A Little Trouble in Paradise….


Yes.. As with every marriage that is healthy my husband and I have arguments.  Actually, it isn’t really much of an argument because I am doing the arguing and he is doing the confused …”what-did-I-do” Look..

Here is how it begins… we were to meet some friends and colleagues at a bar not far from our home after work.   The whole way to the bar my husband, Michael, was complaining about how he could have just stayed home and rested instead of meeting these people to watch the FIFA soccer game…(by the way.. Brazil vs Netherlands….Brazil lost…damn it) .. I move on… ahem...

When we arrived, there were so many people we could barely find our friends and there was supposed to be about 15 of them there… finally spotting one or two.. we pulled them outside the bar..(it was burning up in there with all those people).… and talked outside the door.

As they were going back in… I felt that I really didn’t want to go back in there.. and deal with all those people for a soccer game that really wasn’t that important to me…. so as my husband and I stood outside debating on what to do… (he also was complaining about the people and saying I told you so…).. my husband’s phone rang … with a text message…“We are at 88 club, want to meet us?” This came from my friend/ student.   My husband said… I just got a text from Flower (names have been changed to protect the innocent)… I said really .. why would she text you and not me…? He said .. I don’t know… .. then he said (and remember these words because this was the beginning of the end).... he said… Why don’t you stay here and I go meet her at the club 88?... Now what part of this question should he have kept in his head…. okay .. I will help .. all of it

I looked at him…. and I said... I don’t know why you would think .. that I would let you go by yourself to a bar after a woman invites you and you alone.   Do I really look that stupid….? (that question was rhetorical however he answered with NO?) I rolled my eyes and said.. you are not going by yourself… I don’t know Chinese way.. but I do know American way… and your ass is not going without your wife.

He groaned and said okay, okay… we are not going.…Then he quickly sent a text back saying he was at another bar with me.  She said .. he can bring me along...But  he said.. let’s go home… oooooo now I was really upset… he was all excited about leaving my ass at this bar.. but when he had to take me .. he was singing another tune.

As we were walking back home in silence.. he said to me… Do you want to go meet Flower… she did say you could go too… ? I said.. I already told you we can go.. just you are not going alone. He said.. okay, fine…kind of snooty like

So we caught a taxi and headed to the club…. You would think the drama would end here .. wouldn’t you?  Well that would be too easy for me… no it got worse….

We arrived at the club… the music was jumping… the wait boys were wearing black muscle shirts with red farmer-in-the-dell bibs… (don’t know what that was representing) The girl were dressed in tiny ruffled skirts with mid-drift matching vest tops… in various colors.. maybe this was their version of Hick night or something.. I don’t know… but the music was a mixture of hip-hop and dance club mixes.  On the bouncing dancing floor were a lot of people … just… well… bouncing around… (I hope they didn’t call that dancing) .. anyway…. my student/friend… saw us and ran to grab my hand and pull me to the private booth she had booked for the evening.   In the sectional bright red sofa, surrounded by candle light.. I saw… 8 girls.. 1 wait boy staff member and one man.   uh.. this was totally uneven… 8 women with 2 guys if you count my husband… yeah… that aint happening….

They had evidently been at it for a while because they were rather toasted, but they all stood up one by one.. introducing themselves.  I turned to my husband.. who had this large grin on his face ..like he has just walked into his own harem of older women… (yeah.. the age range of these women were from 32 to42 years old)   and my husband .. being attracted to older women… was totally thrilled.    I looked at him.. with the I told you so look…. you know the one.. with my lips perched together and my eyes saying… try me tonight and watch what happens.

The night was going okay.. everyone took turns seeing how much beer they could try to out drink with my husband.. (I am not in a habit of drinking their watered down beer) so that wasnt a problem.  After about an hour of drinking games and contests.. they were pretty well toasted.. and started dancing.. a couple of the girls pulled me out to dance with them…. (yeah they do the all  white girls dancing in a circle thing too…must be universal) … and since I had 4 classes that day in row, was very hot in the previous bar, had walked about 4 blocks in the heat.. I wasn’t really up to clubbing.. however.. I wasn’t leaving my husband alone with all those women….

Now mind you.. I am not overly jealous… but… I am not stupid either… You don’t leave your man alone with another woman… especially 8 other women and expecting things to be all hunky-dorry….especially since they have been drinking their asses off.  (and by the way .. chinese people are light weights)

I shall proceed… so I am doing the little two-step dance, which is just about all you can do.. on a bouncing dance floor, and noticed people pointing and staring at me…. I was really not in the mood to deal with the stupidity of people who had never seen a black woman dance this night…. I don’t know if they thought I was going to start breakin’, poppin’ and lockin’ or what…. I just got tired of it and went back to the sectional couch.    Where my husband was no longer perched….. Now mind you, there were about…. 300 Chinese folks or more in this club… and the lights are off with .. the laser light show going on…. On another night, I might of thought it fun.. but tonight I wasn’t feeling the love.

I scanned the club.. to try to spot my .. Chinese husband in a crowd of Chinese people… while I was staring out into a sea of faces.. my husband came up beside me and said.. what are you looking at…. ?  I said I’m looking for you.. he was like oh… I could tell by his speech .. that he was through… I said.. let’s get ready to go… he said come with me to the bathroom.   *OH… side note.. the bathrooms share a lobby with open doors to the stalls for the mens and women’s squatty-potties.so everyone can pretty much see everyone else’s business… we went to the bathroom lobby and he said.. he was okay.. and don’t worry we can leave in 30 minutes.. he would just say good-bye to everyone.

I said okay… we went back to the sofa.. and my husband started doing his little lean back .. dance that he does… well that everyone does here.. (kind of leaning forward and backward in time to the music).. at least he was on beat and every now  and then he would throw his head and arms into the mix… it is kind of cute little dance…. and contagious….

Soon he had a row of about 4 people doing the same dance in time with him… after a few minutes.. they all sit down except my husband.. and this one … ahem.. woman… who had some how gotten closer to my husband and had her arm around his waist…. and his around hers… (now it gets good) … I just kind of ignored it.. because I figured they were just dancing together… so I turned away.. when I turned back…. She had moved to be in front of him.. and had her arms around his neck … and his arms around her waist..you know.. like in middle school.. but her hips were moving more than just side to side. Well.. boys and girls..

I learned long, long ago.. to look the whole situation, and not jump to conclusions before I react..(you know when you assume…blah, blah, blah) so I watch for all of 2 minutes .. when she leaned into him…. I lost it….

PICTURE THIS.. CHINA  JULY 2, 2010… young 27-year-old Chinese man, around 100 pounds, about 5’5… a very thin, I would say 33ish, Chinese woman with short, dyed brown hair, about 5’2…. and a pissed off, size 14, 5’3, full-figured, Black American woman… standing together in a club filled to the brim with Chinese people…. I snatched his arm .(yes.. snatched) and jerked him away from her.. and I pushed him behind me… gave her a dirty look, a growl, and a fake jumped at her..just to scare her  … and turned back to him.. grabbed him by the face and said in his ear through gritted teeth… BRING YOUR ASS ON OUT OF HERE .. UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE MORE THAN JUST….”LOSING FACE”….then I walked away toward the exit……Unfortunately, I needed my purse, which was on the now hated red sectional sofa… if I expected to take a taxi home… sooooo… I had to turn around and walk back in there….from the foyer.

As I slowly returned, I saw that the little red sectional was all a twitter….. people where grabbing on each other.. yelling and screaming… and my husband was standing there trying to text someone .. as these women were pushing him back and forth trying to get to each other…

What the Hell….?   I walked over and picked up my purse and turned to leave.. when my husband tried to put his arm around me.. I pushed it off.. and my drunken student/friend.. was screaming at someone and trying to get me to wait a minute.  I was done…. done..

I walked out of that place… fuming…. and of course… my husband came running behind me asking me .. what was wrong and what happened.

Now this tells you people for sure that …. Men are men, no matter what country, nationality, color.. etc.   How was he going to ask me…. what was wrong?

https://i0.wp.com/www.hasslefreeclipart.com/clipart_school/boy_confused_100.jpg I just kept walking and flagged down a taxi while he was telling me to calm down and tell him what he did?  Inside the taxi… my phone rang and it was my student/friend… I didn’t answer… she then called my husband.. he answered and told her… don’t worry .. I was okay.. and have a good night.

When we got home, he said to me.. I don’t know whats wrong with you? I looked stunned… I said.. you really, don’t know? he shook his head… I said everything did tonight was okay? silence… I said.. okay… first of all please admit that I was right about not letting you go alone… He did say .. yes.. I was right and it was good he didn’t go alone.… Then I said… now.. If the role had been reversed and I arrived and there were all men there, and I acted the same way that you did tonight.. you would have been okay with it…..? He fiercely said… NOoo… I would kill you….so I looked him straight in the eye and I said…. THEN WHY THE HELL .. DO YOU THINK IT IS OKAY FOR YOU TO DO IT?  WHEN IT WOULDNT BE OKAY FOR ME TO DO IT? his answer……….wait for it.




“I was just playin'”


Just playin’ he says.. . I said okay… great then next time we go out .. I will just play….. he said.. don’t start that….with warning....I said I don’t want to talk to you right now...and turned away from him.

He said.. fine .. I am calling my dad… (like he was telling on me or something) I said.. .I aint scared call him…call your mama too….(typical female answer of course)

about 20 minutes later… he walked back into the room where I was at the computer and put his arms around my shoulders and tried to kiss me…. I was like.. what???  You have got to be kidding me.….(typical guy move)

I thought you were talking to your dad.. he said.. I did.. and I said.. what did he say….. he said to me….I told my father everything that happened and said that you were angry with me…. and my father said to me… that I am wrong.. and that I shouldnt have acted like that… and that I need to respect you and be kind to you… and remember why I love you and that you love me… then he said I needed to make it right….

So.. ole’ Pops was on my side… interesting… so my husband.. who by the way was still very drunk… mumbled sorry and he loved me… and then told me that the best  ways was that I control him and keep him home to avoid problems… and I said.. NOOO… it is best that you control yourself… because you want to….not because I tell you too…He nodded in agreement.

He said in China it is different.. many husbands and wives play around with their boyfriends and girlfriends… It is very common and accepted.. you just kept it secret and went on with your lives.. . and continued to be married...

I told my husband…. this…

“Honey, I am going to tell you this one time.. and one time only, so listen carefully…. I am not Chinese, I am American and I don’t care what is accepted… or what is not accepted here in China.. I only care about what I accept and what you accept… and I do not accept you playin’, messin’, or even jumpin’ around with any other woman when you are married to me.  If you want to “play” then you can as a single man.. because I will not be here…. and that is the truth…. so make your decision either you want to be with me.. as my husband and act like it ….. or you want to be single.. because.. honey.. I will set your ass free….”

Then I walked away and went in the other room and went to bed.   Early, this morning.. he woke me up with kisses.. all over my face.. and told me how much he loved me .. and that he was sorry that he acted so stupid…

He wanted me to forgive him… and remember that he was still a husband in training… and that he would eventually become the best husband there is… but not to be too angry when he slips up…. He said he has learned from his mistakes and will take control of himself.. because he didn’t want to lose me for something or someone stupid.

I, of course forgave him,… and my student/friend called me and also apologized.. she said.. she just has ordered 3 cases of beer and they found out that they couldn’t drink it all .. and my husbands was the firsts one she thought of that liked to drink beer…. she didn’t think about the fact that they were all women… she was just thinking her little brother kind of thing... she didn’t know all this drama would happen... I said.. well next time … send me the text… then there wont be an issue….

In conclusion, as I look over the whole nights events…. Flowers is still under suspect… so..need to an eye kept on her, the Chinese dancing hoe, I mean woman… she was frighted my anger and size… so she will stay far away..(so will many other women.. once this gets around town….(being the only Black American in town does have its few advantages)..My husband… yeah.. he is still in training… and we are all known to slip up once or twice… Overall… I didn’t stab, punch, or snap anyone’s neck with a kung fu move.. so I did pretty well……

I do have one question though…. with my little outburst at the club.. not one security dude came to interrupt… since you know they were all up in my kool-aid the whole night….Hummm.. I guess they wanted to see if I would really go ghetto like they see in the movies…or maybe deciding how many of them I would take out before they stunned me… oh well….. I will have to save that for another time .. when someone catches me on a bad hair day or something…..

until next time…..


40 thoughts on “A Little Trouble in Paradise….

  1. Randy

    That husband in training thing saved his behind didn’t it. haha
    Women are apparently the same in any culture as well. There’s always that one that wishes she had what you have and try to move in on it. Trollops!
    Anyway, train him well.
    And hopefully you want have to pull your lasso or whip out on anyone. I don’t think your little province is equipped for Indiana Jo 🙂

  2. Haha! I am cracking up… And your student, Flower, is very suspect. But I did read, somewhere, that the Chinese do have casual affairs. But hell, that everywhere.

  3. Ami

    Wow! All I can say is wow 😦 You handled the situation like a pro. I was able to get a visual of the situation just by your description alone… so girl you had better get on with this book of yours, because I surely can’t wait to read it, but your blog is sufficient enough for now lol.

    Hubby has told me that when his cousin moved back to China from Russia so that he can set up things to bring his Russian wife back that during the year that he was back all sorts of women were trying to get at him, no matter that he had his wedding band on. He said that they were quite aggressive and don’t care if you’re married, that they want the challenge of trying anyway :((

    Watch flower and any woman chatting him up on his pager/phone claiming that it’s all about brother/sister or innocent fun, because you know that women can have slick ways about them to make things seem friendly and innocent when in fact there is an agenda!

    1. @Ami.. yeah these women are really bad… and your man is really hot.. so you need to make sure and keep him close.. when you get over here… or we will have to do a double beat down… over here in China

  4. Wow, that is one crazy night! I am so sorry that your husband put you through that experience — but I hope he learns from it. Unfortunately, far too many men in China live with the belief that they are free to do as they please, while their wives are not. It is certainly changing — fewer and fewer young men will not subscribe to this — but the culture still remains. Good for you that you stood up and said no!

  5. BlkQueenBee

    This is priceless, I love it. You write well, and provide vivid images through your words. Very entertaining to read, and thanks for sharing that.

    Post Script: You were more patient than I would have been, I think. Kudos on exercising so much restraint…

  6. Here is my question about situations like this in general. How long are you or any wife is going to have to teach a man to be a good husband and partner? One of the commentors mentioned leash and training. I have to say that you have a lot of patience to deal with the cultural issues. Good on you! But there is something about a man who needs to be trained to be a responsible man and he has to be monitored and told to think through things that turns me off.

    1. @Harleyq2… To answer your question… In my opinion… I feel it depends on the man; his age, experiences and personality. I say this because my husband is 27 years old, and from his background and customs, he is very inexperienced with women and for sure American women, so I can give him the benefit of the doubt that he probably doesnt know and is learning what it takes to be a really good husband and with his personality, I know he means well and he wants to try to make it work.

      However, I have been in relationships that the man really isnt trying to listen to what you are saying. No matter what you communicate to him.. he isnt wanting to make the changes to make the relationship work.. that guy you let go.

      If a man is mature and experienced and should know by this time in his life, how to treat a woman and you communicate your feelings to him and he still doesnt want to change or consider your thoughts… he is just an ass.. and let him go

      If a man is mature and not experienced.. he is like my husband, he might really not know..that doesnt make him a bad guy… just unknowledgable…he could end up being the best husband ever…. but after you have showed him your requirments for a good man..(because they vary from woman to woman.. so you need to tell them what you need).. and he isnt making an effort.. also.. let him go…

      so.. I feel it is the woman’s responsibility to communicate her wants and needs to the man… they are not too clever on picking up hints.. be direct… and if he understands your needs and makes an effort to meet them and make you happy .. give him some time… to accomplish these requests.. he is only human.. but .. If you do all of this .. and have giving him time.. and things are not changing… then it is time to re-evaluate the situation… and see how long you can tolerate it. Every woman has a different threshold… and mine personally is not very long… go with your heart.. if you cant deal with it anymore… set him free… and find one that can meet your needs… never settle… but you also have to listen to him.. he will give you signs and clues.. to how he feels about things… When I say listen .. I mean.. with your eyes, ears, and body…. you will know .. if the man really wants to make it work….

  7. Lorraine

    ROFLMBO! Jo, girl you handled the business, sistah style. The blatant disrespect by Flower should never be forgotten. Somehow I don’t think she will ever cross your (marital) path again. Here’s to a long and happy marriage!

    1. @Lorraine… Your right about Flowers…..my eye is on that woman…I know very few Chinese women my age have ..husbands that are young like mine… and I know how jealousy can be in China..(and everywhere) so… I will be watching… yes, yes I will….Thank you for reading…

  8. I agree with Christelyn in that people test their boundaries. People try to see how far someone will let them go. This concept covers issues from jobs to relationships. My personal opinion is men seem to want to test the relationship boundaries more than women (though women test them too). You reign in on the “leash” in an appropriate manner and the man comes to heel hopefully never to test it again. Excuse my metaphor.

    1. @forgetting4u… No, No.. that metaphor.. was perfect…I had a lot of visuals.. with that… (smile) and I am not going to lie.. i have tested my husband a few times…but.. we all have to remember .. no one likes .. “pop quizzes” all the time… so we have to be careful… we might end up having the student quit school… (….not bad .. huh? .. thought of that myself)

  9. pearls

    Saving Face. You know, this is sad to the nth degree…. to care more about what others think in their social cliques, than to guard and secure their marriage. I agree Mrs. Jo, what can be expected when people marry only for materialistic gains and not love. It equals a whole lot of unhappy people!

    A Man’s Frame. He’s doesn’t have enough of this, that or whatever…until a ‘real woman’ comes along and out of nurturing (of each other) the man becomes a fine, manly force to be reckoned. He’s not too small or unattractive now, huh? Especially when they see him enroute, wherever, still basking in his after-glow from being with his wife! Even though I have an indication of what they’re referring to…let me make it real plain. Even a novice can become a great chef when guided on how to utilize the tools (intimacy) he has to work with…a Big Ahem! Wenches always trying to make a withdrawal from an account they didn’t create!

    Oh Taste and See! Men know when they’re in the presence of and encounter a ‘good’ woman. Especially, a great black woman! So they should recall what they had before (meeting this great woman) and consider that if they blow it, and return to the land of singledom…they may get the same uncaring wench or worse….if they don’t cherish who they have! The grass may look greener on the other side…yet, its like glancing in a sideview mirror when driving…objects may appear closer than what they actually are! It aint what is seems to be!

    Testing. Ditto about men testing us…yet, my motto is nip it, nip it in the seed, not in the bud! There’s some situations that can’t even be allowed to take root, if at all possible!

    Playin’! If he’s going to do any playin’ it had better be with me! Why sniff at mystery meat when you can have the finest cut of tasty, tender filet mignon! Get your lust on at home! Peace!

  10. ZooPath

    There’s something going around lately. My hubby was acting a little silly yesterday and then I heard of someone’s else storming out of a hotel and not coming back for a day (both Chinese men). I don’t know the details of the latter situation but I blame the dude 🙂 Must be some kind of foolishness bug that causes perfectly wonderful husbands to go on the fritz.

    1. @zoopath….humm.. do you think we should blame the hole in the ozone layer? or just go ahead and give them shock therapy? .. ohhhh.. snap.. that is what I gave my husband… some shocked back to reality … theraphy…(smile)… LMAO.. I crack myself up.. sometimes….Thanks for the comment

  11. Christelyn

    Whew! Sounds like “Flower” needed to get stomped on, or get her roots pulled out! That is some drama right there. I had no idea Chinese people were closeted swingers.

    As one woman to another, I think that sometimes, ALL men test us…just to see what we’ll do. In some ways it’s like having children. They test the boundries so they know how far they can go. Sounds like you laid the bricks for that boundry pretty good.

    P.S. And yes, isn’t it interesting how women who may have previously clowned your boyfriend/husband later see how well you are treated and then they get some epiphany? Better learn some Kung Fu! 🙂

    1. @Christelyn… ohh.. don’t worry.. I got both my eyes on her… that was some shady shit.. right there… that Flowers did… but.. my talk with her.. about the American way… and in American do that kind of stuff ..(even on accident) would have warranted an ass beating…..

      The Chinese that i have met over here in this area…. the wealthier areas of China… mostly marry for convenience not for love… so if you are marrying a guy… for his car, house, or money… then of course there wont be any love there… so they keep a second wife….or (second husband if the woman is wealthy) .. i noticed if the women even find out about this .. they don’t do anything .. to save face… and look good in front of others… I really do not see the husband and wife together much… in entertainment… the man goes with his friends and the woman goes with hers…. Kind of strange if you ask me…. Well.. be that as it may.. my husband and I .. are doing this the “traditional” American way… you hear me…..and I ain’t playin’

  12. Tori

    One word: wow… I have to say, I’m a very calm, laid-back person, but you have more patience than me…I would’ve counted to 10 after her hands were around his neck and his around her waist. At that point I would’ve done the reverse karate chop and broke that up, stepped in front of her and bumped (ahem…it’s just dancing, right? haha) her out of the way, while giving him the ‘you’re going to get it when we get home’ look and told him it was time to go. Much respect to you for the way you handled that, especially how you calmy explained to him that if he wants to play then he can…as a single man…and the fake jump… haha, priceless. That woman probably almost had a heart attack. Father-in-law is cool, though. “I was just playin”…all I could say to that was ‘he did not go there!’ This really proves that men are men anywhere…I didn’t know that old line was in use in China! I hope this was the first and last time that you’ll need to explain that.

    1. @Tori…I try to protray the intelligent, professional black woman… aka Michelle Obama… most of the time.. but even Michelle with of .. pulled off the earrings and kicked of the shoes in this situation… I kept taking deep breaths… and looking around… I even remember seeing one guy look at me then look at my husband like… ooooooo there is going to be a battle royale.. tonight… smile)….. yeah… i almost hit the floor with that … just playin’ .. fake innocent look also…. They have a lot of lines that I havent heard in a long time…. I remember when I first came to China.. a chinese came up to me and said….”I ain’t seen you here before, shorty?” .. I just looked at him and laughed…. almost spitting my drink out… what movie did he get that from… Please help me over here… hehehehe

      1. Tori

        Oh my goodness!…a Chinese man actually came up to you and said “I ain’t seen you here before, shorty”?!?!? That is priceless!! Was is in an extremely thick Chinese accent (please say yes, because that’ll make the scene that I’m picturing in my head so much funnier [haha])? My mouth would’ve dropped

        1. @Tori… Yes.. he did… and Yes…he had a Chinese accent… and Yes.. I did laugh my ass off when he did it… sometimes the things that happen over here… you just cant make the stuff up.. and it be any funnier… Please crack me up.. all the time.. and they dont even know what they did.

  13. pearls

    Actually, you handled yourself very well! I would have conducted myself exactly the same way! Yet, I must add that I, personally, thought about Gua Sha markings and not from glass either!

    1. @pearl.. you know.. i always try to break that stereotype that we Black women cant handle a situation like mature adults.. we are not animals.we are beautiful, intelligent nubian goddesses… .. *but we can get mid-evil… on your ass if we have tooo… dont get it twisted…*.

  14. I sent you an email today as “Avid Reader” and finally decided to join wordpress so I can comment on blogs and express my thoughts on my own blog (thought currently private).

    From reading this entry I was following along like “oh man what is going to happen next.”

    I was happy to read the whole process of how you and your husband worked things out. Sadly, life observation doesn’t give me a lot of faith in others being able to successfully work through issues. Allowing yourself to be angry, not be a pushover but able to forgive is something i am learning is okay and possible. Okay I will stop rambling.

    1. @Forgetting4u aka Avid reader…. I did receive and answer your email and I hope the information I gave you helps. I also am so thrilled that you are now .. one of the Kool Kids.. ahuhh… thats right.. we cool….(smile)

      Now I dont want you to be shy.. spout out whatever nonsense or drop us some knowledge.. or just ask a questions… everyone is welcome… you know.. ahem.. if they are cool… like us that is……

      As for handling the situation, I learn thru all the crap i have went thru in my life… (and that would be another book in its self) that… Communication is the key to a happy marriage, family and relationship of any kind. Yeah.. at 29 and hold.. i have learned a lot..* (snickers to herself)* anyway… thank you for being an avid reader.. and welcome to the family…. (*singing.. to myself…”we are famillllyyy.. I got all my sistasss..with meeeee.. (and brothers)…hummm”*

  15. pearls

    Sweetie…first of all…it’s going to be alright! You know..you bring out the drama (verbal support) in me in a good way, just from reading your blog. My m.o. is usually as a quiet, laid-back, reserved woman! While reading this, I went from ohhh, he doesn’t want to go there…to laughing hysterically…to come on now, brother…to HELL NO…to uh ohhh…to WHAT the…to oh no she di-int…to handle your bizness Mrs. Jo….to that poor (poor as in excuse for/of), stupid woman….to its on NOW…to get her (clarify)…to laughing with tears again…to come on now, brother (needs clarity)…to thumbs up for father-in-law, on and on! Now, they really don’t want me to get my duckets together, come over there and we form an international tag team match! FIFA…I got your FIFA! So, you like dirty dancing? Okay…have we got something for you! Mrs. Jo, we will be duly noted as a brand new licensed football team! FAAWFYBA pronounced (făw-fī-bā)….the English translation is…the International Federation of African-American Women’s Foot in Your Behind Association! The acronym almost sounds like fiber, doesn’t it? Well, after their eyes think our foot is a windshield wiper, they’ll wish they had taken fiber instead! True dat (in street vernacular)! I hope this made you laugh! Peace….and much love!

    1. *…I went from ohhh, he doesn’t want to go there…to laughing hysterically…to come on now, brother…to HELL NO…to uh ohhh…to WHAT the…to oh no she di-int…to handle your bizness Mrs. Jo….to that poor (poor as in excuse for/of), stupid woman….to its on NOW…to get her (clarify)…to laughing with tears again…to come on now, brother (needs clarity)…to thumbs up for father-in-law, on and on! …*

      This had me on the floor…girl.. that was soo funny.. because it is true…. when I looked at that girl… really did say in my head…*”that heifer didnt just think she was going to…OH no she di-nt” * I kid you not.. that was what was going thru my mine.. that .. and *”I am going to act a fool up in here.. up in here”*

      You know me tooo.. well… but .. hey.. I held it together..* bless be buddha.. *i held it together… or you would had to take a collection plate around and get me out from under china’s prison…. soap-in-a-sock girl… soap-in-a-sock… need I say more???

  16. pearls

    Mrs. Jo! Even though I knew everything would be alright…I just couldn’t help it, but…I went from being seriously doubled over in tears… well..up until the dance floor bumpin’! I was like a soldier snappin’ to attention on that one. WHAT!! Play…Play….PLAY HELL and HELL NO! Children PLAY! Adults don’t PLAY, especially around with each other and in your presence, too! That pissed me off! Now, I don’t get in married folks bizness, but…Ditto to Flowers being suspect and an ongoing one, too! To me, her intent was plainly obvious! Bring her along (repeated 3x)!???? Excuse me…as an adult, Grown Woman…You bring children along…your wife accompanies You! Playin’ around is common, accepted, just keep it a secret and go on with your life! If it’s so acceptable why is it a secret?! Hell no! Be blatant with it so unsuspected, innocent people won’t get involved with their trifling behinds! And that goes for any nationality, race, creed, color, and culture! Ludicrous thinking! Thank you for making it REAL PLAIN and leaving no room for confusion or misunderstanding! Girl, you’re like a real sister to me and sisters have each others back, no matter the distance! Father-in-law gets very high marks from me! Now, I’m laughing again with tears…no not at you…but at the 5’2″ skankdalous, disrespectful, stupid acting woman who will forever have engrained in her mind what its like to have a Black American woman stand in front of her, dousing her droppin’ it like its hot narrow behind with an Arctic glare and fake-out lunge she will never forget! I don’t as a rule hope things on people, yet for her sake, I hope she has reoccurring dreams of this episode, forever! Like Nightmare at Club 88: The Awakening! You know stank women who wouldn’t even glance at some men, always take notice when those same men become happily married with wives who desire them! Nothing but a bunch of skunky wenches and hefas! And I won’t apologize for my views either!

    P.S. Strike what I said before about when I come there and how you’ll recognize me! I’m changing it to having a portable, folding bleacher stand under one arm and pop corn with an American flag on a stick in the other! On my head will be a hat with a scoreboard panel on top of it with 2 categories! It will read…Mrs. Jo…10…China…0! I hope this made you laugh! Love you girl! Peace and Be Blessed!

    1. @pearls…. first thank you so much for your support and words that are oooo so true… You know before I started dating my husband… the Chinese girls in the office told me .. he is too short, to small, didnt have enough money… etc… all kinds of mess up stuff….

      Then after they say him bringing lunch, picking me up after work, and helping me cook and take care of the house… all of a sudden… he was handsome and a good man… I may have been born at night.. but I wasnt born last night…. [?]… These women over here dont know that.. I know the games that people play.. and I am not standing for it… and now Mr. Gan also knows….

      You always have to watch your man.. no matter what color, race, nationality.. whatever… watch your man… girls….

      Now.. as for the little Skanky girl.. that was trying… i dont think she will come within ten feet of me or my man.. im sure of that….

      thanks for cheering me up… oh… and .. i have to agree… Props to my Dad-in-Law… didnt know he had it in him…… [?]

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