Classified Ads in China…

So I was looking thru the classifies and I saw some real advertisements that made me laugh.   These are actual advertisements so if you are interested in applying for any of these jobs just follow the contact information.

Some of them might work for one of you…. enjoy!

* Foreign Performers, piano, violin, dance
(posted in Jobs > Jobs Available)
* Company: Haidavai Media
* Employment type: Internship
* Industry: PR/Media/Advertising
Hello everybody, on 24 September evening in Beijing we need some foreign performers, who can play:
piano (1 person);
violin (one person) ;
Dance Michael Jackson Imitation, in special the song “Dangerouse”; (one person)- (
Latin Dance (one person)
Please send your cover letter, resume and salary requirements to

“Any Michael Jackson’s out there.. you can be a star…..well.. In China…that is if you can play the violin.  When did Michael play the violin anyway?”

* Need You To Be Actor/Model for Our Studio
(posted in Jobs > Jobs Available)
* Company: bestlinc talent agency
* Employment type: Regular
* Salary: RMB 5,000 per month
* Industry: PR/Media/Advertising
Our studio is keep looking for kids/adults for commercials/photo shooting.
Any people is welcome to give a try.
Pay well if you are selected.

for more info:
or mp: 15000 308 368

“Ahh.. just come give a try… what the heck… you just might get it….

* Girls needed urgently for European brand Kids wear photo shoot!!
(posted in Jobs > Jobs Available)
* Company: United styles
* Employment type: Regular
* Industry: International Trade
European kids wear fashion company is urgently seeking girls with different size and race for our new collection photoshoot beginning of Oct.
Size requirement:

98 (2-3 year old)
chest- 55cm
seat (hip)-57cm

122 (4-5year old)
chest- 61cm
seat (hip)-66cm

140 (9-10 year old)
chest- 70cm
seat (hip)-75cm

We need 1 chinese looking girl, 1 mixed black&white looking girl , 2 white girls.

Photoshot will be beginning of october, during national holiday.
Place: Puxi, changning district ,10 minutes from  Yanlord compound.
thank for applying. pls call: 13651672801

“Now they say different sizes and race.. but then they put specifically what size, and what race they want… what no Black girls?”

* Basketball Coach
(posted in Jobs > Jobs Available)
* Company: Shanghai Instructional Basketball
* Employment type: Regular
* Industry: Education
Shanghai Instructional Basketball is seeking Basketball Coaches for our weekend and after-school training program and summer camp.

Shanghai Instructional Basketball helps young basketball players improve their skills through intensive training sessions in a positive learning environment. We are Shanghai’s quality and complete basketball training program designed to help boys and girls develop and improve their basketball fundamentals and skills. Lessons are instructed in English and Mandarin.

“This part I get because their basketball sucks over here… I would say they need a pretty good player to teach these kids. But look at the qualifications.”

The successful candidate will help to develop Shanghai Instructional Basketball as the leading basketball training program for local and expatriate youth in Shanghai and China. A desire to actively promote the sport of basketball is beneficial.

Minimum Requirements:
•   Bachelor’s Degree in physical education or sports related field.
•       Ability to develop age and skill appropriate basketball lessons.
•       Demonstrated advanced knowledge of basketball fundamentals and coaching strategies.
•       3+ combined years of basketball coaching experience with a competitive team or in a camp setting.
•       Formal teaching experience.
•       3+ years of high school playing experience.
•       Ability to instruct and coach a group of 10-20 young athletes with varying skill sets.
•       Demonstrated ability to manage and supervise other coaches.
•       Available to instruct in the evenings and on the weekends.
•       Native English speaker.
•       Ability to speak and understand basic Mandarin.

Desired Qualifications and Abilities:
•       Master’s Degree in physical education or sports related field.
•       5+ years of basketball coaching experience with a competitive team.
•       5+ years teaching experience.
•       3+ years collegiate playing experience.
•       Fluent in Mandarin.

Please send your resume (CV), cover letter and references to Merry Wang at To learn more about our program visit

I really think they want Yao Ming to come back home… and teach these kids and check out her name.”

There are so many more crazy advertisements that I see .. but I just saw these this morning and had to tell someone….

until next time….


7 thoughts on “Classified Ads in China…

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  2. pearls

    Personally, I’d like to see someone playing the violin while the MJ impersonator dances, along with ‘1’ Latin dancer to Dangerous, surrounded by a group of Chinese dancers…that would be really something to see! LOL!

    About European brand kids wear photo shoot. I agree with you…and might I add…why mixed?!!! That goes to show you that they really don’t know ‘nothing’ about our people! We come in many skin tone shades, hair texture types, hair colors from birth (not dyed)…blonde…red…black (all in my immediate family, might I add)! Different eye pupil colors/eye shapes (yes…I’m talking about Asian eyelids, too-seen it myself), and all derived from 2 black parents and 2 black grandparents in most cases! My point is that those genes, do have a tendency to go wayyyyyyy back to bring up and show off who was intermingling with us! So, why not just say black and see who shows up! hehehe

    Basketball coach. Amazingly funny! It definitely won’t be a Michael Jordan, Scotty Pipin, or Larry Bird for sure!

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