Big news in Shanghai… a son stabbed his mother 9 times because he felt she did not send him money fast enough when he was living abroad in Japan.   In the middle of Pudong airport the 50-year-old woman was stabbed and not one Chinese person raced to save her.  It took an unknown foreigner to run to her and try to stop the bleeding.  Even when he shouted for help only another foreigner would come to the rescue.

Although, there were many Chinese people around.. they just looked as they walked by, however, one person did stop to tape the incident with his camera.   The lack of response from the locals is a normal occurrence here.  I have seen people get hit by cars and no one stop to help.  I am told because they are afraid they will be blamed for what happened.

However, this one situation isn’t the only time a Chinese person has gone crazy.  In the town, I live in there was a big to do.. over a frozen  human head that was found in the park by the garbage can across from the local McDonalds.   The town was all in a flutter since it was the second one that year.  It took a couple of months but they eventually found the man doing the crimes.   He was a butcher at the local Fresh Market that sold meat.  (we are still wondering if the meat he sold was human)

Yet another incident was caught online when a man started stabbing people on the street randomly.   I am wondering if this is caused be the warm weather or if sometimes.. the locals just need to let the crazy out.

All in all, China is a pretty safe country if you don’t count the pickpockets and the small bouts of craziness that happen here and there.

I am so happy that they have not been allowed to have guns or who knows what the craziness would be like here.

until next time….