Expats always have to say good bye…

The worse part about living abroad is that you always end up saying good-bye to the new friends you have met. Be it they go back home or they move to their next job.. or they are only traveling thru….

When you make the choice to live in another country.. in my case here in China.. there always comes a time when you need to say good-bye to your expat friends.

If you grow close to someone from another country.. they become like your family.  You are not exactly like them.. but.. you identify with them because they are also in a strange country.  You have a common ground to build a foundation on.

Living in a small city .. here in china.. there are very few expats so when one leaves it becomes a sad occasion.

I bring this up because my expat friend.. Ghetto Fabulous, African girl.. announce that she was leaving the city and moving to Shanghai.  Although this is only 2.5 hours away.. it is far when you live in a town with only 20 foreigners, and she was the only other Black woman in the town.

She was a person I could share hair secrets, and fashion tips, even make up skills.  She understood being pointed at because of skin color and the prejudices I faced everyday.. because she also faced them.. even more than me I think.

So, due to difficulties with her contract and visa at her school.. she has had to leave quickly and move to Shanghai.  Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world with the most people.  So you can see how it would not be an easy feat to visit her often.

Also, due to the fact that my work keeps me pretty busy.. I can’t often find time to visit her.  Therefore, I decided to dedicate this blog to her… not because she was my best friend or because we were inseparable  but.. because … she was a friend… in a different way.. than my American at home friends…When your away from home.. you bond with some people who are good and you remember forever….. I wish her the best.. and I hope she finds a man in Shanghai that treats her right…(smile)…

Things change quickly when you are an expat.. and you have to be ready to make friends with strangers at the drop of a hat… and then say good-bye to them shortly after…. sad feeling.. always saying good-bye…. but this is our way of life….

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Good luck Yvonne.. will miss ya girl…..

until next time….


6 thoughts on “Expats always have to say good bye…

  1. Good post! In June I said good bye to most of my friends who I used to study Chinese with. It will happen again in December and then again next year when everyone goes but I’m staying. That is one reason why I’m waiting to start my BA next year. Then I will have my classmates at least 3 years.

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