Great Wall of China may 2007.
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I wanted to write this post to clarify some things about my blog.  First, I did not start this blog so I can be the History Channel for China.  I am not over here traveling around the country visiting the Great Wall in Beijing, the Clay Soldiers in Xian or the Gardens of Suzhou.   I am here living my life, just like everyone else lives their life.

I started this blog.. because several people asked me what was it like to be married to a Chinese man and what experiences do you go thru as a couple living in China.   I have written several blogs giving details of what my life is like here in China.  I have written of experiences and feelings that I have had here being married to some of a different culture.

I am not a tourist and I am not out walking around taking photos of everything I see.  As most people who live their life, I work and I am trying to advance my career and have a successful marriage.

I feel people are confused about why I write and who this blog is directed to.  So I wanted to make this clarification.

The things I right about in my blog are things that happen to me… some times funny, sometimes serious, and sometimes drama.. because .. HELLO??!!  that is life.  I choose to write about my life, because .. well I helps me deal with things over here, which do get pretty bad at times.

I am sure other people are more perfect than I .. and can handle situations much better than I .. and that is wonderful… in that case write your own blog.  But this blog is mine.. and I am free to write about what I want, when I want… how I want.    I do not force anyone to read it… it is a choice.

I feel it is for entertainment purposes… I do not advice anyone to do anything like I do .. nor do I try to get anyone to see my point of view.   I do not feel I am an example for anyone…. I am just me.. living my life.

So.. for those of you that have issues with my subject matter… or trouble with not having enough Historical Information… I suggest you visit some of the sites listed on the side.   They can give you your travel lesson on Chinese culture and history.

For those of you that are avid readers and understand my blog.. Thank you so much for reading .. and I hope you read my book when it is available.

That’s my gift. I let that negativity roll off me like water off a duck’s back. If it’s not positive, I didn’t hear it. If you can overcome that, fights are easy. ~George Forman

until next time…