Plastic Surgery in China….

As I get a little bit older… I noticed that my .. umm.. girls are losing the fight with gravity.  Yes.. it is a sad case of affairs.  What was once perky and pointy is now .. just pointing down… ahhh.. the tragedy… So.. I have been keeping them alive with a very nice supportive bra… however… it occurred to me.. that I was in China… and everything is cheaper in China… Right?

So I decided to do a little research on plastic surgery… and boy! was I impressed…. the cost of Plastic surgery is considerably lower than in the states… actually unbelievably lower.


Total average cost for breast implants and surgery in USA: $12,350.00

Cost of breast implants and surgery in China (all-inclusive) $1,350


Total cost for a for a Midsection Reshaping, thighs,hips, waist, abdomen in USA: $12,576.00 or more

Cost of the same midsection reshaping in China: $3,200

The prices were unbelievable.  I had to call and find out more… so after calling they thought I was Chinese at first and offer a discount on the eye surgery.  I was intrigued what kind of eye surgery were they referring too.   Maybe the surgery that can make me see with out contacts… so I asked them to explain.  NOO.. they were talking about … the surgery to make my eyes look more western.   I was like what?

It seems the most popular surgery to date is changing Asian looking “small eyes” to be larger, more like western eyes.  I was floored… it seemed that most people thought there eyes were too small… and would like them bigger.  I couldn’t understand the reason for this.. isn’t Asian eyes kind of what makes them look so … well.. Asian?

Why would they think they were too small?  Why would they want to change them?  They say it  became more popular in Korea and has moved to more and more Chinese.

I was kind of amazed to hear that… I personally would think that breast enlargement would be number one.. since they all look like little pubescent boys .. when it comes to their body shape.  But No that was at number 3.  Eye surgery then total face surgery then breasts.

When I went to school that day .. I decided I had a topic to discuss in our class.   Would they get their eyes enlarged and if so why?

Most of the answers were of course NO they wouldn’t .. but from my experience…. no one every tells how they really feel… because they are afraid of losing face… they said the health reasons.. blah, blah, blah…. so I switched it and said .. if you were the doctor would you tell your patient it was unhealthy and no recommend it… and then of course they said.. NOO… it is their decision, I would do it for them.

when I showed them photos of people before and after the surgery most of the class agreed that the surgery made them more attractive… and really think it was good for that person.

I had now heard it all… Chinese people wanting to make their eyes less Chinese…. It is like Africans trying to be less African by dying their skin white.  (hummm) …

Any way… I went to my husband and asked him .. about my idea of Breast surgery… he was totally against it .. of course….I told him I was not going to make them smaller I was going to make them … higher…he shook his head way…. I was like .. what about a little tummy tuck … in this area?  As I pointed to my belly area.  He was like NO… then I said why now…?

He said it is too dangerous…. the reason it is more expensive in America because they have better hospitals, better doctors.. and better medicines for pain.  They also have insurance if they mess you up.  In China… if they mess you up… it is basically your fault for going.. you may not get anything out of it .. but messed up breasts..

Well… since he put it that way… I ditched the idea of cheap plastic surgery…for myself… I did ask him what about the eye surgery .. would he be interested in that… he also shook his head No… and then asked me.. Is something wrong with my eyes….?  I said.. no, honey.. I just wondered because I asked my students today… he just looked at me funny and went in other room… ( I had to clear that up .. later that evening).

some examples of the surgeries….What do you think?

(photos taken from …Meronk Eyelid Plastic Surgery)

Until Next time……

Age: 27


Upper eyelids

Age: 18


Upper eyelids




Upper eyelids


15 thoughts on “Plastic Surgery in China….

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  2. Randy....

    Are you going to do it?
    I would totally go for the waist and thigh reshaping. I hate my stomach. And Rhinoplasty too! I don’t think that’s asking for to much. haha

  3. pearls

    @shubs. Thank you for pointing out the varied skin tones that could also accompany the varied featured aspects which I’m aware of, but didn’t mention since the topic was on plastic surgery for esthetic purposes. Since no one has control over the skin tone they’re born with, I saw no need to venture there. I said and used Asians, in a generalized term and never mentioned a specific group or sub-group! My stated awareness is not solely centered around dramas on the internet, nor (I’m adding the following) the enlightenment of PBS and National Geographics! I live and have lived in other small/large metro, race/culturally expanded cities in the states, D.C. included! I have not only seen just about every race of people on this planet (this is not a broad generalization), I live around many, shop/patronize their businesses in their named locales, have lived in the same high rise with the upward mobile ones, ridden in cabs driven by many, socialized/conversed with many (interracial married couples, included), and have also worked with many at an international corporation. Even taking a walk affords me with many broad visual encounters!

    As an artist, my social interactions and experiences with people is my creative passport. My eyes see what’s actually before me, not what’s stereo-typically portrayed or pigeon-holed visually by the media mediums!

  4. Justin Liu

    Makes me queasy to be honest. Beyond the expense and risk, it seem morally wrong somehow. We campaign so hard against female genital mutilation in central Africa but who is to say that cutting the labia for aesthetic reasons is different from cutting your eyelids to satisfy another set of ideals.

    What makes me really sick is a reality show stateside(I’m not sure if you still get fox, lucky you if you don’t) called the swan. They take woman with very serious self-esteem issues and professionally remake them with trainers, plastic surgeons and dentists. Then in the end of it all they take all the ‘swan’ and declare 5 out of 6 of them still not good enough (ie one winner). Talk about a mind-****

  5. shubs

    Jo, you could always fly to neighbouring India or Bangkok(Thailand)…the health care is amazing in both countries..very affordable and up to international standards. about the eye-surgery, all i can say is it’s sad..but it’s no different from other ethnicities altering their natural selves to meet the dominant standard of beauty(which is western-caucasian to be specific). but i’m sure not all chinese people are brainwashed enough to want to alter their natural eye shape.

    @ Pearls- I agree with you that not all east asians have slender noses..but at the same time it’s important to remember that East Asians comes in different colors and shapes(much like black people)..there’s a noticeable facial and color difference between north east asians, central asians, and even southeast asians. it’s amazing how varied they are…here in the West, we tend to be bombarded with a monolithic image/representation of East Asians but having travelled quite a bit around Asia myself..i have a different view.for instance, I visited central Tibet a few years back and our tour guide who was Tibetan brought his brother in-law along the last day we were there touring a nearby village..on meeting his BIL, i was surprised to see that he didn’t look like what i imagined tibetans looked like..he could totally have passed off for an Iranian person(dark eyes and light olive skin) but turns out the guy was full tibetan. so yea, it’s amazing how varied and beautiful the human race is. Even in India(where i come from), high up in the Northern states, tourists from Western countries are amazed to find a lot of european looking Muslim people with light eyes, hair, and skin. While in most urban cities and down south, the population tend to be mostly brown. So i don’t think “slender European noses”(like you put it) can be explained by saying East Asians surgically alter themselves..some might have(who knows) but there are many who are naturally light, have bigger eyes, and narrow noses.

    1. @Shubs- Thank you so much for your comments… You are correct there are a multi-flavored buffet of people all over Asia… even in China.. there are different shades and looks.. from North to South to East to West… they are as multi fastided as us Black Americas… however.. anyone that wants to change their natural beauty makes me feel sad. I have to check out the cost of things in India and Thailand… although.. now in Thailand there are riots in the streets.. so i might want to wait on that one… but they are well known for their … sex change surgeries in that country. thanks again…and keep reading.

  6. pearls

    Come on now. Walking is excellent exercise, but it doesnt take care of the specific appendages or extremities that have muscles around them, or atrophy of other muscles throughout the body. That’s why some people incorporate certain movements into their walking exercise routine. Also, what you eat is a factor and plays a huge part when it comes to assisting the body (coupled with weight training) maintain its tone as we get older. There’s not magic pill without side effects!

    1. I know .. I know… i have to say.. that my eatting habits have improved greatly since I have come to China.. with the fresh fruit and veggies.. and the way everything you buy is freshly cooked… but.. after you work 10 hours a day 6 days a week.. you really do not feel like moving let alone weight training… but i know i need to do something…

  7. pearls

    Asians have been doing this for years. It’s all about getting an eyelid which we have and they don’t. Many also get rhino surgery. All Asians don’t have slender, European noses. They have broad to very broad nose structures. How do I know this. After watching umpteen dramas, I always notice everyone in the scenes, like the extras in the background. The casting companies select the best looking actors for the leads, while most of the extras….well, just observe for yourself. Everybody is different is the jest of what I’m saying.

    Next, Your husband knows best and is very wise! My only thought, as I was reading, was that you really shouldn’t do that while in China, even before I got to the part where you asked your husband. Honey! If they’re staring now at your before…they’ll line-up outside your front door to really gawk at your after! It’s serious major surgery with a lot of risks. The best way to go is to tone-up your body is via weight training and exercise (I know, I know, you don’t do that)! (smile) I’d rather that than to have them double as oars for a row boat!

    1. eeeek… double oars… that doesnt sound pretty… but… you would think I get enough exercise walking my ass everywhere around here. ahhh… how I pray for a miracle pill…hehehe…

  8. randomthoughtsfromcali

    Wow, when I first saw the prices I was ready to book myself on a plane to China with a pocket full of money! But after reading your husbands objections, I think he has a point. So, saggy boobs it is, at least until I can scrape up 12,000 from the couch. Eyelid surgery is quite impressive, BTW.

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