My Neck, My Back…Chinese beds suck!

So.. these three years I have been here in China have been a pain in the neck… literally…. and the back.  Chinese beds are usually pretty much what we call box springs that sit directly on a cement floor (that is usually covered in purgo flooring .. but not that nice).. If your lucky you will have a woodrn  frame around it and a wood or plastic headboard.. that they try to decorate up a bit.   It is basically like your sleeping on the floor… which would probably be more comfortable actually… Even this guy looks more comfortable than we are in the bedroom.

Man Sleeping series: Picture of Chinese man sleeping on pavement bed in Wuhan.


Needless to say.. no matter how many massages I get.. and you know me I love me a massage.   It just gets old waking up with back pain and having to take Chinese Tylenol before you go to bed and sometimes when you wake up.  Green tea does not help with that unfortunately.

So I began to look for some alternatives to help me out…. one was that I pay 1000 rmb a night and stay at the 5 star hotel in a real bed to give my poor old body a break..Although, I felt this was a wonderful idea… because I can also pertake of the jacuzzi bathtub….. my husband found no sense in that option.  The other was to search the internet, which he approved.

Well, since I started blogging and writing I have become a little bit of a celebrity over here.  I guess that happens when your one of the few Black American foreigners making a lot of noise.   I do  get to meet some pretty cool people and this week I met someone who is going to be my new BFF (shhh.. he does not know it yet),  Mr.  Spencer Jan.   I know .. you’re wondering who the heck is that… I thought the same thing.. but he is the founder of  SlumberMAAX.

Spencer is a fellow expat living in Shanghai.  After living in China for  five years he also had the back pain problem…. actually,  I think everyone does if they live here.   He contacted me and turned me onto his  product.  I am always willing to try something at least once.

Memory Foam Mattress by SlumberMAAX
Memory Foam Mattress by SlumberMAAX

Even though my husband is use to sleeping on cement beds… he also agreed that maybe something softer would be better.  This is what Spencer had to say:

I thought I already had a pretty decent spring mattress here in China.  I had previously got a Chinese mattress manufacturer to make me the best spring mattress they had.  How did I know it was the best? I chose the most expensive one they made. Can’t go wrong with that logic, right?  The thing had all the bells and whistles.  It had seven layers of various plush fabrics, four different layers of fancy foam and a layer of latex all on top of individual pocket coil springs.  I kept telling my friends that I had the Bentley of beds because of how much I paid for it.  Truth be told, my back still ached in the mornings. So I took the liberty of asking for a memory foam bed from our supplier to try out for myself.  It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  I thought to myself, it took me 5 years in China to find the perfect mattress…it shouldn’t be this hard!

So I started, rented a small warehouse and filled it with what I thought was going to be 4-6 months worth of memory foam mattresses, bed toppers, and pillows.  I had no idea whether or not people would love it as much as I did.

Our memory foam beds consist of tiny heat-sensitive cells that collapse as you lie on them.  This provides pressure point relief because the bed doesn’t push back on your body like a spring mattress does.  It adjusts and moulds to the curves of each individual sleeper. In fact, a lot of hospitals use memory foam for their patients due to these pressure relieving properties.  Most people know about Tempur-Pedic beds.  Ours are very similar but sell at a fraction of the price.    We also offer a 60 Night Trial Period.  If a customer doesn’t like it, they can return it to us and get a refund.


Well… this was the answer to my back pain prayers…and 60 day trial.. come on…  So I wanted to share this to all my China expat friends, who feel my pain… LOL.. yeah that was cute … anyway.. check out Spencer’s website

You won’t be sorry…  I am waiting on mine to come in the mail.   Sometimes, I just need my creature comforts.  When you live abroad you have to hook up with people who can make your stay more comfortable and trust me… if you don’t sleep good… you don’t feel good….and “if mama don’t feel good”… well .. it just isn’t pretty.


until next time…


9 thoughts on “My Neck, My Back…Chinese beds suck!

  1. Brian

    Just putting it out there…

    Chinese hard beds are good for your back. It is especially recommended if you are having back problems due to a lack of lumbar support from the soft mattress.

    Although in this case it seems that a hard bed is the root of the problem.

  2. Deb

    Hmmm, why must a Chinese person have an English name?
    I say be proud of who you are and your name is part of your heritage. Everyone does not have to be Westernized.
    I laugh when I call a company for assistance and an Asian sounding person says, “Hi, my name is Jennifer or Joe.” Oh, really? I find that rather insulting. Why not shorten your birth name instead? Just wondering, no offense to anyone who is reading my comments.

    1. Actually.. this is a good question… the reason they choose an English name.. is so we can pronounce it…. Usually Chinese names are very hard to say… and to remember. To make a Western person’s life more easy… they choose an English name to go by. This does help when they move abroad.. or just have a foreign teacher. It has nothing to do with being westernized. As for shortening their birth name… Chinese names are very similar… and a lot of them are exactly alike except for one word .. so you can not Shorten it. This is a tonal Language.. so if you say the tone incorrectly .. you could be calling them…something you didnt mean to call them.

  3. Deb

    I am happy for you. And, your husband is going to be ecstatic.
    Why don’t you go into business with Mr. Jan? There is nothing wrong with earning a few Renminbi on the side.
    LOL, I looked the name of your currency up. One can learn something new every day.

  4. Jules

    Girl, I feel your pain, a’nt nothing worse than waking up with neck and back pains. You better follow-up with us on the Slumbermaxx ( what a freaking cool name) Sweet dreams doll.

  5. There’s also Ikea in a lot of the bigger cities now. I got a mattress there for 800rmb and haven’t regretted it for a moment. It’s not an option for everywhere, but it’s not a bad place to start.

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