Teacher’s Day in China

Since my last blog was kind of somber... I thought I would lighten things up a bit.. China isn’t all bad you know.. beneath the stares, pointing, laughing, corrupt, fake  people.. there are really good people.  These people are kind and caring.

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Today is Teacher’s Day.. although not celebrated much in the states, it is celebrated with enthusiasm here in China.  This is the day where all the teachers get gifts of appreciation for all their hard work.  I, being a teacher, find this day interesting.   The whole school is in a festive mood, and smiles are a little wider, the eyes are a little brighter and the world seems just a little more worth living.

Besides a large about of emails, chat messages and text messages.. giving me holiday wishes of how great I am… we get flowers, chocolates, and even bananas… yeah.. I thought it was an apple for the teacher, too… but I guess I was wrong all these years … because I got bananas...(humm maybe they just think I am crazy…) … anyway… we got to take photos and hug and tease our students and really have a joyous time thru out the day.

These kind of days make you remember why you became a teacher.  It reaffirms your abilities and motivates you to push even harder to spill knowledge all over these students.  (not the hot oil that I was beginning to think about throwing at them)

This teacher day was different from last year because most of my students have left and went abroad or to University… but the fact that they sent me emails or a text messages.. lets me know that they havent forgotten me. Even assures me that they actually listened to what I said to them.

Ahhhh.. the teacher evening was also a treat… all the foreign teachers in our town… (about 10 of us) .. came together at the bar to get a drink and celebrate our special day.  I even saw Mr. Snobby- Snobberstein… (he has realized that I am pretty well-known around town and stayed in the corner licking his wounds).. since all the other teachers were surrounding my table.

We laughed and joked about the students and the crazy things they say…. and strange questions they ask.  Just relaxing and having a good time… eating my bananas…..at the club.

I think this holiday should be celebrated more in the states… I think the teachers would feel a little more energized and motivated to teach, just a thought…

until next time…..

10 thoughts on “Teacher’s Day in China

  1. pearls

    America has a National Teacher’s Day (which was May 4, 2010) that’s held every Tuesday during Teacher Appreciation Week each year. Teachers are recognized by the government here as well, both locally in their cities and nationally by the President!

        1. interesting … I never did…. Oh.. i did leave out the part.. that in the public schools.. the parents give teachers a large amount of money… so they would give their students extra attention. And sometimes. .the teachers remind the children that there parents need to give a.. “gift” to them…. there is always bribing in china.

      1. pearls

        I recall giving my teachers ‘appreciation’ gifts, and I attended a public elementary and public high school. I even recall my teachers getting quaint, small gifts throughout the year from other students in my class which included fruit…like the infamous apples and pomegranates!

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