Why is Everything in China so complicated?

I realized a long time ago… but today just reminded me of how things in China take so long and so complicated to do. It makes you miss the American ways of efficiency so much.

Today, I needed to deposit money in the account of the factory that will be making my wedding dress for my wedding party in October. As I mentioned before, I am by law already married but I need to have the big wedding party .. which will be held in October. Anyway.. do to my enormous size 14 butt.. I must have my dress made. Which isn’t as bad as it sounds because with the veil and dress all together it will only cost me 900 rmb which includes shipping ($132 respectfully) .. not bad huh? Anyway.. payment must be made in cash to the company by just depositing the money in their bank account since I am in China.

In theory this should be easy.. just go to the bank with the account number and person’s name and deposit the money. However, this is China.. so things are not so easily done. Of course…

I decided to take a co-worker with me just in case I needed her translating skills and we headed to the main office of the bank. After waiting for our number to be called… (only about 10 minutes) .. we quickly went to the window to deposit the money. However, when we showed the gentleman behind the glass our paper and told him what we wanted to do.. he said that he needed the name to be in Chinese Character not English letters or (pinyin) … as my friend was going to write the words in Chinese for them.. he quickly said that if the actual letters are not correct he can’t do it. I questioned this… I said why can’t he just use the account number?… but he said.. it is required to use both name and account number.. and he refused to deposit the money… He did say an alternative would be to put the money in the ATM. I told him I have no card to this bank and how am I suppose to deposit it. He stated we didn’t need a card… (this I didn’t believe) So, we found a manager and asked her… she agreed we could put the money in the ATM under the account number however, the money needs to be new… and have nothing written on them. (as if there can be anything else that goes wrong) … so she looked at my money to see if it was new enough… and told me it “might” work.. but we are taking a risk of it being deposited in the wrong account. ( what the…?) I rolled my eyes and said okay.. fine… I was sure I copied the number correctly anyway.

Then we went to the machine and starting entering the numbers…. However the numbers were not showing up on the screen correctly… The manager, who was still standing beside us… stated that the account number should be 19 digits long… and the account number I had was 24 digits… she said .. it is obviously wrong. I was now frustrated with the entire situation.  I told them forget it and thank you .. and left the bank.

I then had to go back to my office and send an email to the factory stating that all the information he gave me was wrong…. Ughhhh…. As I wait for his reply.. it made me think of another situation where I was trying to send money via western union to my daughter.

I first had to go to my bank and change the RMB to American dollars.. I then had to take a taxi to another bank that has western union service… and complete the paper work for the money to be sent.. stating why I was sending money out of China. I was a bit frustrated when I wrote that my daughter lives in Missouri.. and I was told by the bank clerk that there was no state with that name. I informed them that I was from the states and I should know what states there are in the union. I insisted for about 15 minutes that Missouri was indeed a state and that was where I wanted the money to be sent. Evidently, there are only California, New York, Texas, Florida and Chicago.. as states in America… I was not happy that day…It took them more than 1.5 hours to send the money to my daughter. I think the next time I should bring a map of the United States with me when I go.

I guess I will attempt to send the money for my wedding dress again tomorrow morning.. I hope that the factory sends me the correct information, this time.

All of this is not unusual for China… everytime you go to do anything .. from the bank, supermarket, cell phone company, electric bill payment bank… it takes an extensive amount of time and energy to complete the task.

My friend told me that these are government jobs.. and the salary is very high…I stated the knowledge is very low..  sad isn’t it…

I wanted to end this blog with a photo of my pending wedding gown… please be aware that I chose a very, light yellow color instead of white and corset lacing instead of buttons down the back.. (i look big enough in China a white dress would not help at all) Hopefully, I will actually get the payment sent tomorrow and receive the hand-made dress in 20 days.  What do you think about my style and taste?  Let me know….

Hotsale  2010 new style bridal wedding dress

Hotsale  2010 new style bridal wedding dress

Until next time….


9 thoughts on “Why is Everything in China so complicated?

  1. “(i look big enough in China a white dress would not help at all) “…

    I had the same effect in mine…LOL

    Levity aside, that is a GORGEOUS dress…I am thinking no jewelry, except for some medium sized drop earrings & ring…Hair should be “loose ponytail”-like the models or upswept… Light on the flowers and flower color…Stick with whites and beigey colors!

  2. pearls

    Ah! It wouldn’t be that bad! [smile :D] I just want to end with, I always utilize ‘wisdom’ in my approach to situations (like you). Though my rationale would be astute and unobvious, the delivery would create an after thought that can be compared to E. F. Hutton! Smile!

    P.S. I have gathered more stories about women I worked with over the years that makes any of mine look like Heidi in the Alps (Shirley Temple’s oldie), and they didn’t display the ‘current, trendy’ hood action either! Big Smile!

  3. pearls

    Very nice! The slippers (a wise choice) and earrings sound perfect. The teardrop style diamond earrings will create a prism of light that will really mirror the yellow in your gown. Wearing your hair down will look elegant, too. You know, we AA women age very differently compared to some other races of women. In other words, I wasn’t even aware of the mentioning of age difference until I read the interview, and this was after I saw the photos. I did look a few more times at the photos, then thought, okay, if they say it’s so! That was the gist of my thoughts about it.

    Jo, I modified my reply about the map somewhat because it was rather lengthy. When I enjoy talking to someone, I can become quite talkative, or in this case wordy! (smile) I left out the part that ‘I’m bold like that’ too! Actually, I wouldn’t think twice about showing the person the state of Missouri in the biggest atlas I could carry (a map would be better), then would leave a photocopy of all 50 states names with Missouri underlined in red! LOL! So, even though I may not know everything that you would do, I can sense boldness and righteous indignation when it’s present! Oh! The stories I can tell! LOL! Regarding govt. workers, yes, they do move in a pace that tends to say, it’s all about them, instead of being there to serve the public. It’s crazy! Have a great day!

    1. yeah…although you cannot tell… I am 14 yrs older than my husband… but if you saw us together .. you would think there were only a couple of years between us…. we are that matched. You are so right about us aging .. umm.. gracefully…and beautifully… compared to other women… but I am sure you know that “Black dont Crack”

      I had a feeling that you were as bold as I am….hehehe… China better be happy that we are not here together….we would turn this country upside down.

  4. pearls

    Before I comment on anything else, I must say that your wedding gown is BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL! The light yellow should be absolutely gorgeous on you! The detailed shirring in the bodice and waistband with the appropriately placed embroidered beading lends a perfect touch. I really like the buttons that extends midway from the back to the length of the gown, right into the trumpet shaped train. What color earrings (length-drop?) and shoes will you wear? Have you decide whether to wear your hair up, down, or combo of both? Just excuse me, because I tend to get excited over events like this! (smile)

    Now for the comment. It will be alright! I got your back through prayer! You know some people just need a geography lesson. I know that people working in the banking industry shoud definitely know better. No matter how small the bank, they all have some investment dealings with other countries and have to stay abreast of such. You know I’m laughing don’t you! Not at you, because I defnitely empathize with you. No one needs are wants stupid hassles. I’m laughing at the thought of you taking a map with you which will shock the mess out of them. Eventhough, laziness shouldn’t be tolerated in any industry, it’s sadly universal and knows no boundaries when it comes to various ethnic peoples. I look forward to more great articles and sharing. Peace!

    1. Well.. I was thinking diamond teardrop earrings..(Cubic Z).. and these cute little chinese slippers with a little heel… since i will be on my feet for a long time. I will probably wear my hair down… because i look younger with my hair down… i look older when my hair is up… and heaven knows.. i need to look as young as possible… my husband is a bit younger than me … you know..(smile) … I know your laughing .. but you know know me yet….i will bring a map… that is how I am… (smile)…. isnt it funny that in every country the government workers move in slow motion… ?

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