A Turkey.
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One thing that happens when you live in China for a decent length of time is that you begin to stop celebrating the American Holidays.  Not because you want to stop but you begin to just forget.

Thanksgiving will be here soon and although you guys in America have all the commercials and the decorations everywhere reminding you that Thanksgiving is near, in China there is nothing.   No inkling that there is a big eating festival about to begin on the other side of the world.

Now, I would have completely forgotten about Thanksgiving this year if it had not been for my fellow co-workers and foreign teachers… One just happens to be from Boston… and the other England…. so the fellow American asked me .. “what are we all doing for Thanksgiving?”

I was kind of surprised at the question because the holiday had not even crossed my mind… He started listing all the traditional Thanksgiving fare his mother cooks every year and asked me if we could find any of it in China.   The answer was .. No…

In China .. there is no Turkey, (and if you by chance find one…there is no oven to be found so cooking it would be an issue). I am sure if I tried hard enough I could create a version of stuffing from scratch, sweet potatoes, green beans..(not the casserole.. we don’t have those crispy onion things), corn and basically any of your vegetables … but the taste wouldn’t be what you think and for sure the way to cook it would not be even close.

I guess having Thanksgiving in China would really be like the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.  I feel a need to attempt to create some sort of dinner for my co-workers since they are all feeling so homesick and missing their families on this holiday.

I also miss my family at this time.. my kids … fighting over what kind of pie they want.. My brother hogging all the Turkey then falling asleep… My aunt and uncle bringing over the butter crumb cake that we all love and I tried to take the biggest piece.  Even my cousins and all the stupid family board games we always play.

I do miss .. Thanksgiving  and the family traditions… However, somethings have to change… and I am here in a country where… Thanksgiving is just another day of work… as with Christmas, Halloween, and the 4th of July.

I guess.. I need to start my own traditions for these holidays… so I do not forget them.

I guess as an educator.. I need to educate these folks about MY holidays… and make them start celebrating… who knows.. maybe someone can come up with at “Big fire Chicken” (that is what they call a turkey) … and we all have a big feast.

Either way.. I will do something even if it is to go to a restaurant and just all eat together … Honestly.. the holiday is not about the special food…. it is about being Thankful right?  and I am thankful for many things.


until next time….