I am always trying to find books that interest me or that can help me make it through my Chinese adventure.   I have a couple of colleagues, Andrea Martins, the Co-founder and Director of and her co-author, Victoria Hepworth that has written a new book that is a MUST read. I think it is one of those books that will help any woman from any background that wants to travel anywhere abroad. I know that is a pretty big statement… but it is true.

I think it is a clear, precise and an entertaining read that can be a great value to everyone that reads it, even if you are currently living abroad like me.  The content is written in a way that is interesting, easy to understand and colorful.  Not dry and boring stuff like other books that try to give you useful information.  It is a pretty easy read, meaning that you will not get a headache trying to figure out what they are trying to tell you.  I could help but feel like I had a second wind after I read the book.   (or maybe that is a fourth or fifth wind??)

The topics that are covered in this book are relevant and the suggestions that are given show that they have been fully researched and are accurate.  From Culture shock to starting a business abroad; to relationships and raising bilingual kids, they cover it all.

I honestly feel the authors of this book have created an innovative way to share useful information to women from all countries.   I even suggest that the men read it to get an insight on what we women are worried about when we are moving abroad.   Overall this book is an excellent read and a book that should be kept on hand as a reverence guide.  I look forward to reading the next volume.

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