Wild and Crazy China News

Since I have been so busy with summer classes and minor sicknesses.. I have read some strange stories in the News Paper.. so I thought I would share some of them with you guys.   I know we americans can be crazy but read these things… some had me rolling on the floor.

Market vendor’s real selling point: he’s single

A man visits a vegetable market every day not to purchase eggplants or apples. He’s there to sell something: himself.

Wang, who has worked in Tianjin municipality now for years, usually stands outside the market for at least an hour in the hopes of finding the ideal woman, who should be well educated and want a family.

He pretends to sell umbrellas and bamboo sheets to have a reason to hang out at the market with his personals ad.

Over the past few days, he’s been getting some attention from visitors to the market although no woman in his age group has handed him a phone number.

-The Daily Update

(Boy times are hard in China for men if they are selling themselves….LMAO)

Retiree, 93, has a soft spot for poor, disaster victims

A 93-year-old retired engineer has collectively donated about 200,000 yuan ($29,263) to poor and disaster stricken people.

Wu Daguan developed a habit of closely watching reports about disaster relief and the poor throughout the country and took notes about them.

He used the information to figure out how to donate part of his salary and monthly allowance to the needy since the 1950s.

Today, he still wears a blue coat, which he bought in the 1960s.

-Beijing Evening News

See there are some kind hearted people in China…

Man who bit off rival’s finger caught years later

A driver who bit off another man’s finger during dispute was captured years later and charged.

The man’s vehicle was in his way and they quarreled. They started to punch each other and one man bit off the other man’s finger and ran away.

The police caught him this year and charged him. After hearing the case last week, a court ruled that he must be punished for such brutality.

-Beijing Times

Now that is some major road rage right there.. watch out Mike Tyson… a new man in town…

Suspicious husband jailed for misusing police

A man who lied to police in an effort to catch his wife red-handed with her alleged secret lover was jailed for 10 days in Jilin, a city in Jilin province.

He called the police on June 16 saying he would lead them to a gambling den he discovered. Inside, there was no one.

He was reprimanded for filing a false report because he suspected his wife was having an affair with the owner of that house.

When he called police again in the wee hours of the following day, he was put behind bars for disturbing the public order.

He was also fined 500 yuan ($73) for making the false reports.

-China News Service

He should have called that show Cheaters… they would have got the heifer.

Excessive yawning leads to disjointed jaw for man

An 82-year-old man yawned so much one day that his chin’s joint fell out of place.

As a result, he cannot fully close his mouth or speak clearly in the past weeks. He dribbled until he was taken to the hospital in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, for treatment. A doctor returned his chin to the right place.

The doctor also told him that he shouldn’t open his mouth too wide when he yawns in order to avoid ripping his ligaments.

-Hebei Youth News

Come on now! you have got to be kidding me…

Woman interrupted opening ceremony

A woman who wanted to watch the August 8 opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics last year made 2,000 families angry after she interrupted the signal.

She cut a cable wire to steal the signal when she made the television screens in Yunxi county, Hubei province, fuzzy.

She was given a three-year sentence with a three-year reprieve.

The television signal was disrupted for four hours. The Yunxi County People’s Court said the woman committed the crime of destroying television and broadcasting facilities. The cables cost 8,000 yuan ($1,171) to replace.

-Wuhan Evening News

Dang! cant a woman watch the Olympics in peace…

Rapist attacks woman and leaves his QQ number

Two rapists were captured in Bengbu, Anhui province, after one of them left his QQ number for the victim.

The woman was with her boyfriend at a square when two men came up on a motorcycle. One forced the boyfriend to go away and then they sexually assaulted the girl.

Police initially did not have any clues but the woman later recalled that the rapist had given her a QQ number and asked her to contact him.

Police tried the number and discovered the rapist online. They pretended it was the girl and made a date.

The rapist was happy to hear from her and came. He was arrested by police.


Baaahhhhaaahhaa… unbelievable… dude thought he had a date…

Woman rescues university student hit by giant wave

A university student in Qingdao, Shandong province, was nearly killed by a giant wave but was saved by the quick action of a foreigner who knows CPR, witnesses said.

Guo was found about 10 meters from the shore, about 30 minutes after the wave struck him. His eyes were closed and white foam came out of his mouth.

Before medics arrived, the foreign woman tried hard to restore Guo’s breathing through CPR. What she did was quite professional, onlookers said.

Guo survived the ordeal and was saved by the woman’s actions.

-Peninsular News

One point for Foreigners saving lives.. whoohoo…

First-time heroin user goes on six-hour joy ride

A man in Yuyao, Zhejiang province, drove around the city for six hours after his friend convinced him to try heroin for the first time.

Zhang acted strange after he took some drugs.

He got into his car and drove nearly 400 km in the city. Fortunately, it was late at night and he did not hit anyone.

When he came to his senses, his wife took him to the police station to ask about anti-drugs assistance.

-Youth Times

Dont know where I am going.. but i will let you know when I get there… in about 6 hours….LMAO

Migrants return from Myanmar with opium

Four migrant workers from Yunnan province went to work in Myanmar but were arrested on Monday when they returned to China with opium.

The farmers from Yingjiang county in Yunnan province, said their boss didn’t have any money and paid them in opium.

“The boss owed us 15,000 yuan ($2,196) and we had to accept the opium as the boss said he had no money to pay us,” one of the migrant workers told police.

Police found 13.25 kg of opium on the four people and they were arrested.

-Life New Daily

Hey .. they aint working for free, times are hard… let them get paid…

Husband gets divorce papers after online trick

A man in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, tried to test his wife’s faithfulness and ended up with divorce papers.

The man surnamed Yuan, 27, of Meishan county, is a migrant worker in Chengdu. He found an ambiguous message on his wife’s mobile phone and when he asked his wife to explain, she didn’t respond.

Yuan went online and pretended to be interested in his wife and asked her to meet him in a supermarket.

To Yuan’s surprise, his wife agreed to meet the anonymous Internet friend. Before they met, he told her the truth.

Yuan’s wife responded by filing for divorce.

-Chengdu Commercial Daily

I don’t think she thought that was funny…. woman scorned..

Driver moves burning truck to save warehouse

A driver in Lanzhou, capital of Gansu province, drove away a truck to prevent it from burning down a warehouse.

A truck driver went to a warehouse and his vehicle touched a high-tension power line that sparked.

In order to keep the warehouse away from the fire, the driver risked his own life and drove the truck out of the yard.

The driver was not injured and the fire was put out by firefighters.

-Lanzhou Morning News

He was like ..Oh.. hell No.. I aint paying for that … let me move my truck…

81-year-old Academy professor and 58-year-old married woman online dating meet for three days

81-year-old professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts on the Internet and 58-year-old Wu Jieqin “Chuanmei Zi” know 10 days, then went to Chengdu, the two met for three days, decided to flash marriage. Yesterday, two of them married in Beijing in a Western-style wedding resort. Prof said, “I do not mind how people look, the independent view of the world are my principles.”

Recognizing the Internet 10 days, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Professor Wu Jieqin 81-year-old and 58-year-old Chengdu on limited resources claim love at first sight, to meet three days, he would promise her life. Yesterday, the  Western-style wedding held in Shunyi, a resort, many people have heard on the news, for the marriage in elderly ethnic flash. “I am 80 years old, 30-year-old sensitive, 20-year-old mentality.” Wujie Qin Xiao said.

“When I saw her picture, I felt that she was the person I’m looking for.” Wujie Qin said that since his 63 year old, former wife divorced, he has been alone in  life. In order to facilitate and  to contact his daughter in the United States, he acquired a computer and start learning to use it, did not think that this computer would give me a most beautiful fate.

Sociology of the CASS research fellowship, well-known sociologist Li Yinhe believes that the next few years, flash marriages may become one of the main ways for young people to love and marry. As the fast pace of modern society, people’s social circle is relatively narrow, so more people choose to exchanges through online dating, and marriage has become a flash marriage trend, but the school-age young men and women should treat it sensibly get married only after a period of study.

-Morning News reporters Zhou Ping and Wen Bingshe Beijing Morning News

Well… that is what I have for you today.. interesting stuff .. somethings that could only happen in China.. I hope you have enjoyed this little break.. I will be back to my old self in no time.. telling you more tells of my journey behind the wall.

until next time….


4 thoughts on “Wild and Crazy China News

  1. Tate

    Oh wow, people do the Weirdest things,lmao.
    Anyways, i’m a new reader to your site and I really enjoy reading it and I have been thinking about going to china to teach english but i am a bit scared….it is a big step. I was also wondering what do you actually do if you’re teaching english in china because I have heard some people say they assist the english teachers and others say they teach a with the help of a chinese teacher and others are own their own. I know it deffers from the schools and areas but I just wanted to know what your situation is like Jo. Also hope you get better soon…

    1. @Tate… first thank you so much for readying and welcome to the site… If you are really interested in teaching in china I can help you…. I am an agent… as for your questions.. it depends on trhe school is right.. if it is a private school.. like I teach at .. the pay is higher… and you teach by your self… if it is a public university.. maybe you will get an assistant that is Chinese… if you are a student or an intern..You would assist.

      Change is always scary.. but a good kind of scary… with a touch of excitement.. good thing about China.. is that if you dont like it you can go home…… that simple…. we have 6 month and 1 yr contracts…. if you have more questions or are seriously considering .. email me.. and i will give you the details…. yinglai69@gmail.com

  2. pearls

    I’m about 1/4 of the way of reading this post. I stopped momentarily but will resume after I say this…it’s time to visit #25 for a good health rejuvenating massage! Listen to your body sweetie…okay! Love you sistah!

    P.S. If you still can’t handle #25s foot massages…get a tennis ball, place it on the floor and in your bare feet (one foot at a time) press down slightly…rolling it around under your foot! This will help with circulation and with relaxing those overly taxed nerves!

    1. @Pearls.. where you been girl… dont worry i am already on it… it seems every one is suggesting me get gua sha..so i might take a jump… maybe.. still looks funky…. hehehe IM good .. dont worry….

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