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For the 4th of July, all my foreign friends from other countries decided to celebrate the holiday with me.  Since, I am the only American around they wanted me to feel like I was at home.  So what is the best thing to do… Go somewhere to eat some western-ish food.  I say this because you never really get American food… just versions of it.  But the best version of it we can find is at one of the two 5-Star Hotels in town.   Yeah… there are only two .. but.. we are lucky some cities in China don’t even have 3-star hotels.

So we all decided to visit the Plaza Hotel, Tai Ping Yong.  They serve a nice buffet.  Your talking all American when you say the word buffet.   Anywho… I arrived first.. When I got there .. there were several bell boys on both sides of the door and there was a bright red carpet out… and they were all waiting for something.   I  figured it must be me… since .. It is MY countries national day.   So I slowly walked down the middle of the red carpet… and all the workers smiled and bowed at me… I felt it appropriate to give them my pageant wave… so I did… and smiled  big.. as I walked into the double doors that were being held open for me….. then a young man help me walk to the  plush lobby where I waited for my .. ahem... party of 4, and sipped on a pineapple juice w/ umbrella of course.  (it was really all I wanted to pay for) that place is expensive.

While I was sipping on the drink as slowly as possible… (didn’t want to have to buy another one of the damn things) .. I noticed.. a lot of people pulling up in black Mercedes… then walking out of the hotel to get into them.   Hummm… I guess the carpet wasn’t for me after all.   I watched them intently .. trying to see if I could see someone famous…. you never know when Jackie Chan or my sexy Jet Li will show up….. unfortunately.. it was some old dudes… probably government officials of some kind.  They get treated like kings over here.

After they all left… the bell boys quickly rolled up the carpet… they didn’t even wait until I was ready to go…. I waited for about 20 minutes.. when I saw my husband arriving, he had been out running completing his “Honey-Do-to-get-me-out-of -the-doghouse” list while I was working.

Not long after, the rest of the crew arrived.. ready and hungry…. we decided that we were paying enough so we would eat until we couldn’t move.

The had a lot of different dishes:

Vegetables: steamed broccoli, cabbage, salads of several kinds, bamboo made 3 different kinds of way, Rice, noodles, cauliflower, and some other green vegetable combinations.

Fruit: Everything imaginable, with a big chocolate fountain to dip them in.

Meats: 2 kinds of pork, 3 kinds of chicken, 2 kinds of steamed fish, tofu cooked many ways, sushi, raw salmon, and crab.  You could also have them cook mutton or beef steaks on the grill.

They had soups, ice cream, little cakes, cheese (slices in plastic, so kraft cheese slices),  cold cuts, smoked pork head cheese… (yeah.. wasn’t trying that). The rest of the food was wonderful… we all enjoyed ourselves.

There was a phillipina singer that was singing to us .. and announcing to the world that it was Independence day in America.   I did get a little annoyed with the little waitress, who kept flirting with my husband… and of course .. he was flirting back… to the point that he didn’t even remember what I wanted him to ask her to bring me.   He said… “what did you say again… I said.. if you hadn’t been flirting with that girl you would have heard what I said. ”  He smiled and everyone else started laughing.  Yeah, he got busted in front of everyone. ( will call him out in a minute)

In the end, it all paid off.. all his flirting because he got 150rmb deducted off our dinner bill.   Then turned to me with a smirk… and said “See” … I just rolled my eyes. We stayed at the hotel for about 3 hours, eating, talking, and listening to the singer.

When we left the restaurant, it was raining and my little bell boys .. did not race out to get us a cab in any way.  But my hubby did.. so it was all good.  Since, it was raining there were no shooting of fireworks… but that was okay.. because I hear enough of that everyday just on the street.

I felt a little homesick.. on my little holiday celebration but .. I got home and waved my little flag and sang my husband the national anthem… (which he didn’t really enjoy)…. so.. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday.   I actually did enjoy mine… even if it was Chinese style.

until next time…