I always get a lot of questions and I have decided to add this Saturday Question of the week section to my blog.  So please send me any questions you want to ask and I will be happy to answer them.  Below is a question I got from one of the comments on my blog.. and I think the answer is so detailed that I wanted to put it in a blog. 


I love your blog!

I got a question if you don’t mind.. Since you’re the only black woman living in china I know of. Do you never worried about your future children?

I’ve just watched a cellphone video that disturbed me more than anything I’ve seen.. one white (around 8-year-old) child bumped into an elderly Chinese woman and a whole crowd of people swooped down and started to kick him and crushed his little arms and hands (I’m not making this up, I got the link but I don’t think you want me to post it) and all the while men and women were laughing at this ‘foreigner’ I couldn’t watch more than that. I can’t help to think what would happen if it had been a black child if they did that to a white child..

I want to first let you know that my husband and I will not be having children.  I am unable to have any more children and even if I still could I wouldn’t due to the fact that I am over 40 and don’t want to start all over again.  I have two grown children and a grandson, and we decided before we married that it would be enough.

However, I want to address your question regarding the video you saw and what would they do if it was a black child.   First, I am not sure where this video was  taken or in what country, but living in China for as long as I have, it is very hard for me to believe that the locals would do that to a child, no matter the color.   Children are very prized in China and most think that foreign children are very beautiful, even to the point that they want to touch them, slap their butts, and take their photos.  Although, most mother don’t approve or condone it.

Believe it or not, they think that a child that is mixed with Chinese and another race is more beautiful, and more intelligent.   If you ask any Chinese person on the street here they will tell you that mixed babies are more smart than other babies.  They feel that they get the benefit of both cultures and this will make them stronger and more clever.  They have the opportunity to learn so much more and the genes to be stronger and more beautiful.

So, in regards to How would they react to a Black child, mixed child or any other child; I feel that they would  think they are adorable, just like all babies.  Funny thing about Chinese people a lot of their behavior, attitude and prejudices are all from the lack of knowledge, they are blocked from so many things that they sometimes have no clue.  But usually have they educate themselves or meet people of other colors and countries they change.  I am not saying there aren’t bad Chinese people … there are bad people in every race and nationality, But I am saying that for the most part Chinese people are very accommodating and try to be kind.   I am very sorry you had to see this kind of video…. but don’t let that spoil your view of China and the Chinese people.   I think what you saw was something that is very rare.

What do you guys have to say?

Until next time…..