told the little girl… never, ever go to someone’s hotel room… or hotel… just because they are foreigners doesn’t mean they are good people. I told her especially Middle eastern people… some of them hate everyone… and you will not know. She agreed and listened to me… I told her I wasnt going to let her go alone but I knew what was up… I told her I had her back.. but next time.. you need to be more careful.  I told her if this had been an American, Canadian, Englishman, or any other civilized country they would have asked you to coffee at Mcdonalds or some public place.. not their hotel.

She said to me… I never felt that way around Chinese men.. I never feel afraid.. I said..you should feel cautious around every man… but most Chinese are traditional and respect women for the most part. She said thank you so much for protecting me… I said.. they don’t know me.. I would have took them out with just my keys…. I am a big, Black American woman .. and I do not go down easily… (smile)…I told her they are lucky.. I did not have soap in a sock .. or they would have been in pain just thinking about what they wanted to do.

On my way home in the taxi, I thought to myself… what if that had been a Chinese girl.. who thought the foreigner was being kind to her.. or what if she had been in the room with them… they are very small people… the more I thought about it the more angry I got… when I got home .. I told my husband what happened ..and he shook his head and said.. “stupid girl.. she could have gotten hurt” I said.. I know.. that is why I didn’t leave her.

China.. it is these kinds of things.. that make me understand why they did not want foreigners in their country. What were these men thinking… they expect to just come here and do what they want? Well.. they almost got the unexpected… right in the throat…

until next time…