You thought we Americans picked some crazy names for our children, well in China if the person didn’t have a name picked for them in primary school they ask one of us foreign teachers to pick one for them.  Which for us in a joy in its self because we can name them whatever we want, kind of like they are our own kids.    However, there is a time when the student has chosen his or her own name by searching on the internet or the supermarket.

I wanted to share the top 10 crazy names that students have picked for themselves…that I begged them to change before they went abroad.  However, they feel these names were just perfect… enjoy!

10.  KaKa (pronounced like GAGA as in the Lady herself) I quickly told her that this is what we call the action we do in the bathroom when we are children and convinced her to change it to ..KiKi…. thank goodness.

9.  Flying I told this young lady that her name was a verb and she said I know..I am flying… I just stared at her.

8. Yoyo This is a woman who works with me in the office.. she wanted me to name her daughter and I gave her several beautiful choices.. but she stayed with ..Little Yoyo… i told her it was a child’s toy..but she just laughed.

7. Jason This is the most popular name in China I think.  I have over 8 Jasons in my classes and when I meet new Chinese men they all have this name. It isn’t strange but it is strange how they all have it.

6. Anson This name was  for one of the Chinese teachers, choosen by herself of course.. I asked her if she meant Aniston… for Jennifer.. which still would have been crazy for a first name, but she said no… who knows?

5. Chierra I am not sure where this name came from but she claims that it was giving to her from an English man when she was small.  I can help but think they are pronuncing or spelling something wrong.

4. Bean This beauty was chosen by a girl who loves Mr. Bean.  I informed her that Bean was his surname not his first name but she insisted on keeping it. Who am I to question someone that wants to be named after a Legume.

3. Cherry This is also a very popular name for a girl along with Apple… If one more person walks in with the name of a fruit… I am going to go crazy.

2. Double This young men choose his own name.  Enough said. Enough said.

1. Hysteria. This young girl thought this was the name of a flower. Which it is but.. the alternative meaning stands out more.  I couldn’t stop laughing. She was trying to show her high level English.

All every day someone comes in with a name we just can’t understand or believe from Kobe to Young.… from Vita to Laughing….it makes for an exciting day. I still cannot get past the verb names.

When chosing a name for our Chinese friends we need to keep in mind that it should be easy to pronounce and easy to spell… we kind of have to stick to one or two-syllable words.   So.. Laquisha and Veronica are out….

I am running out of names to name these people.. Any suggestions?

until next time…