My New Hobby

Since I have been in China.. I have struggled with not being able to get items that fit me, or things that I need from the states.  Although, I have many friends and family in America; very few take the time to send me things I might need or even send me an email for that matter.  (not bitter about this at all) … however, my struggling is all but over.

I have now found the magical website., this is  the biggest Internet online retail platform in China. Founded in 2003, it provides a variety of product offerings. You can just put in what you want, brand name or product name and … Volia! it appears.  I have been able to buy things from Lane Bryant, Levi, Nike, covergirl, to even Kellogg, Post and Fredricks of Hollywood…even Jello and Cheese.   I can get meds, and vitamins and even traditional Chinese items.  It is a wonderful thing to behold.

The guy that invented this website needs to have an award giving to him… well I guess.. the money he makes is enough.

It kind of works like Ebay.. however, there is no bidding.  The price is posted and you buy how many and/or what size you want.  You can even chat with the seller to work out some deal or ask questions.  Everything is paid in Chinese RMB, so it is very cheap and everything is also in Chinese… therefore, I need to use my friends to help me actually purchase but they are all willing to help me out.  I have studied the website enough to figure out what most of the Chinese writing means.  I have purchased several cute things for my husband and myself.

They even have the cutest shoes…

I am surprised by how fashionable somethings are…. however there are also things that are kind of crazy like:

Duck Head… popular food here…

Skin whitening tea…. also popular

I guess Viagra .. isn’t popular here….

Sometimes I just browse the sight to see what amazing stuff I can find.  I tell you … in China everyday is an experience.  Check out the website and see some of the crazy stuff on there… I am just happy to know that I can buy some American products that are not usually found around where I am.   The only problem is … I have been here so long I have forgotten what products I liked…

until next time….


20 thoughts on “ My New Hobby

  1. Randy

    First, I want to say I’m apologize.
    I wanted to be one of the ones to send you whatever you needed. I’ve still going through some financially difficult times, and have been dealing with a lot of failed plans, but such as life, right. Hopefully, things will be different for me soon. At least here’s hoping, because the job market in Misery is still dry as a desert. If I don’t get out of here soon I’ll kill myself.

    However, I’m glad that you found an alternative. Those shoe items are so cute! And look comfy. Chinese is no joke to learn. Its awesome that you are immersed in it!

  2. pearls

    I like! Actually, I spent more time looking at the small appliances for the kitchen than anything else. I get more excited over that kind of stuff than the electronics. Next, I looked at furnishings and apt/condo floor plans…nice! Moved on to view the food ala recipes section..though I couldn’t understand Chinese, I could follow the step by step photos. Only glanced at womens clothing…I’m petite, yet I dare say that one of their skirts wouldn’t get pass my knees! Forget about the pants…I inherited my mother’s beautiful shapely dancers legs, so that’s a definite no go! LOL!

    1. Past your knees.. honey… those skirts are suppose to stop just at your butt.. that is how they wear them here… and throw a pair of leggings under them if you are nervous… hehehe… but see.. now you know why I am alway looking on there…. they have great teas for you… and herbs…

      1. pearls

        Thank you…I’ll look for the teas! I know I saw correctly what you wrote…its just that my mind is having a hard time picturing the look of females walking around with skirts that hang below their buttocks with or without leggings! I’m speechless on that one! Peace!

  3. pearls

    I have a website to share with you. The name is It’s headquartered in Singapore and is one of the best websites for women that I’ve seen! They have the best licensed U.S. beauty care to personal care products, including some from other countries. There’s free membership (yes, I’m a cozycotter-cute name for all members) great sprees, discounts, incentives, terrific spa (girlfriends nite out) discounts and much, much more! Though I registered with them last year, to date I haven’t ordered anything from them. Check it out! I will also look at!

    1. Actually.. my husband thinks the duck heads are delicious… i just try not to look at him when he does eat them.It is good health benefit and will make you stronger…Chinese say it is also to pay honor to such times where maybe the most sick or elder man got to dine on the ducks brain because it was thought to hold some sort of magical cure or lead to a longer life. I think it is just .. nasty… and cant stand it looking at me….

        1. ohhh..yeah.. that is how they eat all the fish with the head still on… and the shrimp still has the legs and eyes looking at you… and some crazy looking seafood animal that looks like a really big centipede…. they eat that thing.. wiht all the legs and the head still on…

  4. pearls

    I really like the shoes! Before I denounce the duck head, is their a reason for eating it?

    I have a website to share with you. I intended on mentioning it to you, but got so caught up reading your blog that it always slipped my mind. It’s called! It’s one of the best websites for women that I’ve seen. They’re a very ladies and her girlfriends oriented website for discount spa treates, etc! Based in Singapore, the website is in English, and they carry the best U.S. licensed cosmetics to personal care products, including some from other countries! They offer free membership (yes, I’m a cozycotter-cute members name) and have great incentives/sprees along with some very nice discounts! I became a member last year, but to date, haven’t ordered anything for them. Check it out! I’ll also check out!

  5. pearls

    Both pairs of shoes are cute! I like duck, but before I pass on the head, why do they eat it? I know, like our grandparents who never wasted any part of an animal, many countries still do the same.

    Also, I have a website to recommend to you, too. I was going to mention it, but always got so caught up in your blog that the thought slipped my mind. It’s called, it’s in English, and they’re located in Singapore. I signed up with them some time last year, but to date haven’t ordered anything. It is one of the best websites for women that I’ve seen! It’s free membership based (yes, I’m a cozycotter-cute name for members) that’s loaded with incentives/sprees and carries the best licensed products (cosmetics to personal care) in the U.S. and some from other countries. They even have discounts on spa sessions for cozycot members and her friends! It’s a very friendly, girlfriend get together based website!

    Check it out! I’ll also check out!

  6. Trina

    This sounds like a really interesting site! The shoes are kind of cute, too; esp. the 2nd pair.

    I will pass on the duck head, though… 😉

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