Spring Fever

The sun has come out here in my little town and the clothes have started to come off. Well.. not all the way off.. it is China.   However, the short skirts have started to appear and the young ladies are on the hunt for their future husbands.

My office is fully of young ladies that are talking about men, love and marriage.  Even my little friend that went to the single’s party is floating on air.  He has since found love with a fellow co-worker.

I find it so funny because spring is the time that animals usually mate right?  So, it is strange that over here it is also the time the locals begin to mate.

Feeling all the love in the air it is difficult not to feel the same feelings of love and togetherness.  So, I have spent a little extra time showing my hubby how much I love him.  He has also been a little more loving as of late.  Spring just seems to be the right time to do it.

Ahhhh… Spring… I am beginning to think it is my new favorite time of the year.  It still gets a little cool in the evening but overall the flowers are starting to bud, the trees are a little greener, the air.. well.. it is China… but the people are smiling a little brighter.  Makes all that wet and cold winter worth it when I walk outside these days.

My spirits are lifted and there is a little more spring in my step.   Girls are giggling everywhere and the boys are strutting around with their chest out trying to catch the attention of the girls.   It is kind of cute to see.

I wonder how many weddings I will end up going to next year because of all this love?  Are these things happening in the States now?  Do any of you have Spring Fever?   Can you also smell the love in the air?

until next time….