Why are they killing the Children ??

I tried to put this particular blog off for as long as I could.. but after what happened yesterday.. I had to say something.   The first thing I have to say.. is WHY?!!… Why the hell are they killing the children in the schools.

I know it is all over the news  there as it is here also… but it is the most horrible thing I have ever heard in my life… even worse than… the crazy dude that kept eating people, at least his people were adults.

China police chief vows to strike at school attackers
In a week’s time there has been five instances of children in kindergarten schools and daycares that have been killed or harmed by crazy men using knifes and hammers.  (not guns… but knifes and hammers)
These are just babies… most of them are not any older than 3 to 4 years old.  Who could do this?  It really hurts my heart to think of the families of these children.  Families that are only allowed one child and work themselves to death to provide the best for these children to have them just taken away in an instant.
An injured child holds a paper made bird while ...
This is one of the articles I found that horrified me on the last rampage as taken from the China Daily:

NANZHENg, Shaanxi – At least seven children and two adults were stabbed to death in a village kindergarten on Wednesday morning in Nanzheng of Shaanxi province, the latest case in a series of school attacks across the country, local authorities said.

The 48-year-old local farmer behind the attack injured another 11 children in the frenzy, an official who did not want to be named told China Daily. The attack came after local and central authorities boosted security forces and funds in the past weeks for places vulnerable to such attacks.

The farmer allegedly attacked almost everyone in the kindergarten, as only about 20 children were in the nursery when the rampage broke out at about 8 am, Xinhua News Agency reported.  The suspect, Wu Huanming, committed suicide after returning home from the scene, the emergency office of the Shaanxi provincial government said.

The privately run kindergarten is located in Linchang village of Shengshui township, in Nanzheng county of Hanzhong city, local officials and police confirmed. All of the seven children who were killed – two girls and five boys – are under the age of five, local officials said.

Wu Hongying, the head of the kindergarten, died on the spot while her mother, who helped run the kindergarten, died in hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

A local resident said that the suspect rented his property to the kindergarten and said “everyone almost knows each other in the small village”.  Police are still investigating the case and the alleged killer’s motive.

Most injured people had been rushed to the No 3201 hospital in Hanzhong. Officials from the general office of the hospital refused to provide any information, including the number, ages and condition of those injured.

Li Xiaofei, a police officer from the neighboring Chengguan township police station of the county, said no cops are permanently stationed in Linchang village and the nearest one is 5 to 6 kilometers away.

In such an underdeveloped village, using extra funds to hire security guards to prevent any violent situation is “almost impossible”, Li said.  Li said the city’s public security bureau had issued directives in recent days asking for tightened security forces at and around schools.

“But we can only focus on the schools with the highest populations because the strength of the police force is just not enough,” Li said.  “Take Chengguan township in central Nanzheng for example, we have only 11 criminal investigation policemen for a population of 110,000. But at least 20 schools are located there.”

As of Wednesday, the death toll from five school attacks in five provinces in the past month had amounted to 17. The Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Education held an urgent meeting on Wednesday afternoon, urging for more tightened security measures on campus.

Schools and kindergartens in rural areas or city suburbs, or those run privately, should receive particular attention, a statement from the Ministry of Public Security said.

Warning of “copycat killings”, psychologists said media reports on such violent cases should be handled properly. “The violent attacks mostly result from a lack of counseling support for people who feel they are suffering from rising inequality and a widening wealth gap,” said Xu Yan, dean of the psychology school of Beijing Normal University. “Details about the attacks should be played down in media reports. Focus should be on causes for the attacks and the counter measures needed to address them instead,” she said.

Yang Dongping, an expert on education at the Beijing Institute of Technology, said: “Media reports about these attacks have helped to create a copycat effect. “People who are mentally unstable or who nurse hatred toward society then feel that this is a way of exacting revenge, or of making their demands.”

Zhou Yongkang, a Standing Committee member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, said on Wednesday that the country has made much progress since its reform and opening up in 1978, but social conflict has also emerged.  “China hopes to work with other countries to improve capabilities to ensure social equality, justice and to promote social harmony and stability,” Zhou told a visiting Slovakian delegation.

This so terrible….. the villiages are so poor that they cannot even afford to provide proper security for the schools.  I have realized that the difference in the poverty stricken and the wealthy are so great that it is like I am in two different countries.

I was so upset I asked the Chinese co-workers what the hell was wrong with their people.  One foreign teacher said to me… there has been students killed in America… I then had to stand up… and lose it a little… I told her…“There has never been a case in America where a grown man walks into a daycare or kindergarten and just start hacking at children with knives and hammers.  Never in the history of the US, that I know of , has that ever happened ..let alone 5 times in less than a month.  Even our crazy people are more civilized than that…”

I was a little rude to her .. so I appologized for yelling at her but .. I told her what I said is true.   I am just totally disgusted with how it is all being handled.   It is kind of  as if .. everyone knows.. but no one says anything about it.   They feel very bad .. but kind of … I cannot describe how it feels.. it just does not feel … compassionate… maybe that is what I am trying to say.

It is like people care but they don’t care… because it is far from them.. or not their family.. or even their business…. They are just like .. oh.. yeah… I heard that and go on with their lives.

Even my husband kind of shocked me by saying…. there are a lot of people here.. that is only a small amount.   I was like… what? they are babies… under 3 years old?? He said .. I know .. I know.. and it is terrible… but it happens…I just looked at him like he had just grew horns out of his head.

I just think the Chinese people have been conditioned from a small age to mind their own business and keep their mouths shut  so much….that they sometimes fail to have emphathy for their fellow man… or child.

Wow… I have no words for how I am feeling right now….

One man’s reason for killing so man children were that he was upset over a girl breaking up with him…..(what is that?….)…Another man just went crazy they said… (what the hell is making these people so crazy that they want to kill children)

All I know... is that something needs to be done… I do not know What … or  How.. but I do know… Somebody needs to do something soon… before more innocent children are killed.

Students walk past the security officers and ...

until next time…


5 thoughts on “Why are they killing the Children ??

  1. JA83

    I think this talk of “their people,” “civilized” and “long way to go” is a bit paternalistic. The viewpoints of the people in the post seem perfectly understandable in my view. Besides the unusual nature of these incidents, what makes these incidents different from all the small tragedies that occur daily in China or the world?

    In the US (and possibly in China as well) there are enough rapes that a woman could be raped every minute. It was only a few years ago that various bombings would kill over 100 people in Iraq almost weekly — attacks resulting in several dozen deaths are still relatively common in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Worldwide, some 18,000 children die due to starvation or malnutrition daily. This is certainly not due to a lack of food — since there is enough food for each person on earth to have something like a pound per day — but due to maldistribution. Where is the compassion of this system which privileges feeding First-World cows for beef (which will ultimately be sold to the well-off with purchasing power), over feeding the Third-World poor (who have no purchasing power)? — the same system which spends millions on researching and promoting erection pills while tens of thousands of people die daily of easily treatable diseases in the Third-World?

    Do these people in the “civilized” countries stop eating their meat or buying their erection pills out of compassion or concern for their fellow man? Do they weep and gnash their teeth every second a woman is raped? Of course not. They acknowledge that such things happen and go on with their lives. The best of them donate a token amount to some charity or something, but these are mostly symbolic gestures that tend not to impinge on their consumption. If one were to grieve every tragedy in society, the grieving would never end. It’s not a lack of empathy; it’s just pragmatism and occurs with greater or lesser degree in every society.

    What more can people do besides acknowledge the event? The perpetrators are either dead or will be executed. Candlelight vigils and consolatory words, which most of the time is just lipservice, 废话, never brought anyone back from the dead. If there are fewer displays of “compassion” in China, is this something to be held against Chinese civilization? Or for that matter, are greater displays of “compassion” in “the West” something necessarily to be esteemed? Are theatrics then the measure of “civilization?”

    Also, as a sidenote, there actually have been multiple instances of attacks by grown men on students in the US, probably the most famous of which is the Bath massacre in which a school official actually blew up a school and killed about 50 people. They usually didn’t use knives or hammers because they used guns. Guns are restricted in China, which explains why the attackers used knives.

    1. JA83… I want to first thank you for your comment and for reading my blog. Now in regards to your comments….

      I agree there is suffering and criminal activites in every country and I also know that guns are forbidden here in China. That to me makes the crime even more violent and cruel.. it takes a different kind of person .. to kill someone.. anyone with a knife or a hammer.. period.. and even more the case that … they were small children.

      I dont know if you have every traveled here… but the lack of compassion I am referring to not only applies to this situation. It is also everyday in the streets… someone gets hit by a car and no one even calls the police.. for fear they will be blamed for it…. people fighting each other in the street .. and no one even blinking an eye… I understand that people cannot do anything themselves.. but … there is a time when human feelings for other humans kick in… and *sometimes*.. i see people that turn their head and don’t even try to say anything when they see a child run in the street… or someone that falls down…

      America may have all its faults.. and there is not country in this world that is perfect… but I can honestly say where I come from… people care about other people… Are you going to tell me that if you saw someone hit by a car.. you wouldnt at least call the police? Or if you saw someone’s child about to get hit by a car you would try to save them? That is what I mean when I say that .. they have a long way to go when it comes to compassion.

      I spoke to a Chinese Student today about this topic.. and he informed me that many poor chinese workers are angry and frustrated… they work very hard and have very little… and the people that can afford to send their children to these private schools usually have alot money by chinese standards… and some people out of jealousy or revenge or what ever… tend to lose it.. and do these kinds of things….

      No matter how you try to justify their actions… I personal still feel .. that it is not right.

      *Thank you again for your comment.*

  2. pearls

    P.S. Conditioned is correct! Even though I don’t live there, I’m aware of their history! It’s a shame in any geographical locale when people aren’t moved with compassion, even to pray when something like this happens. There are people throughout this earth (with money) who are ready to help any way that they can with no strings attached, if the powers that be would allow them to do so. I find that some people are complacent, narcissistic, and plain don’t care. Well, that is until it knocks on their door!

    I’m really trying very hard to be as civil as I can be since this is the internet! Especially, when I think about all the money from over here that’s gone to and is continually going over there! They don’t want to provide for even the smaller locales? Give me a break! It’s another added negative reflection on them is all I can say!

    *If you don’t print this, I’m okay with it! Just having my say!*

    1. First to you Pearls… and everyone else that reads my blog.. I will print all opinions.. unless they are really belitting, or just plain rude to others that voice their opinions. Because it is just that an OPINION…

      Now to respond to your comments… Yes.. it is sad… and we,as Americas, would give our last dime to help people that have been hurt in this way… but .. that is just not the way of the Chinese.. YES… there are some people here that feel that it is horrible… what has happened… and YES .. There are some people that want to help… and that have money that want to give… but compared to the percentage of people in China in comparison .. it is very, very low. I honestly feel .. if this country pulled together an actually care about each other… and helped each other.. and everyone wasn’t just out for themselves… they would be a Great Power and Force to reckon with…. Honestly… but … their lack of trust in their government and the lack of trust they have in each other…. is so strong… that it would take an eternity or longer to accomplish.

      China has many wonderful aspects .. and I do honestly consider my second home… away from home… but… they have a long way to go.. when it comes to the care of its people, and the compassion of others… a long , long way to go.

  3. pearls

    This brings tears to my eyes! As if the incident that occurred there just last week wasn’t enough! TRUTH BE TOLD, the news report I read last week was about the hushing up of the incident for fear of creating copy cats, which to me is LUDICROUS! By exposing the possibilities of another attack and equipping people with the necessary awareness of what to do will deter these deranged people. There aren’t fonts large enough to express the outrage I feel for the maimed/lost lives of the innocent ones who can’t protect themselves, and for the heroes and heroines who have died or become maimed trying to stop these psychopaths! With all those people in that country, no matter how small the underlying area is, I’m quite sure there are those who ready to stand in and up to protect the innocent ones for this cause! They need to become a visible FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!

    About over here. The security in the daycare centers here is tight and they are very protective of the children. They have many check points everywhere and cameras, too! Plus, they will know who you are and why you’re on their premises ahead of time. That’s if you’re supposed to be there. If not authorized to be on their premises, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do to the police who are always nearby and ready(trust me)! All I can say is that these people had better seriously brush up on the martial arts and start taking these people out and ask questions later! Especially, since now they know that they aren’t even on the lowest point of the totem pole as a priority for police protection! That’s lousy and with the abundance of people there is horrid! All I can say they will reap what they sow!

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