Update:  Those of you whom were wondering what happened to the girl that I kind of rescued from Bejing.  She actually came to where I am and did a demo class for my school and with my recommendation and promise of training.  She was hired as a teacher at my school.  I am now her boss.. but i think she will do wonderfully.   She is excited that she starts tomorrow.  Her salary isnt as high at first.. but with hard work and training she will be fine.   She keeps telling me that she cant believe she actually met me after reading my blogs… hehehe… I kind of feel like a celebrity..

Now is the time where many of the schools, private and government, will be looking for Foreign Teachers to come and teach in China and many other countries.  The school year is ending and the summer holiday is going to begin soon.  Which is the busiest times for Private schools.
However, although living abroad can be an exciting and interesting experience; I want you all to be careful.   For the most part the schools are honest.  But you can run into some agencies, recruiters that are not so honest.    Case in point, I received an email from a Black American woman who is currently stuck in China.  She requested some information from me regarding her situation.   She had been cheated by her “recruiter” and not gotten her a job.   So, she email me for advice.
Lucky for her, I am back in China from my holiday and was able to get her information so she could be closer to me.  (since she was in Beijing)  and I could assist her in finding a job and be there for her so she knows she was not alone. She was very lucky and thank goodness she reads my blogs and things.   I was very happy to help her in her situation.
The young lady will be arriving to my city tomorrow morning and I will meet her at the bus station and have already made calls and arrangements for her to have several job interviews with some of my connections.
I want people to be aware that although I came to China on a whim and made the decision in less than two weeks time.  I fully did my research before coming to China.   I researched not only the areas, the cities, and the schools but I also questioned my Chinese friends on their opinions on whether I should go or not.   Her situation turned out good but it could have been terrible.
Therefore, I am offering my assistance to anyone that is interested in living and teaching in China… or that is stranded in China.  I can’t provide you with monetary assistance.. but I can provide you with information and connections to help you out of your situation or make sure you are not getting cheated in some way.
I am by far no expert but I do know quite a bit about the system over here and the people.
Oh.. and please be aware.. that China can be a very racist country, when it comes to skin color.  So, do not be surprised when they ask you for photos, or tell you that you are too dark-skinned or not beautiful enough to teach at their school.   The locals over here are still living in a pre-civil rights era and have gotten good sense yet.
I hope this doesn’t discourage anyone.. just know I am here to help or do what I can to keep you safe.
until next time…