Our visit to Hermudu Historical Ruins

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Well… since we have obtain our new car... which I will blog about at a later date.  My husband and I have been more mobile and can now visit places when we want with the hassle of the crowded buses and trains.  Usually, due to the crowds we don’t even want to go outside.  But now with our wheels we are off on one adventure or another just to see whatever we can find.

So this day we decided to check out the small town of Hermudu.  This is historically one of the oldest towns in the world.  They have found grains of rice and gardening tools as far back as 7000 years.  We decided to grab our friend, who is visiting from that states and head out to see these old pieces of rice.

I was actually surprised at the beauty of the place.  They had really taken care to make sure everything was very, very clean.  (this is very unusual for China).  We entered a museum that showed several of the artifacts that were found from bones, to jade earrings to people skulls.  The museum was small but put together very nicely.  I was actually impressed with the set up.

We then moved to the outside and followed a path that was leading us to the dig site. That part was actually uneventful. There were just a few sticks poking out of the ground and some homemade bridges we needed to walk across not to disturb the site.   However, when we continued on we saw the huts and re-enactments of how they would have built them and we even got to walk inside one to see where they slept, cooked and went to the bathroom.  We even visited the shelter that had the god to which they prayed.   The way they had it set up you felt like you were actually living in that time with them.

We moved down the cobblestone path toward the river, which wasn’t far.   I could understand why they would build a village in this area since it was close to fresh water.   We came across a giant rock that was on top of two other rocks… we pondered on how the hell they got the rock up there.  It is another on of those mysteries in China that we will never really know.

Overall, the weather was cool and the company was enjoyable.  It was even the first time Michael had ever seen this area, which made it even more special.  We were exploring these things together.  Next weekend it is off to the famous Jade Garden.   I can’t wait.


until next time….


5 thoughts on “Our visit to Hermudu Historical Ruins

  1. ann

    Good for the two of you. My car was in the shop last week and I missed my car more than a man. Hmmm, I better rethink that last statement. There is nothing like a dependable man.

  2. Congratulations! Having a car in China changed my life!
    But, then I had to teach my chinese husband how to drive.
    We survived…barely. Now he has his own car and has been behind the wheel two years. For me, I feel totally free and independent and can go about my daily erands smoothly. It used to take half a day just to mail a postcard!

    1. Thank you… cars are very expensive here…. but we did it… yayyy us… However, I am not going to drive in China… it is just to terrible. Everytime i ride in a car or in a taxi… i feel my heart in my throat. My husband/driver will take me where I need to go. Anyway… I havent tried to take that test yet…. and anywhere I need to go.. my hubby can take me. Ahhhh.. to be a chinese-ish wife… hehehe

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