Every now and then I will take a break from all the hustle and bustle of China life to go to the countryside and see what the small towns and villages have to offer.  This past Sunday I was invited to the home of one of my former co-workers Little Sun.  She is from the small town of Lubu (LooBoo) which kind of reminds me of one of those small midwest towns that I use to live in when I was a child.

Since, I am not an early riser she came and picked me and my colleague up at the bright and early time of 2pm.  Yeah, I like to sleep in on my day off.  Anyway, we travel by car for about 15 minutes to the town of Lubu.   This town is famous for its manufacturing, and some famous soldiers that fought here.  As, in every small town or village in China there is a temple for worship, a park with monuments, and tons of people.

The little tour started with a look at Little Sun’s home.  A large home in a sense that it had 3 floors, but not a typical home in the eyes of this foreigner.   The entire down stairs is like a small factory, it seems her father makes bathroom shower piping and accessories.  It really didn’t look much like a home but more like a work place… however, the upstairs was where they actually lived and slept.

We then were taken around to the neighbors who also have factories in their home and often share work with each other to survive in the ever-changing economy.  We then were taken to visit the town itself…. of course being the only foreigners to come to this town ever, we were definitely a big surprise.

Everywhere we went photos were being snapped and faces were looking shocked and surprised.   We stopped to look at some homemade candy at a shop and the owners were so happy we stopped there they ran down the street to get the professional photographer to take our photo with them so they can hang it on the wall.   Then gave us candy for free to thank us.

I think the most exciting part for them was the fact that I could understand their Chinese and could actually answer them back.  This brought on the smiles and the laughter.  They were so surprised I could speak Chinese they just started talking and yes the first words out of their mouth was “Obama is your president?” …. news gets around fast I see.

We walked through some very old streets and stopped to look at the river that ran through town.  We even saw a woman making shoes by knitting them on the street side.   We saw so many interesting things from old-fashioned rice sorter, inside of where some poor people live, and the beautiful monuments and temples.

enjoy the photos below:

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At the end of the day we were taken back to her home to enjoy dinner with her mother and father.   They were very kind and welcoming.   I also practiced my Chinese and tried to eat some of the things they had.   Since, it was local food it was kind of loaded down with salt, so I could not eat very much but enough to satisfy them.

By the time I arrived home my hubby was missing me and I was exhausted.  I guess walking up a mountain, around town and dealing with crowds of people can wear on you.   However, having Michael rub my back and snuggle with me when I got home makes it worth it.

until next time…