World Cup Excitement in China…

Okay now… I can watch the NBA Championships.. (go Lakers) and the Superbowl.. I can even watch the Major league baseball teams.. and I love me some Olympics… (summer that is…).. but it is going to have to take some time for me to get into this World Cup mess….

Everyone in the world.. (except America that is) is all a flutter about this World Cup championship…. evidently it involves the world… (who knew)... So since it has started… last week… everyone and their mom has been watching it… So.. of course to be a strong supporter of my husbands interests… I too have been watching these soccer games… It was kind of cool to see Mandela .. still rocking it at .. what is he 100 years old?

And watching Shakira.. Waka Waka… her new little soccer tune… she worked the african dance… and good to see.. R. Kelly still has some fans… (in africa..they must not know the peeing thing)…African was working it out pretty well in their of the games…

The first thing I noticed… while watching the first game is.. how HOT.. the men are on the  teams.. and the Japanese team.. got me all sweaty… It took me three games… of just watching them run around the field to figure out that they were actually playing a game.

Then I figured out the just of it… these guys had to get the ball in the other teams net while the other team blocked.. pretty simple from what I could tell… however… why did it take them so long… I mean come on…

It takes them like an hour to get one ball in the goal.  They can’t be serious about this… I have actually really been trying to get into this… sport since it is so big here.. and my husband is totally into it… so I stay up with him… because of the time difference… until 1am and 2am…The game tends to be a little boring so I search the crowds…

I do see some interesting people in the audience… wearing interesting things…

Since when did the world cup become.. Mardi gras… ?  Please they have lost their minds over this sport…

Unfortunately… America is not very good at this game… I can understand since we really do not care about it… and we are good at every other sport… but.. we are down right embarrassing when it comes to soccer.

I got all excited.. wanting to cheer for my country.. then in the first 20 minutes.. they scored 2 goals on us… I mean please.. I am trying to hide my face in shame… most games take the whole game to get one goal.. but not us….we lose right out of the gate…it was a game ending score of 2 to 2.. too stressful.

Well.. at least we looked good in our little  blue and white outfits… and with our little red Nike shoes.. you know we are always fashionable… even if we lose… we look amazing…

So.. so much for rooting for America.. I have to hooked onto another team that can make me look good.. and.. I need to cheer for someone…Argentina… OMG… they are  so..pretty…

It is between them .. and the Japanese team…

Decisions, so many Decision… Well.. there is always the Italians...

Okay… Italians it is... whew… if only they played on the field dressed like that… Oh.. wait.. are we suppose to be looking for skill… ?  .. skill .. skill.. yeah.. forget that… I am now a true fan of Italy…. Go Team go… whoohooo.

Oh wait.. is that .. Spain…? I am really starting to like this soccer thing….or football for the true fans like myself….I am suggesting that you women that read get more involved in the world cup games.. it is interesting and fasinating.. and you will impress the men-folk.. and get your nightly dose of eye candy… I  have to tell you.. China has opened my eyes to a whole new world… .. world cup that is…and boy does my cup runneth over…

until next time…..

19 thoughts on “World Cup Excitement in China…

  1. The Japanese team looks scary… like they will just pound on you and enjoy it.
    I don’t know world cup… I use to watch my friends plly futbol every now and then at school but. I just cant see myself getting into it… I don’t think it’s barbarric enough for me… Love american football ! Someone told me I should start watching Rugby. Supposedly it’s more violent than American football.

  2. pearls

    Yes, your American people most definitely have conducted themselves properly due to the abundance of the men in blue for about 13 years now! Big Smile!

  3. pearls

    No! No more rioting since that one time during the Bulls simultaneous wins! About a month ago, the Chicago Blackhawks won the hockey league’s Stanley Cup! A large area along Michigan Ave. was blocked off for the ceremony with an enormous crowd! I watched it on tv! No problems at all!

  4. pearls

    America’s win over Algeria is causing some to walk around wrapped in the U.S. flag here in Chicago! You wouldn’t believe the excitement! People are already looking forward to par-taying! Go…….Donovan!

  5. pearls

    America is in the next round for the World Cup! Didn’t see them play, but I saw Spain and Guatemala. That was one rough, brutal game!

  6. Justin Liu

    I find the game is a lot less boring if you’re drunk and not really paying attention 🙂

    and how could they not know about R Kelly and the peeing thing? Don’t they watch the Chappelle show?

  7. Ah, world cup! My first Chinese boyfriend introduced me to soccer when David Beckham was still the It guy in England — I mean, how can you not love the sport with a guy like that playing? 😉

    Seriously, though, I did think it boring at first, but I’ve come to understand it more through my husband, and really enjoy watching it. But you have to watch the right teams.

    For example, Uruguay is super exciting on the field (check out Forlan and his hot blonde locks), so is Argentina (Milito and Messi are great players, not to mention cuties)…and, ah, yes, those Italians (sigh).

    Another thing that’s great about soccer — none of those annoying time-outs that cut to commercials. I mean, they can give us commercials before, during halftime, and after, but nobody’s going to cut out halfway in one half just because a guy went down or the ref called a foul. (Sometimes I think the sports industry doesn’t want Americans to like soccer b/c they would miss the commercials in the time outs)!

  8. I have no words for that picture of the guys so appropriately dressed and sleeked in their undies :-). If only I could get one of those. I am not greedy, I just want one. Anyways, I use to watch the world cup… it’s an exciting game especially when they win and strip their shirts off.

  9. randomthoughtsfromcali

    Okay, I don’t watch world cup at all. Hubby watches it on ESPN and all it sounds like to me is “World Cup wah wah wah wah blah blah blah blah” But! Now that you showed me a picture of those I-talians…if they would play in their underwear like in that picture you posted, not only would watch in rapt interest, I’d paint my face green, white and red. Viva Italia!!! Wooo HOOOO!

    1. See.. those photos.. will make you a sports fan even if you didnt even know…what the heck Soccer was…I tell you.. do like me… act interested.. and just look at the men folk… in shorts… sweating… all muscle-ly….. im fanning again.. whew….

  10. pearls

    Girl, you are so funny! Hot flash! Yes, it has been a long time since I’ve watched any sports to be exact. I watched so much of it growing up between my dad and brothers, the devout sports fanatics, that it kind of stayed with me for a while! Pele’s name just stands out to me like Michael Jordan’s and Mike Tyson’s stands out! Probably because they were all fierce in their sport and are now considered legends. Well, for now….enjoy watching the World Cup! Be Blessed!

  11. pearls

    Pause….for a moment of silence…. Okay! I’m ready now! I was trying to decide which six packs I wanted, even though I don’t consume alchohol! LOL! The Japanese team is smokin’ too! SMILING! Girl, you are too funny! Excellent writing and coverage!

    About soccer…it’s an interesting sport that I don’t watch very often, if at all. When I did, Pele was still playing and was getting close to retirement! He was the bomb! If you ever played soccer in high school (I did during gym), you’ll know why it takes so long. Girl, this sport is rough and can be brutal, especially on the shins (opted this one out as an after school activity)! It takes a lot of strength and endurance going after that ball when the opposing team has it! Even more so on a professional level. Here you have all these fine (the posted photos) testosterone posing, adrenaline pumping to the max on the field, fired up men with their quick agile foot movements, knee ball bouncing diversions, strong thick necks, and a soccer ball butting forehead that is no match for a charging goat! This sport can be as grueling as American football on the field. Girl, these men have my utmost respect for them and their dedication. Well, I get back with you later…I’m going to peruse football-wallpapers some more! SMILE! Peace!

    1. Pele??? girl.. it has been awhile…. ..I was thinking……. Im sorry.. got swayed by the team from Greece just now… aww.. it is like a buffet of.. beefy men.. just waiting for me… girl I was fanning myself.. and my husband thought I was having some kind of .. hot flash… (smile)…

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