American/English Flag

I have met many foreigners in my time here in China and most of us have the unspoken common law that we are all foreigners and we should stick together in this wild, crazy country.  However, sometimes there are people who did not get the memo.

I have usually found that the people from England have a little snobbishness about them but are mostly kind in their own way.  I even have a really close friend that I have helped out a lot that is a very gentlemanly, Englishman…. but today…was the first and I am sure not the last time I will want to throw a foreigner into the river that runs thru the middle of my town.

As I was walking out of my apartment building, I noticed a little, round bald man in his mid to late 40s walking across the sidewalk in front of me.  When you are in China the people from other countries stand out , so I shouted hello…. hello?  .. Helloooo!… Then I shouted… HEY.. then he stopped and said to me… “You are rude.. we don’t shout.. hey.. where I come from in England.”  I said… well I am from America and when we say hello 3 times to someone and they continue to ignore you .. we shout whatever the hell we want.   (  was a little aggravated with the dude)

I then proceeded to ask him if he was a new teacher at the school we should not name… He said very firmly…” I am the New Director of Studies” …in a belittling way… I said.. “ohhhh.. I am the Director of Foreigner teachers at TEFL.  Nice to meet you “… he stuck out his little fat, greasy hand to shake mine.. I knew then I was not going to like this guy… he was too sweaty and rude… Then he said to me.. you should know better than to shout “Hey” at an Englishman… I said you should know better than to ignore someone when they say hello to you, expecially when you know they speak English.    He said I have been in China for 6 years and I do not answer to hey…. I said.. So…I have been in Yuyao for 2 years .. and you stopped and answered when I said it… so you do answer to hey…Then I smiled at him.. sweetly.

He then huffed at me… yeah.. literally huffed at me.. and turned and started to walk away… I shouted at him… .”Heyyyyyy… Welcome to Yuyao…” (I crack myself up, sometimes) …. he just threw his hand up and waved me away like I was a fly buzzing around his head… He don’t know me.. !… with that kind of attitude you can find yourself.. sitting in a corner sucking your thumb..if you keep messing with me.

What an asshole.. but the last laugh is on him….. BECAUSE…. from my experiences with foreigners  living in this town… after about 2 to 3 months… the foreigners here become stir crazy…. and start looking for others to bond with…. or to introduce them to places to see and go for entertainment.   He will be looking for me.. in a few months.   However, he will be greatly disappointed to know .. that I am a kind and helpful person. .but first impressions mean a lot to me.

I am the kind of person.. that I can judge a person in about 10 minutes on whether or not I want to know them or be around them.   I am also pretty good at not being around them if I don’t like them.

I remember my grandmother saying to me “I am too old to waste time trying to convince people of  how good of a person I am”  at the time I couldn’t understand what she was trying to say.  I was young and all my energy was placed on making friends and getting people to like me and notice me.   I have grown up now… (for the most part) and I have realized that she was correct.

It is exhausting to try to convince and persuade people to see how good you are or how much you want to help them.   I am so tired of this…. I think I have finally come to the point in my life that I don’t care.   I know who I am .. and what I can do.. and if others are not perceptive enough to figure it out… their loss.

Oh.. Mr. Englishman…. whatever your name is.. (he didn’t give it to me.. I find that rude) … you are in for a big surprise…. but I realize.. he is going to be working for the “We don’t like Blacks” school… I’m thinking he is going to fit right in with them..just like a glove.

until next time….