Dinner with My Student

As a teacher in China your relationship is a bit different from a teacher in America.  Not only are you their teacher.. you are also their friend, confidant, and motivator.    I often find comfort in the fact that not only are they learning english they are learning about my culture, habits and hobbies.   They truly become some of your best friends.

My most advanced student wanted to take me to dinner two weeks ago after school.  I was thrilled with the fact that I not only got to talk to him but he paid for a wonderful dinner.  (smile)… gotta love Chinese men.

Since my husband tends to work extremely long hours as of late, having some one invite me out to dinner beats sitting home alone eating some rice.  So, I agreed to go with him.  He is not of this province he is from North of China so the food he eats is quite different from the local Yuyao food that I still haven’t quite grown accustom .

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However, the food I experienced at this restaurant was much different.  Breaded chicken (kind of tasted like chicken fried steak) with a sweet and sour sauce that included carrots and onions; Potatoes with another kind of sweet sauce on it that was mixed with green peppers and red peppers; a wonderful cucumber salad that had a slight vingar-ish, taste with clear noodles, nuts and cilantro; a slightly sweet soup that was a combination of egg drop with corn inside.  (no artificial colors or flavors) this was one of the best meals I had ever had in China.  My student keeps me laughing while telling me about his childhood and life in North of China.

We even discussed his jealous and issues with women.   Mind you he is very handsome, about 6ft tall, and has a slight European accent.  If I was still a single girl.. he would definitely be on my radar.   That might be while my husband doesn’t care for him very much.  (smile)

Overall it was a wonderful dinner.  He then asked me to go with him out to the bar and have a drink and go dancing.  Although, the thought of going out with this tall handsome man to a bar and laughing and ..yeah I will say it flirting a little… sounded good.    I wanted to make sure my husband would be okay with it.

However, just like always… when I was just going to call my husband to ask him if it would be okay with him… he called me….(never fails.. just when I might get myself into some trouble.. he calls).   I informed him that I was at dinner with my student and that he has asked me to go to the bar.   My hubby told me that he had just got home from work and was feeling tired and only wanted to stay home with me for the night.   Therefore, I declined the offer to go out partying with the handsome guy and choose to have him take me home so I could be with my baby.

I am thinking that was my biggest temptation since I have been married.  Makes me kind of glad that my husband has some kind of radar to keep him in my mind.

However, I did box up the leftovers and bring them to him … even though in China it is considered impolite and poor form to take the uneaten food with you home when you are at a restaurant… I throw those rules to the wind.. and made that little waitress bring me something to carry it in.

Obviously, they don’t understand that this food was good…. and i was not going to let them throw it away.

My husband was happy that I thought of him and that I choose to stay home with him… I had a great end to the evening laying in bed with Michael… eating leftover Chinese…. PRICELESS!


until next time…


9 thoughts on “Dinner with My Student

  1. Randy

    I have your blogs feed come straight to my inbox, but the dates are all wacky and shuffled. I don’t what whats causing it. Anyway, I’m so glad that you enjoy the company of your students. More teachers should take lessons from you.

  2. Randy

    How ironic is it that you blog about teachers and students when I have decided to do my research project on the relationships between teachers and students. But, the experience that inspired the project for me was none-to-kind.

    It is true what you say, America is certainly different when it comes to teachers and teaching. Since I have changed my major from politics to a branch of the behavioral sciences I have crossed more punk-ass egos than I honestly can stand. And to think, I would have been more prepared to receive this kind of treatment from the political teachers instead.

    I know there are students that enter college straight out of high school that haven’t matured yet. However, the responsibilities and demands of the college curriculums and the thought of the money they could potentially waste sometimes (certainly not always) makes them buckle down and get serious. But, there are also these teachers who NEED their titles and abbreviations so badly–to help them not feel like the worthless specs of cosmic dust a lot of them turn out to be–they either succeed in or try to tip over the students whose self-esteems are already so fragile by mistreatment, disrespect, or verbally tearing down them down. But-oh-don’t let the students give back what’s put out–they couldn’t handle it. There are students that walk these campuses that have more responsibility than the people teaching them and could probably give them lessons on life. So, despite the difference in the titles (teacher vs. student) at what point in your academic career does the title “student” become irrelevant? How old do you have to be and how much do you have to go through in order to be seen and respected as an adult?

    wonderful as always big sis!

  3. I love checking in and reading your blog. I was so busy admiring all the gorgeous dishes you photographed that I nearly forgot to read your actual text! I currently live in Dong Bei and all of the dishes you have shown are what I eat every other week…Ahh so good! I am going to miss them when I leave soon. I also checked out your student, of course! Not bad, not bad at all 🙂 A bit of a H.A.M!

    1. @HAM… you saw that did you … tried to sneak a photo of him ..without taking a photo of him for you guys… he was trying to stay out of the camera..hehehe… My fake photo shooting…hehehehe

  4. FancyFreeNPhilly

    Hi Jo,

    You always seem to leave me wanting more, but I know you can’t spend all your free time writing this blog. I really admire the connection you and Michael have. Girl, that man has radar! Lol Also, thanks for being so honest in that news article you were included in. It really benefits those who are contemplating moving to China with their mate or just working there for a period of time.

    Take care and bless your little faithful heart. ; – )


    1. @fancyfreenphilly…. your sooo right… Michael has some special radar… everytime a hot guy starts talking to me… no matter where he is … he calls… heheh… i guess that is what makes us so special… however.. i can do it to him too..heheheh…. so he tells me….

  5. Hahaha! Michael got you on lock! I like this post because sometimes I find that some married folks – esp. women- pretend that they don’t have eyes and feelings, almost like you are a different type of human being once you are married. I like the way you handle yourself in the face of temptation.

    1. girl.. you dont know…hehehe… It makes my day go a lot happier when I see some eye candy running around the office…hehehe…. but your right… Michael.. always knows when to call … and mess up my game…(LMAO)…. then he always says something.. like … I missed you.. or I just called to say I love you…. then im like .. damnnnn

  6. les katz

    I love reading your experiences in your blog. I am thinking about teaching in China and would like to know how to go about it. Any advice? If possible could you please email me directly? Thank you!

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