You know you are in China When…

To lighten up the mood a little from my last blog.. I thought I would showcase somethings to let you know you are now in China.   Some of these things you may see in other countries.. but sometimes… only the Chinese would do this… enjoy…

You know you’re in China when… people have their bedding and laundry hanging on the side-walk close to the street in the middle of town.

You know you’re in China… when a beautiful ancient monument is surrounded with a 24 hour McDonald’s.

You know you’re in China when you have an ancient building in the middle of modern skyscrapers and no one thinks it is odd.

You know you’re in China when you see a restaurant called “Beard Papa”…hummm delicious…

You know you’re in China when the only Black people you see are the manequins….LMAO

You know you are in China.. when parking on the sidewalk is taught in Driver’s Ed 101.

You know you’re in China.. when your recycling guy looks like he should be recycled…but he can still out bike you.

You know you’re in China when electric bikes (e-bikes) rule the world…How do you know which one is yours?????

You know you are in China when the street workers ACTUALLY work and do everything by hand.

You know you are in China when the buses are so full no one can sit down but the girls on the side of the bus look happy.

You know you’re in China.. when wearing your coat indoors is what your suppose to do because they don’t use the heat and the “peace sign” always means photo time.

You know you’re in China when everyone does their laundry on the same day because the sun is shining and you can hang it out your apartment window.

You know you’re in China when there is a SHOOPY store…

You know you’re in China when high fashion knows no age limit… go boy!

You know you’re in China when egg and tomato over rice becomes the best dish in the world to you, because you can recognize it.

You know you’re in China when you “dont need no stinkin’ “truck to haul stuff.. when you have your 3-wheeler….


There are never enough things you can take photos of to remind you that you are in China.  So I will continue with the things you see when you’re in China on my next blog.

until next time….


15 thoughts on “You know you are in China When…

  1. Jules

    I am still amazed ppl hang their laundry right by the road side. What’s the point of that with all the fumes, dust, dirt and smoke going right back in the clothes? Who the heck wants a comforter smelling like a dirty muffler. I really enjoyed this one. Hey Jo, how are things in China with respect to the situation in Japan?

    Another thing, I just tried this Aloe Vera dessert today the thing was amazing..I don’t know if you ever had it Jo, you should give it a try, I know you will like it. It comes in a plastic pack and says you should chill before serving, it has chunks of Aloe Vera in a clear syrup. Damn it was good, going to get more tomorrow.

    1. If you think that is bad… they also wash the clothes in the river.. which you can see the film of oil on top of … I dont know if your aware but most Chinese have a extreme hatred for Japan. Although, they are sadden by the disaster happening… i would really be surprised if they gave in a money or help to them.

      As for that dessert your talking about.. they have it here… they also have other versions with orange, pineapple, peach, blueberry, strawberry and pear. All with little jelly like chunks inside. If you chill it… it can be pretty tasty.

  2. remember the bottomless toddler pants and peeing everywhere. not to mention drivers smoking on the bus and spitting 😀 lol when the toilet have no doors

  3. Observant Negress

    Finally! I thought I was gonna have to go to National Geographic to see street scenes! Thank you for showing us what’s “on the ground”!

    1. @Negress… I told you to go to one of those more reputatible blogs for chinese scenery…..remember?… I am surprised you are still reading… since you complain about it so much. FYI .. this was not for you.

      1. Observant Negress

        Oh I didn’t have any thoughts that this was for “me, ” but I still enjoyed the photos! I would think that your blog is just as “reputatible” [sic] (at least in terms of the photos) since you live there…


        But still, thanks for showing what’s on the ground even though your site is supposed to be about you – an American Black Woman – being married to a Younger Asian man in China, as you so clearly stated when the request first arose (from whomever).

        In and Out,

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