When you are married to a person of another culture or country (actually when you just marry a man) there are bound to be things that are said that just make you shake your head or look at them like they are crazy.   I am sure my husband looks at me dazed and confused all the time.   But as this is our  1st year wedding anniversary I have decided to compose a sort of list of the top ten things that my husband has said to me this year that just makes me fall on the floor laughing or look at him like he has lost his mine.

My husband is always one to joke around and laugh, he has a very good sense of humor.  However, sometimes he doesn’t even know he is being funny.  Enjoy….

10) I am the youngest grandfather in China ever… wow.. can we call the book people?

9) Honey… wake up.. wake up…. Do I look handsome?

8) Go ahead.. try, try, try…(clapping his hands quickly)

7) ummm .. girl.. I don’t think those clothes are very fashionable..you better change.

6) Do they wear their hair like that in America? (looking at me with his head to the side)

5) If your stomach is not good .. just don’t eat anything that has food in it.

4) That is headache medicine .. not candy!

3) I like when you buy me funny underwear… I feel funny when I wear them. (dancing around in superman underwear I bought him)

2) Okay..damn it.. I will cook but you just remember “I am the boss”….(and stomps out of the room)


1) Girl .. get on top.. but .. don’t hurt me .. I’m Little.

He is always saying things that make me smile and things that are so sweet that they bring tears to my eyes… and I would be remorse if I didn’t put the top 5 romantic things he has said to me this year… (there are only five.. because well … he repeats a lot of them.. hehehe)

5) I don’t care what anybody says .. I love you girl.

4) I think you are the most beautiful girl in China.

3) Your all I have … and I don’t want anyone to take  you away.. even my parents.

2) I know you wanted flowers.. but this floor heater will keep you warm when I cant be there to hold you.

1) I don’t care if your older than me… We will still grow old together.. and if you become sick or cant walk.. I will do my best to carry you to the bathroom… I’m not going anywhere… for the rest of our lives.

I just gotta love this guy…. I am ready for the Next year of excitement and crazy things that my husband says.

until next time…