Day trip with my new friends….

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I recently made some new friends... well they are my students… but my friend also.  I have taught two teenage children English for the past year… however, now both of the parents have started to attend the school and is now taking my private classes… sooo.. now I am teaching the entire family.

They are originally from Taiwan … which, in our mind is still China.. but evidently in their mind .. it isn’t.   They find that they are treated as much as a foreigner as I am.. which is crazy since .. they look like any other Chinese person.

They are a very fun family.. and very westernized… I am assuming because of their life in Taiwan.  They invited me to spend my day off with them and go to the next city over Hangzhou.   (which is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth by the Chinese )  My hubby had to work… so I figured it was better than staying home alone.

Our day started with me getting my ass up at 7 am…. and hoping in the car with … what I fondly call … Mr. and Mrs. Smith… and the Smith Family.. because they have three kids…. and they are a little crazy… kind of like Angie and Brad Pitt-Jolie.

We had a fun time on the highway for about 1.5 hours talking … lucky the kid’s English has gotten pretty well from my teaching and the words the parents couldn’t express.. they could.   I found out that my new friends… were quite wealthy…. They have a factory of 500 people and do business with Walmart, Costco, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menards, Target… and a few more big named folks.   I also found out that they own two homes.   Not that it mattered to me.. but it was a surprised that people who are so wealthy… are so kind, down to earth, and fun.

We went to a shopping mall…. you might not think this is anything important but in China… they are not common occurrences.    Especially because this shopping mall… has an Ice skating rink, Imax movie theater, and all the biggest designers from Prada to LV to Armani….. I even saw a Best Buy and Toys R Us…. trust me these are big deals .. when you leave in China.

We had fun looking in the shops.. and I even found clothes that fit me…. in H&M… that I could afford to buy.    I found a book store that actually had books in English.  So, I bought all volumes of a series I had never heard of that I hoped would keep me busy for a while.  I soooo miss walking into a bookstore that has my favorite authors.

After shopping for a few hours… we decided to have lunch… Their cafe area was much different then ours.  One it is all Chinese food… with a little japanese and korean food mixed in and Two.. they served it in real dishes, nothing disposable.   When you were finished you left them on the table.. and the little cleaning people would come pick up the dirty dishes for you.   So, interesting to know how they knew what dishes when to what restaurant.

After lunch… we walked around a little more until it was time for the movie they wanted to see.   Unstoppable … with Danzel … and some white guy… that I forgot his name.  About a train that was out of control… it was actually a pretty good movie.. and best of all it was in English.. with Chinese sub-titles.

We then got some ice cream….(DQ) and headed back to our town of Yuyao…. it was dark by this time.. and everyone seemed a little tired.   However, they wanted to have dinner… so we ended up at a hot-pot restaurant…. for those of you that do not know… hot-pot is when they take a little electric burner and put it in the middle of the table.. and put a big pot of water with seasonings and vegetables  on top of it.   You then picked what other veggies, meats, and other things you want and then cook them yourselves in the pot.   Actually you are boiling everything then taking it out one by one and eating it direction from the pot.

It isn’t bad… you then take what you cooked and dip it into a combination of different sauces, herbs, and spices… then eat it.

For those of you that like visuals… I forgot to bring my camera…but I will be sure to add photos to this blog from … Mrs. Smith’s camera… since she was snapping them all over the place.

After dinner.. I was exhausted… and when I got home.. .I basically fell into bed… after I called my hubby… who had decided to spend the night at his parents’ home.

Overall it was a great day….it gave me a break from everyday life.. and I got to spend time with wonderful people…

until next time…


5 thoughts on “Day trip with my new friends….

  1. pearls

    First, Mrs. Jo, I’m so glad you had fun with your student-family-friends! That was sweet of them to treat you…so well deserved!

    I must say that Hangzhou City is my kind of city! Everything looks so beautiful, clean, and nice in the photos! They’re even on point with the movie Unstoppable…it was released around the same time here! Not to mention the stores…I would have a ball if I were there! The ice skating rink reminds me of a building I worked in when I lived in Oklahoma…The Williams Company, owned by an old oil family. On the lower level is an ice skating rink that is open and spacious just like the one in your photo! Wow…that brings back memories! You always post such great photos

    The Christmas tree that you all posed in front of in the shopping mall is absolutely beautiful! PEACE!

    1. That was a nice tree… they can do some very beautiful stuff.. once they figure out what the holiday is about.. hehehe.. Hangzhou is a bigger city than where I live… but it is only 1.5 hours away.. so I can go there often

  2. I’m like coffee, I’ve had hot pot a few times so each time I’m like “WOW, this is awesome.” I love the vegetables. The only thing is I’ve only ever had hot pot at a friend’s house so I never got to have all the sauces. Maybe one day.

  3. coffeeinthemorning

    “It isn’t bad”!!!
    Wow! How can you say that? You either ate at a bad hot pot restaurant or that certain night, the chef messed up the broth and sauce. LOL. i had the pleasure of being invited to a Cantonese Hot Pot restaurant called “THE LANDMARK” when i was in vancouver, canada last year. OMG. I was meeting my old friend(she’s chinese from hong kong) after a long time and on the way to the restaurant, when i asked her what we were eating. she said “chinese”. i was like ok. didn’t think much of it. i guess i thought it was going to be the regular north americanized chinese food. but to my great surprise, the hot pot was super delicious. Since i don’t eat seafood and my friend does, she dipped her seafood items on one side of the pot(there was a small wall separating the pot into 2 sides) while i boiled my lamb and beef strips on the other side. the sauces were super yummy too esp the hot sauce mixed with the sesame sauce. anyway…i’m sorry for blabbering on and on.but i’m just genuinely surprised u didn’t love the hot pot as much as i did.
    maybe you ate a different style of hot pot?i don’t know.i’m guessing. are there any other types of hot pot other than the cantonese one?hmm….

    1. there are many kinds of Hot Pot… however.. I live here… so if try it for the first time.. maybe you will like it because it is diffeent.. but if you try it for the 40th time… different feeling…hehehe…. and I am just not into boiled food. But I am glad you enjoyed it

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