Not Everyone Can Handle China…

I noticed recently that I really must be a special kind of person.  I don’t say this to brag or anything I say this because even though I have had a lot of difficulties and adjustments living here in the middle kingdom.. I have managed to adjust.   Other foreigners are not so lucky.

Case in point is one of my new teachers from America.. He is having a very difficult time adjusting to China.   He has learned in his short 6 weeks here that things are very, very different from home and it isn’t setting well with him.   It might be the fact that he is more than 6ft. tall, blonde curly hair, blue eyes, and the size of a football player… but he is not feeling the stares and the pointing.

He is daring and tries the different kinds of foods and the other chinese teachers enjoy his humor and company.. but he is just not liking China.

Yes he thinks it is beautiful in its own way, and as a photographer sees the beauty…. but he just cannot get into the customs or the thought process of the Chinese people.

He is not the first that I have encountered that can’t hang with China.. and I am sure he will not be the last… but it is kind of scary how different people react to Chinese Culture.

I guess it would be safe to say.. that concerning China.. either you love it .. or you hate it…. there is not middle ground in the middle kingdom.


Spiders: A Day In Tolerance


So if you are considering moving to China or visiting China… you really need to do your research.   You need to make sure you can handle all the differences in culture and the inconvenience of everything.  Even something as simple as buying a bus ticket could become a headache here.

I have to say tolerance is the key to survival over here.  You will find that it is much easier to say than do, but if you can stick it out the experience is something you will never forget and you will become a stronger person….

until next time…..


8 thoughts on “Not Everyone Can Handle China…

  1. yuri

    if he thinks china is tough, wait, till he experiences India, the land of diversity. India is 10 times China(in terms of the “in your face” experience).lol..I’ve been to China(Shanghai, Xining, and Shenzen) and compared to India, China is a breeze. Westerners tend to say the same thing about India(you either love it or hate, no in-betweens). But the excitement and lively factor keeps me coming back to Asia. If you’ve lived in Asia for a long time, and suddenly return to the West, most returnees tend to miss the community spirit and the “there’s always something happening” part about life in developing nations. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t socialize and always comparing your new country to your native country(then you are in big trouble cuz u’re gonna hate it a zillion times more).
    you’ll obviously be more than happy to be back home(wherever it is that you call home).

  2. Jing Hu

    How about “democrasy” ? Did you miss the freedom of speech? The freedom of Press that China does not allow but the U.S. does. Don’t get me wrong as a Chinese I love my country but the goverment has corrupted us too much. I really hope you can come back to America. 🙂

    1. As for freedom of speech… i pretty much say what I want… and so far i havent wanted to say anything that would get me into trouble… hehehe… but i do miss many things in America .. dont get me wrong… My country is still the best…. it is like everyone here is a little “brained washed” they dont know. … that they are having their freedoms taken away…. it is kind of strange…I will come back to America for sure.. but for now… with my professional goals… i will stay here to complete them.

  3. I like your post on this. One thing to remind “newbies” to China is that, while the adjustment is more difficult for some than others, usually it’s just a matter of time. It can take as long as 6 months to shift into the way of China. It is only harder if a person refuses to acknowledge the emotional struggle they may be having. Having expats who had been here longer reassure me that I was normal and it was ok to dislike some things really made life much easier for me in the longer run. I learned to just take a deep breath and shrug my shoulders. Some people naturally swim, others have to learn.

  4. pearls

    I most definitely agree with you…it takes a very special person to endure the constant pointing, giggling, stares, and their approach to business, etc….contrary to what you’re accustomed to doing! When it’s your calling, though the situations are challenging, it seems that you can make the needed adjustments after facing it!

    Won’t say that calling is mine….nope! Those who stick it out and even continue to live there are all genuine troupers! ~smile

  5. Ami

    I know that what also is helpful is your peaceful Buddhist nature. I have to do plenty of meditation and mental preparation to get ready to deal and face what I will lol.

  6. I think so too that tolerance and patience are the keys to survive in China. Sure many times I lost my temper, but I still try to understand and think why the things are like they are.

    For example today I was shopping with new exchange students. They wanted one pair of shoes but the shop didn’t have the right size so they called someone to bring them. Shopkeeper said that it will take only 20 minutes. After 30 minutes they said the shoes will come soon (mashang you know). And after some more waiting they said maybe it’s gonna be late. My friends didn’t really like it and they took their money back.

    But here is someone says it soon, it can be anything from 5 minutes to 5 hours. Or sometimes days or weeks.

    1. Exactly… they have no since of urgency.. here… from food, to shopping, to working… they wait until the last minute to do things.. and they just do things in a different way… this can get to you.. if you dont try to adapt and learn to be patience with them. A lot of things they dont know… and it can be hard.

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