Okay … I honestly think that at birth the Chinese people are taught that the answer to any question regarding what they do or the excuse to anything that happens  is …..“You see.. China has 7000 years of history and tradition…..”

History, China

Now, I have been around many folks that are very proud of their country.  The Hispanic community loves their countries so much they carry the flags around on their bodies and in their cars.  Even though they have left the country to live in the states.. they are still … screaming .. “Viva la Mexico”, or what ever country they come from all over the place.   But I have never in all my … ahem… 29 years .. seen so many people who will blame everything single thing that people do, ….eat,…. say,…. drink,…. or  feel.. on their 7000 years of history.

It is irritating to say the least… Come on people!…. I know that China has a long fascinating history and that you have fought many civil wars and have had many beautiful creations like the great wall, the clay warriors, and the Imperial Palace. You even invented a couple of things.. compass, gunpower and paper….  However, .. You can not blame everything that happens on the damn history.

Whenever I mention the American view of something.. they always throw out that our history is only 200 years long.  As if we are only small children that do not know what we are doing or talking about…. I always reply with the fact that … we have invented almost everything in the world in those short 200 years…. so we are pretty clever children .. I would say.

I honestly do not understand why a country that has so much wonderful history and the ability to progress so much, still uses some very archaic ways to do things.

For example, they feel that washing clothes in a machine does not get the clothes clean. Only washing them by hand can truly give you clean clothes…(this from folks that take few baths because it is not good for your health) Now you tell me… how can my hands out clean a machine .. with a motor and an agitator?  Get real people… a machine is faster and stronger….than a man…. (as it was proved in the John Henry story that I heard when I was a kid) so thus cleans better… maybe they don’t know how to use the machine so they think this way.  Hmmmm….

Another example, would be the way they have air conditioners and heaters when it is cold or very hot here in the south… but do not turn them on, because it is not good for your health.   Their history tells them that in the winter they should open the windows to let air in all the time, and wear your coat on the inside of the house and to bed because it is cold.  Although, you have a heater don’t turn it on, or you will get sick.

Does this make any kind of sense?  Why the hell would you have a heater if you don’t turn it on.   Isnt freezing to death a kind of sickness? And you are wearing your coat to bed.. that should tell you something….  I think pneumonia is bad for my health.. however… what do I know I only have 200 years of history.

I find some traditions in China very helpful.. like walking in fresh air after dinner, drinking water as much as possible.  However, listen to me Chinese people… water is not the miracle drug for health.. if you have a very bad cold from sleeping with the window open in the wintertime… drinking hot water alone is not going to cure you.  You need some medicine.   I learned this from my 200 years of history, by the way.

Ahh China.. don’t know what to do about your people… so stubborn and set in their ways that it is amazing to me how they ever progressed this far …However… be very afraid China…. because I have learned your ancient Chinese secret ….I an American Black woman.. have found your secret out…. the answer and cure for all that is …. if your are hungry or thirsty… if your confused or lost… if you need to build anything or create anything… the secret item you need…. shhhhhhh….. GREEN TEA…. yep…

that is it… their secret weapon…. green tea.. is the answer to all that is bad and good in the world…. put it in food, hair products, skin products… building materials, make up, clothes, toilet cleaner…gunpowder…. everything…. it is green tea people…listen to me…. run tell your family and friends…. green tea is what they have been hiding all these 7000 years …. and now the secret is out…..I told it… wahhhhahhhaaahhh… wait… shhhh… don’t let them know I told you…you may not hear from me again….

until next time….