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As you know I am all about going to some kind of crazy party… and this weekend I was invited to a Kung Fu Party… and you know I was going to be at that one.

I have been waiting forever to be invited to a Kung Fu Party….. I am sure you’re wondering what is a Kung Fu Party.. well… I actually didn’t know.. but it sounded like something I wanted to go to.

So.. the day came and I was ready….my former student, Bob.. came by my home to get me… and my hubby as always was working so just me and Bob.. going to get our Kung Fu on.

When we got to the school… I saw all the flower and fireworks being shot off– fireworks are a common staple at every party in China… well every party, wedding, funeral, birthday, festival, graduation, etc.

After walking up 5 flights of stairs I was out of breath and noticed all the tables set up for what looked like was going to be a crowd of people in attendance.  I was quickly rushed to a table, given a paper cup of green tea and pointed out by all the kids… they were all speaking in Chinese about how big I was… in their eyes I looked like an elephant… always a joyous feeling when I encounter it.

I then noticed there was another foreigner in the room… and of course since there were only two of us… they locals felt we should sit together to talk and bond… The gentleman didn’t speak English very well… but I found out he was from Pakistan … the show then began amazing… I quickly took photos and videos which can be found on my Facebook page.

Kung fu boys

videos from the Kung fu party I went to…

Posted by Jo Kelly-Bai on Sunday, April 24, 2011

Then came the food… and more food and even more food… there was shark fin soup, turtle, roasted radishes, braised pork, corn on the cob, jelly fish, broccoli, peanuts, and a bunch of other stuff that I couldn’t decipher.

My fellow foreigner was only eating the veggies.. I noticed, smart man.   Then the trouble began… they started drinking… white wine..more like Everclear.. in a pretty bottle and box.. you can see in the photo.   I was going to be content with drinking Sprite but I was sitting at a table full of men… being the only woman at the table I needed to represent…. OMG… after 8 or 9 shots of that stuff… I wasn’t feeling so good… and it wasnt mixing so well with the food.. and It kind of all came back up… on the floor under the table… not pretty.. really not pretty…. they quickly got me napkins.. and I said to Bob.. maybe I better go home.   At that moment, my husband called to check on me… and some man answered my phone and let him know I was .. a little bit under the weather… he was NOT a happy camper… one a man answered my phone and two.. I was totally wasted …. they gave me the phone and I could hear my husband yelling at me to go home…. I noticed I was shaking my head okay.. but he couldn’t really hear that… so I hung up the phone.

Bob.. my hero.. quickly took me by the arm and walked me down those 5 flights of stairs… that for some reason kept moving… and then walked me outside to find a taxi to take me home…. I was doing pretty good by this time… he kept saying that I needed to walk… (well if that is what he wanted me to do .. he needed to stop the world from moving around) … he got me into a Black taxi (people making money on the side by giving people rides… when there are no real taxis around) .. and he kept holding my hand telling me I would be okay… hehehe….

When we finally got to my apartment, Bob informed me he was calling my husband to tell him I was home… I kept telling him nooo.. he will yell… but he didn’t listen.

When I got home… I made another couple of runs to the bathroom and then just past out on the bed.

I was awaken by the sound of my husband talking loudly about … shoes coming off and me being careless or something.. anyway.. he took off my clothes and put me to bed…. I would have to say… that I never knew Kung Fu Parties could be so … interesting… LMAO..

until next time…