My 5 Minutes of Chinese Fame

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I’m Back…. sorry it has taken so long for me to get back on here but I have been running around since I landed back in China.   The flight took me approximately 20 hours.. but then I had a 3 hour bus ride to Hangzhou because the bus to Yuyao had stop running at the time I got here… then I had a 2 hour car ride to my town.   So that placed me home at 1:20 am in the morning of FEB. 15th.  So much for Valentines day surprises.

However, my husband was waiting for me when I got off the plane so that was enough to tide me over.   I took a 8 hour sleep to be awaken and told that I had a class in 2 hours.  Yep… they had scheduled me classes thinking that I would be home on the morning of the 14th and had rested by then.

The trooper that I am … I went and taught the classes and then the next day of classes was informed that I had been chosen to sing and have dinner with the local government officials for the Lantern Festival Ceremony that happens every year at the end of the Spring Festival or New Year Holiday in China.  They had chosen my song to sing “Heart will go on” by Celine Dion (the titanic song) .. this is one of the most common songs in China… I am lucky because the next song most sang is Whitney Houston’s “Will Always Love You”… and I have not been practicing those vocals in a while.

So, that evening at 7:30 I was off to practice for the show.   Little did I know that this was not only my first rehearsal it was everyone’s first rehearsal for the show that was going to be presented the next afternoon.   Only in China do they plan a large extravagant show.. the night before it is supposed to happen.

4 hours later I was back at home.. exhausted… but ready to show up for dress rehearsal and the performance that started at noon.

Luckily the whole show went off okay… I saw a few mistakes.. and a little unorganized in the back… but.. all in all .. not a bad little show if I do say so myself.   I was one of 4 foreigners that had the honor to perform.   Claude from France sang a french song with his Chinese counterpart, Ralph from Germany sang a german song, Oiwa from Japan sang and of course I represented America with a song from a Canadian singer.. but.. hey… I knew the song so I wasnt complaining.

After my five minutes of fame.. I was placed at a large round table with the Mayor of the city and several Directors of departments in government.   I spent the night eating a little food, taking a lot of photos and toasting every government official one by one with red wine.

Each one had to personally great me and tell me about their experience in America or knowledge of the country in broken English or with a translator.

The esteemed mayor came to me and said… very proudly in broken English…“I go America…. Learning… Houston!…Cheers!” yes, it was quite an interesting evening… I passed out my business card to all of them.. and suggested we meet for dinner or lunch.   You never know when these government connections will come in handy in China.

As the evening started to end  (12 noon to 9pm) .. I was spinning a little from all the toasting and wine..and my little personal waitress..(yes we all had our own personal waitress).. was continuing to fill my water-glass.. like a good girl… (i told her a head of time to keep the water coming so I wouldn’t fall out drunk) .. I gave her my card too.. and had her help me to the rest room… hehehe…

When it was time to go home… I walked to the front of the 5 star hotel with all my new government friends.. who seem to be totally sober… and had the porter get me a cab home….

When I showed up at the door… My husband opened it and looked at me with a big smile… I was standing teetering a little, holding a large bouquet of flowers, my purse and extra packs of cigarettes for him… and I just looked at him and said….HELP ME!… he laughed loudly and took my flowers, coat, purse and everything else… and helped me to the bedroom.  I remember him helping me take off my shoes and bright red dress… cover me up and say…. YOU ARE SOOO FAMOUS NOW….SO HIGH LEVEL.... I just looked at him a little blarry eyed  and said...”I need to use the bathroom…hurry”

What would I do without him……


until next time…


8 thoughts on “My 5 Minutes of Chinese Fame

  1. Congratulations, Jo! You look just lovely in that red dress of yours. And, actually, my heart will go on is an old karaoke fave of mine from years past. You go, girl! 🙂

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