Well this is a new one for me… In the quest to find the perfect mate the locals have singles parties that are hosted by government officials.  No, really!  One of my co-workers informed me that he was going to a singles party held at the Hospital…(yeah.. I was confused also) … hosted by the government officials of his village and the city.   I had to go… you know .. I am not single nor am I Chinese but I was so curious to find out what went on at a singles party.

So, I convinced my co-worker that I would be a good asset to him.  He can use me as a babe magnet.. because everyone will want to talk to him and ask about the foreigner.  He agreed that I could come with him… and he would pick me up to take me to the shing-ding… I asked him if I should wear scrubs…since it was at a hospital.. he just rolled his eyes at me and told me not to embarrass him.   (like I… would do a thing like that..)

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So my big afternoon party started with us walking into a room that was filled with local Chinese folks.  I was the only foreigner in the bunch .. so that started the room grumbling…(I always make a scene) .. As my friend went to the sign in table.. to get his number…I was approached by the Hostess with the mostess…. she quickly and excitedly started asking me if I was going to participate.  I said.. no .. thank you … but she pushed a little more… and I turned to my friend so he could tell her that I was only there for moral support.

After started about 30 minutes late..(I swear Chinese people are on Black people time) … the festivities began.   It seemed there were three groups of people who were mixed male and female… with names.. one was group Forever, one was group Happiness, and I can’t remember what the other group was.. but we were apart of it.

They started the show .. and yes it was a show with a stage and everything… with a game… they choose some people randomly and had them introduce themselves… and there was one young man in particular that was obviously the crowd pleaser with his good looks, tall height and fashionable clothes.. I think his personality was pretty good too... (I was a bit confused on why he couldn’t find a girl on his own…)..he had all the girls in a tizzy (even me a little)

Then they brought out a male/female couple that worked at the local gym.. they did a very strange rendition of  Shakira’s Waka Waka.. song… in dance.  Then they had people from the three teams copy this dance all at once.   I pushed my friend out there to do it… (hey… he came there to participate I was going to make him). I laughed at the fact that several of the guys were bumping into each other and a few guys were just feeling the music a little too much.

After that began a series of games that included: stacking coke cans and carrying them together with a random girl; a game of charades; pass the balloon neck to neck; and some crazy version of telephone but with actions.

All was quite funny and entertaining , however, I was confused on how these people were going to match up as couples.   I was then informed that on the little card they were suppose to put a number down of the person they were interested in.  (now it was getting good)… I had several choices for my friend but he was telling me that I was too picky..(seemed to me he was too picky) … anyway he decided that the girl who was closest to us that kept looking our way was the one he would pick.

Then the time came for them to pull out the cards and see who was competing for what girl or boy.   It seems my friend was up against one other man for his lady-love.   She had to pick which one she was most interested in by what questions they were asked.   She picked my friend…(of course)… this went on until they had four couples.  By the way.. the handsome guy had five girls competing for his affection.  I knew he would pick the prettiest one.

Then the weird stuff started to happen.  They took four sheets of tissue paper and put it on the floor in front of the couples… then they had to stand on the paper… the hostess and host asked questions… if they got the questions right the other people had to fold their paper in to smaller folds until the paper was so small that the girl has to be on the boy’s back.

It came down to my friend and his lady-love and another couple…(who cares who they were)... lucky for my friend the girl he was with was smart and answered all the questions correctly.

The ended up winning the entire game and becoming the King and Queen of the party.  I like to think it is because of me.. but hey… who knows.

The whole process took about 3 hours.  I don’t want to forget the singing in the middle.. can’t have a chinese anything without bad singing included.

My friend won an expensive watch.. and I got a free gift for going…(insulated cup for hot tea.. with chinese writing on it)

All in all it was quite interesting to see how they do the singles thing here.  Do I think anything serious came out of the party? Nayy.. not that I could see.  Was it entertaining?  yeah.. but I couldn’t meet anyone that way.  Did my friend find the love of his life…?  Nope.. he told me later that she was not the right one.  I did get to see a few government people I know… that I had met before in my TV appearance.  They came up and spoke to me.  I am so well-known…

After I got home, I called my husband (who was still working) and told him about the experience.  He just laughed and asked me if I found a second husband?  I said .. nayyy… they just didn’t have what I was looking for….

So I guess it is back to the drawing board for my friend… and maybe next time I will participate just to see if anyone picks me….hehehe…

until next time…