Visit From My American Friends

Today was a good day for me…I try to have a good day every day.. but today was exceptionally good.  I got visitors from the states.  Not just any visitors.. but some very close friends that I have known for a while that encouraged me to come to China in the first place.

Husband and wife team.. they are .. aged to perfection and still have the hop in their step, wiggle in their walk.  They will always ask me where the best place to salsa dance would be. They always made me laugh at all the Asian American functions I use to attend and always supported me .. when I co-owned a Salsa bar (another story I will share someday) , volunteered for different activities for the Asian Community and supported different causes to help students.   I feel they played a very pivotal role in my decision to come here.  They were an example of a Chinese-American marriage that started long ago.  They were pioneers themselves back in the day.

To my great surprised they came to visit me today.   Oh, they did not just come to see me but in their travels to visit friends and family they included me on that list.   I was over joyed to see them… more so than I thought I would.

Maybe it was because I hadn’t seen them in a few years or it was the thought that someone who knew who I was before I was in China was here.. but I had a feeling of pure joy when I saw them.

They too were excited to see me… well.. that was when I finally found them at the train station. ..( They actually came in on a bus and ended up at the train station… yeah… I don’t know…) Anyway… The female half of this couple is Chinese, however, she has lived in America for so long she seems more American than anything and the male half is from Wisconsin, born and bred.  They are the cutest, little odd couple you could ever see.  She is a ball of energy and he is the rock that keeps her on the ground.

We only had a short time, so I was blessed to have a very good friend and former student of mine .. volunteer to go with me to pick them up at the station and then give us a ride to the coffee shop.  She was not feeling well.. but she did not want to let me down.  She took us around the school, I currently worked at, so they could see and then drove us to the coffee shop and deposited us.

Here we order some food, took some photos.. and had a long talk.  They told me how proud they were of me and how they knew I was something special when they first met me.  They told me that Michael and I were a rare and special couple and that they had a lot of respect for us deciding to live life here in China.   They told me they knew how prejudice the Chinese were… having lived thru it themselves.  They told me that we were an inspiration to others and that they would support us in all our endeavors.

They wanted to hear everything… how michael and I met, how was living in China, How was the food…. they told me of others who were here that I should contact, and other information to help me out.

They said I was brave and to stay strong.   I was breaking new ground.. but I would be worth it.  The hugs and kisses and love they gave me on this visit gave me a new outlook.

After being here for almost 3 years now.. my confidence was beginning to fade and my drive was slowing down.   The people and the culture wears on you after a while.  With no one to give you positive feedback…(except you wonderful online contacts) … it gets difficult.

But today… she not only asked to link my book site to their Association site, they wanted me to speak about my time here , and my book.   I feel honored and blessed to have had them come to see me.

They also agreed to help me with my future goals in any way they can.  Truly wonderful, and motivational people.

After lunch, we went back to the station so they could head to their next destination…it seems like it was just a dream them coming to visit and having to leave so quickly.  Michael was not available this time to meet with them due to his job.  But.. they promised to come back and stay longer the next time.

Write now… as I think and write this blog… I smile to myself.. because.. this energetic mature couple .. just reminded me that in America I was someone pretty important, special and I achieved many things when I was there.  They reminded me that I worked very hard to be successful there.. and I have continued to do that here….

As they told me.. with big smiles on their faces…. I came, I saw.. and I am taking names….Sometimes it takes a small visit from the past.. to put you back on track for the future.

Thank you so much guys…. because I know you are reading this.  Much love .. and keep Salsa dancing.

To check out their website visit

until next time….


4 thoughts on “Visit From My American Friends

  1. pearls

    I’m so glad you had a visit from the very people that encouraged you to take that step to go to China! I know you needed to see those familiar, cheery faces!

  2. Ami

    Well you already know how wonderful and blessed you are. You have a lot in you that most people don’t and you get what you want out of life. There is much to be admired about you and
    You embody “when there is a will there is a way” It’s no surprise that people love you 🙂

    1. Nothing is set in stone…. right now.. if we moved back to the states.. we would both be unemployed… and i really do not think it is time for my kids to take care of me.. when they are just starting their lives. I can be successful here… and make money here.. and until i can find a way .. that will make money so I can live comfortably in the states…(not on unemployment, welfare or foodstamps) … I am going to stay here … I dont want to be old here… so I have little time .. that is why I push myself so much… I am not a spring chicken you know… I am a cornish hen… hehehe

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