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So as you all know I have been working at this English Language school as the Director of Foreign Teacher going on my third year now… and we often have several activities to get the students excited about English.  I want to let everyone know that I teach only Adult students.  There are a few children that attend the school but it is mostly a business English School.

Today, the school decided to have a “sports day“.  Basically it consist of a series of games for the students to play outside on the track at the local gym.

It was also the day to see if the big, Americans can hang with the local Chinese in different games.  The games consist of jumping rope contests, three-legged races, ping-pong ball races, bike races, stick the paper to your chest race..(Don’t ask me .. its some Chinese game) and tug a war.

Of course, they could not wait to see if I would join in on the festivities.  Thinking I was too old and too big.. to join in.   I being one to prove everyone wrong… decided to participate in a few of them.

So, I quickly jumped in for the jumping roping.  I had not picked up a jump rope in over 20 years… but.. hey… what is the worse that could happen, right?

Well, to everyone’s surprise and my own included .. I jumped into that rope.. and started jumping my ass off.   Yep… I still had it…. you should have saw me… I could hear the double dutch song playing in my head.. (as.. the double dutch bus moving down the street…hummm) as I prayed to the gods that I didn’t pass out or trip over the rope.    I was very proud of myself… and even though I was breathing like I had just ran a triathlon.

After jumping, I needed to sit down..seriously…  so I watched some of the other games and laughed at all the craziness.  Everyone was really enjoying themselves.  Although, I had to keep telling them to use English.   Well, it was the purpose of having the games in the first place.  To use English in a regular situation.

After all the successful jumping, my confidence was soaring…. I figured .. hey.. this old bag.. has still got it.   Boy, was I wrong………

It came time for the tug-o-war and of course everyone now wanted me on their team.   I was the big girl, therefore I was the strongest.   All my students were screaming my name… Jo… Jo.. Jo... the heart was pumping, blood was moving and the confidence was at its highest.

I grabbed the end of the rope like a professional… thinking I could be the anchor and just start pulling with all my might and get them off-balance.  They were only like a hundred pounds each… and I knew I was actually pretty strong.  Back in the day, I remember pulling down many people at once in the Tug-o-war and had beaten my little brother dozens of times when I was in middle school.

So.. I wrapped the rope around my waist, dug in my feet… and pulled…. with all my might….. Well… let’s just say..I am not as strong as I use to be.   Old age really starts to show… when you are pulling a rope against 8 or 9 people…anyway… while I was pulling with all the power.. I could muster…I ended up in a sitting position on the ground… then I was slowly pulled up.. in to a standing position again.. then I was basically pulled face down in to the dirt and dragged across the red line about 2 feet.   Yep.. I said it.. I was dragged…just like a sack of brown potatoes… and no.. it was not very pretty…. and .. although everyone was laughing hilariously… I really did not find the humor in it at all.

Many of my students ran to me to make sure I was okay… but as I looked up with astro turf in my face… I saw them trying to hold back the laughter and tears in their eyes.

Well.. I was not going to go out like that… so I jumped up dusted off my pants..(hiding the pain in my leg.. .. and said… let’s do it again…. everyone agreed .. but this time we switched sides.   I also moved to the front of the line…. I thought maybe my power was better used there.   This time… we won.. pulling those little buggers right into the ground…. HA… laugh at me now… bitches…. I was back.. and ready for action… So now as the game was tied one and one….. we need to break it.

It was the final bout… the tension was strong… we were all tired.. but we were not given up.   We dug in our feet… and blew on our hands.. to try to get a good grip.  I stayed in the front of the line since it has worked the last time.   The whistle was blown… and we all started to pull…. faces red..(well not mine.. but theirs)…. hands were in pain…. and feet were straining.   It seemed like it was lasting hours .. but it really only lasted 2 minutes.    I gave one great last pull…. and then it happened…….

I fell on my face…..the rope slid out of my hands… and the other team won…. yes.. we lost.. BUT… we gave it our all, at least I did… my ass was in pain.

After sports day ended .. my body did not feel so wonderful… I could feel the soreness start… So, I quickly told my fellow foreigner from England… we need to go for massages.. she agreed.

We left the gym… waving good-bye to everyone and went quickly to have dinner and get massages.    Yes, #25 was waiting for me… it was like he knew.. I had worked my body too much… he had the hot water with green tea… waiting for my feet.. and the hot rocks waiting for my back…. he knew just how to make me feel better.

As I lay there with him rubbing and pounding on my back… I thought to myself…. not too bad… for an old broad… and slowly closed my eyes.. and just enjoyed.

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3 thoughts on “Sports Day

  1. delovewriter

    Looks like you had a fun day. What a way to reinforce camaraderie with the students. BTW, I was wondering if you have had MATESOL teachers come from San Francisco State University, my alma mater?

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