I have the Traditional Medicine NOW What?


Okay… so I got home with these bags of traditional medicine and quickly asked my husband how am I suppose to cook this stuff.   He looked at me… and then said… I REALLY DONT KNOW……. I was like what?  How can you not know… your Chinese right?

So… as always I went to my friend and expert…. Google.com … and he gave me some very detailed directions on how to cook my medicine.

The Pot

The most suitable pot is ceramic. Glass is okay. It is important that your pot has a lid. Materials to avoid include cast iron and aluminium. Stainless steel is better than other metals. Teflon coatings are not as good as ceramic.

So I encounter my first problem… all I have are aluminium pots, at least that is what I think they are.   Therefore, it was off the the supermarket to find a ceramic or glass pot.   This was a challenge… since the only ones i could find were either huge, expensive, or too small.    I settled for one that I guessed would be big enough. I had to call the worker to get it off the top shelf for me, but .. I finally got that part taken care of.


  1. Soak the herbs: Place the herbs in water. The water should cover the herbs by about an inch. Let them sit for one hour.  This part seemed simple enough… so I placed the herbs in my new ceramic pot and let them soak… i noticed I had a separate little package in there with rocks and dirt in it that I am suppose to soak separately.. and cook first for 15 minutes before I add the other ingredients.   I found a small bowl to put that in with some water.   So far so good…
  2. Boiling the herbs: Bring to a rolling boil. Then turn down to a low simmer. Cook the herbs for 20-30 minutes with the lid on. At the end of the cooking approximately 1 mug of liquid remains. Another problem… I needed to figure out how to put the other stuff in the pot first to cook.. so I had to dump everything into a mixing bowl… then clean the ceramic pot… put the other stuff in it… to boil… and then add the other stuff.. 15 minutes after… whew… so much work.   I did neglect to remember that my husband and I are using a hot plate because we haven’t called the propane guy to come pick up the tank and bring us gas for our stove.   I attempted to put the ceramic pot on the hot plate… yeah… that didn’t work… the hot plate has an alarm on it… that goes off if it thinks the burner is on and nothing is on top.  Evidently… it couldn’t see the pot .. so the alarm was screaming at me…. what to do?… so I decided to put another pot.. under this pot….(yeah… wasn’t thinking) …. and I didn’t want the pot to burn so I put a little water in the bottom pot.   I figured the ceramic pot will get hot enough that it will boil.   I may not have thought this out very well…. because the water just boiled out all over the stove top and I almost electricuted myself.   I was just tired and aggravated with the whole thing.. so … I just poured the stuff into the metal pan … brought it to a boil… and then threw the rest of the stuff in there and let it cook for 30 minutes.
  3. Strain the infusion into a mug. I guess… my medicine amount was a lot more than this recipe.. because my boiled down to .. 3 cups… but I use the lid and drained it into a big bowl.
  4. Repeat: Leaving the residue in the pot, add another one pint of water. Repeat the above cooking method: bring to boil, and then simmer again for another 20-30minutes until about one mug of liquid remains. Strain the tea again. I did not do it twice since I already had a lot of this stuff, that I had to attempt to drink.
  5. Mix the two shares together, then divide into two (for one day) or four (for two days) equal portions to take twice a day. The volume taken each time should not be over 200 ml (about 7 fl. oz.). I need to take this stuff twice a day.. but .. after the first dosage… I felt very sleepy… so I can only take it in the evenings.

How to drink it

It should be drank warm or at room temperature. If the taste is so unpalatable that you can’t drink it, water it down a bit. This helps a great deal. Also, it seems that after time the body begins to crave a certain formula, especially one that is well suited. The taste will become more and more palatable. They are not lying here… this stuff taste like ARSE… no ARSE with Dirt….I had the most difficult time trying to get this one small bowl full down.  I kept feeling it come back up…. but I would drink some water.. rest.. and continue… water… rest.. continue… until I got it all down…. I am not sure I will ever get use to that taste.

When to take your herbs?

Generally, as a rule, it is best to take your herb tea 30-60 minutes before eating, on an empty stomach. This provides the best absorption of the ingredients. If the herbs cause a little stomach upset, drink the herb tea 30-60 minutes after eating. This is a good thing to know… however, after taking that stuff.. you feel so full that you could not eat anything anyway.   It kind of kills your appetite.

However, after about 30 minutes.. I started to feel very relaxed…. so relaxed it was like I was drunk or something.  Yeah, I think .. if I had ever tried any kind of drugs … (which I have never tried) .. it would feel  like this.   I did not have any care in the world.   I was just laying there like I had just had the best massage in my life.   It was a strange kind of feeling.  But, … I did notice a fe different things…. I had some trouble with circulation my legs and feet would start to cramp up or tingle when I stayed to long in one place.   That doesn’t happen anymore.   I use to get a slight headache in the mornings… which for the last couple of days .. I didn’t have… I have not checked my blood pressure… but I am sure it cannot change that fast… but I have had an increase in bathroom usage.    This stuff is doing something…. hummm… maybe it will cure me… time will only tell….. until then I still have two weeks of soaking, cooking and drinking this stuff…. it better do something.

until next time….


10 thoughts on “I have the Traditional Medicine NOW What?

  1. I tried a couple traditional medicines (nothing I had to boil though) and they all tasted awful. One made me so nauseous I had to stop taking it. Unfortunately, none of those medicines made me feel drunk or relaxed. Maybe I should’ve taken the codeine the doctor gave me for my minor ear infection.

  2. Mayte

    Mentholatum at the nose (like you’re touring the morgue) and maybe a margarita chaser to wash the arse-ness away? I don’t miss those days at all….

    But enough about icky meds… I’m still waiting on the rest of your gorgeous wedding photos!


    1. @Mayte.. that was the best suggestion ever…. i had some vicks that i brought from the states… I put a little under my nose… and i could chug that nasty stuff like it was a beer…. thank you … so much. I will pass that suggestion on….. FYI… i posted my wedding photos on a former post… please check the archives.

      1. Mayte

        Found ’em! Thank you. You both look lovely.

        I’m glad the Vicks worked for you. My dad says Vicks cures everything! Lol…everything except what you have to drink the traditional medicine for… 😉

  3. Jules

    Google is the ish. I’m telling you if you can’t afford tuition just get a degree through google and wiki.

    Hush chile, my dad went to a herbal ‘doctor’ once and got some bottled medicine for his HPB and it was the vilest tasting thing I have ever had. I don’t envy you ur arse meds at all. Just be a good girl and close your nostrils before you swallow.

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