Great Wall of China may 2007.
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I wanted to write this post to clarify some things about my blog.  First, I did not start this blog so I can be the History Channel for China.  I am not over here traveling around the country visiting the Great Wall in Beijing, the Clay Soldiers in Xian or the Gardens of Suzhou.   I am here living my life, just like everyone else lives their life.

I started this blog.. because several people asked me what was it like to be married to a Chinese man and what experiences do you go thru as a couple living in China.   I have written several blogs giving details of what my life is like here in China.  I have written of experiences and feelings that I have had here being married to some of a different culture.

I am not a tourist and I am not out walking around taking photos of everything I see.  As most people who live their life, I work and I am trying to advance my career and have a successful marriage.

I feel people are confused about why I write and who this blog is directed to.  So I wanted to make this clarification.

The things I right about in my blog are things that happen to me… some times funny, sometimes serious, and sometimes drama.. because .. HELLO??!!  that is life.  I choose to write about my life, because .. well I helps me deal with things over here, which do get pretty bad at times.

I am sure other people are more perfect than I .. and can handle situations much better than I .. and that is wonderful… in that case write your own blog.  But this blog is mine.. and I am free to write about what I want, when I want… how I want.    I do not force anyone to read it… it is a choice.

I feel it is for entertainment purposes… I do not advice anyone to do anything like I do .. nor do I try to get anyone to see my point of view.   I do not feel I am an example for anyone…. I am just me.. living my life.

So.. for those of you that have issues with my subject matter… or trouble with not having enough Historical Information… I suggest you visit some of the sites listed on the side.   They can give you your travel lesson on Chinese culture and history.

For those of you that are avid readers and understand my blog.. Thank you so much for reading .. and I hope you read my book when it is available.

That’s my gift. I let that negativity roll off me like water off a duck’s back. If it’s not positive, I didn’t hear it. If you can overcome that, fights are easy. ~George Forman

until next time…



16 thoughts on “Clarification…

  1. Ami

    Keep on Keepin’ on Jo! I’m so behind with the blog as of late (you know why) but am trying to catch up a bit now and I love your candor and self expression. I’m glad that you won’t let anyone change that! Like my mother says “the devil is always hard at work!” Although I’m not Christian, I interpret devil as negative energy and to combat it, keep positive energy around and about and pray for those who take pleasure in trying to discourage you or tear you down! It’s their problem, not your own…

    Much love (((super hugs)))

    1. Thank you all .. for letting me know that … I have quite of a few people that enjoy what I write.. I will not stop writing because I like too .. and because.. I know some people out there appreciate it. My life is probably more colorful than most.. because I go out there and get involved in several things… and I have no problem sharing my experiences. Thanks for the support….

  2. pearls

    Mrs. LBtW, don’t change for people, but continue to grow! Your blog is among the few that I’ve come across that actually educates me, too, about the people with in their country and culture! Very few do that. Most just skim the surface with a massive collection of photos and brief encounters that doesn’t give one a feel of what to expect if one decides to work and live there for a lengthy period of time!

  3. Dottie

    I’ve been reading and telling a few of my friends and family about your awesome blog. It’s funny, sad, and infuriating at times…it is life after all, isn’t it?

    Sometimes, you just can’t please everybody…just got to keep it moving!

  4. Jules

    Getting my own history lesson right now on China watching a classing Kungfu movie: The Five deadly Venoms. Hope I am not the only lover of classic Kungfu movies around these parts.

    Girl, ppl will talk if you do good or bad in this world. You just gotta keep on living and do you. Never forget, ‘ empty barrels make the most noise’.

  5. pearls

    As one of the noted avid readers of your blog, I truly enjoy its content and understand your right to post whatever experiences you want to share with us the viewers. I want to ‘Thank You’ for doing so and am here to encourage you during your plight!

  6. Observant Negress

    Well, let’s not bring moms into it shall we? What I can say is that I speak truth and ask questions, which, as things go, are among the good lessons that moms teach. I can’t apologize if that makes me “negative” – I’m really asking such things and making such notes in an effort to understand some of the points of your posts.

    At the end of the day, really, it “doesn’t really matter” what I say, and like I said earlier – now, “we know!”

    So do what you are going to do – write this blog – and i’ll do what i do – in this case – respond (or not). That’s why you put the blog up, right – not only “so people can see” but so (implied), “people can respond.”

    All I am is


  7. Thanks for the clarification although I personally knew it wasn’t for me. I stumbled onto your site in looking for the yangmei fruit and laughed till I cried when I read YOUR story. I really like your blog. You give me inspiration in your writing to find my own light and in turn I help others light their light. Nothing gets diminished. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  8. Observant Negress

    History Channel? We wanna know what’s goin on now lol. You totally missed the point of what Duke and I were meaning about “showing” life. If you take a photo or two of a Chinese grocery store, it isn’t “being a tourist,” as much as showing folks “on the other side of the Wall” the things that are similar to what they do in their own lives, but also showing how it is “different” in your neck of the woods.

    I think that Duke also mentioned that you are “free,” so that was never under question here. Keep in mind that when you blog publicly, you may not always have readers who agree with everything you say, or they may even question what you are saying. I don’t think it’s negativity these things happen, and of course, you are always just as free to not respond.

    That being said, I appreciate this post. Now, “we know!”

    By the way, nice plug at the end.

    Be Observant (and Clear).

    1. @observant… I wanted to say something personally to you… although you have posted something negative toward my blog everytime you have written.. I have always posted your comments… because I stand by my post every opinion statement. However, out of all the readers that I have ecountered on my website.. you are the most vocal about how you do not like what I write or you accuse me of being unqualified to express or support what ever cause. I honestly want to know… why are you so against everything I say or negative about what I write? Didnt your mother ever tell you .. if you cant say something nice.. dont say anything at all?

    2. Avastacia

      you may not agree w/ what a person writes on their blog, but you cannot use that as an excuse to be an ass. if you don’t like the blog, then simply don’t read it; constantly leaving negative comments isn’t going to changer HER way of doing things. you are hiding behind the veil of anonymity… because we both know you wouldn’t say something like that to her face (or anyone else for that matter). i come across trolls like you on youtube and facebook… and let me tell you, its NOT cute.

  9. Nikki @ Euphoria Luv

    Ha ha. People actually gave you a hard time about being culturally and historically correct? Girl just ignore them and keep writing about your life

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