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As you know not everyone is happy with my website or my point of views. I received an email today stating a difference of opinion.  I am an equal opportunity blogger so even though I may not agree with what is said I will not stop her from having her say.  Some things are quite offensive, but please try to look past that and review.

Sista Jo,

Your site entered my mind a little while ago and I decided to give it a looksy. Please don’t get offended cause I mean this partly in jest. Are you being paid? Or, is it your undying love for your husband that has beguiled you? I don’t know Jo but I really wish you’d refrain from painting a picture of Chinese people that has nothing to do with facts. Stop basing your theories on personal relationships and take a cultural/scientific approach. Or, at the very least, post on your blog that these opinions are just that and are predicated on your INDIVIDUAL experiences. Or do broad random experiments like I do.

I have a describing people test that i give to all my classes and people in general. When I ask them to describe Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga or any white, Asian, Latino or Arab it goes like this, “They’re smart, funny, beautiful, clever etc.” When I ask them to describe to Obama, “He’s black.” After that, they run out of adjectives. If I’m lucky I get, “He’s black and strong.” Yeah, Obama is pretty strong.

I saw the video and had it translated. It was here and it was a Xin Jiang kid and yes they do stand by and watch as I have witnessed this kinda thing many times in many different provinces – Shanghai and Beijing included. I’ve seen men beat the living shit out of their wives and people just ignore it. I’ve seen cops Rodney King village people for selling fruits and people laugh. So WTF are you saying?

Chinese people despise blackness and black features. This is a cultural fact. Blacks aren’t even considered humans. How in the world will they find a Black child mixed with one of their own better than one of their own or one of their own mixed with a white kid? Did you give this any real thought? Maybe your friends would think its great if you had kids with your hubby cause they know and like you but this is not the general thinking of Chinese people as a whole and to suggest so is to continue to mislead Black people just like Martin Luther King and so many others did.

You (and the like) are painting a picture that’s not real and Black people continue to function in this unreality to their own detriment.

Pertaining to your magazine interview. Your husband may love you but its clear he doesn’t respect you as a Black woman. If he did, he’d never ask you to ignore what Chinese people are saying about you guys. If you were a Chinese girl he’d smash a bottle across their heads. When he looks at you he sees you in a contemporary way – which is how every Ethnic group sees Blacks. They were slaves, they can dance and they play sports. Unbeknownst to him (and possibly you) Black people have a history, traditions, belief systems and values and ‘lose face’ just like every other Ethnic group does.

How do you not lose face when you are being made fun of and your man doesn’t stand up for you is a clear reflection of how you see yourself and Black people overall. Sista Jo, you need to re-center.

Chinese people are prejudiced against other Ethnic groups, However, Blacks are not just another Ethnic group to them, Blacks are savage animals on two feet. China had African slaves too Jo. Read their ancient texts and see what they said about Blacks thousands of years ago. STOP BLAMING EVERYTHING ON INNOCUOUS IGNORANCE AND THE MEDIA! It has nothing to do with bad pub, 50 Cent movies and the press in general. Also, your justification for them seeing black skin and confusing us with Africans is insulting. As if being African literally means a beast. So what if we’re confused with Africans. Did it ever occur to you that Africans are not monolithic and should be subject to analysis just like whites? Education, class, Ethnic group etc? No, you summed it up by saying, “They’re ghetto.” They only stereotype us. A white teacher can show up drunk every day and sleep with underage students – and a number of them do – but they will never say that white teachers are screwed up. Just him. And that will never prevent them from hiring white teachers. So, by virtue of us being Black, I guess all bets are off, right?

Look, I know this email is abrasive and affronting at times but I just can’t sugar coat this shit. You are middle-aged just like me. Do you even identify with blackness? You have a blog and you are in an excellent position to shed some light on how we are perceived not only in America but in the world yet you continue to push this Rainbow Coalition bullshit

First … before I even reply to your email… I want to thank you for reading my blog.  Now, in reference to your email….

I started my blog to tell my friends what MY LIFE  is like in China… I did not start my blog for any other reason… The fact that people have started to read my blog because they wanted to know the personal experience of a Black woman living in China, married to a Chinese man, is flattering and kind and I appreciate it.  I do not get paid to write on my blog.. but I do get paid to blog on other websites.

However, I am not here to educate the world on Black History or Asian History.  Nor am I here to start giving negative and hateful information about the country that I have now made my adopted country or second home.  I am not here to show all the hardships and hatred tha has happened to the  Black people of the world and I am not a vehicle of some hidden agenda for all Black people.

The choice I made to live in China and marry my husband is just that .. my choice.. and what I choose to write in my blog is also my choice…..

All the stuff you just spewed out to me … may or may not be true..I am not going to research everything you have said…  but you know what… I don’t have the energy, patience or have the time to sit and argue with you about it.

I see what I see… and I know what I know….. I am not so closed-minded  that I can’t see that some people are very prejudice in China… I have even written about it in some of my blogs…several in fact…. However, I am not a person that dwells on the negatives.

 I live here… and I have to survive here… and I have to do business here…. and I do not walk around with hatred and negativity in my heart.   Nor do I group all Chinese people into one group… not all Chinese hate Black people and that is a fact

I don’t  like the fact that you have disrespected my husband by saying he has no respect for me just because he doesn’t fight every person in China that stares at me funny, points at me or calls me names.  This was rude and uncalled for… I don’t expect any man to do that… especially against an entire city or country.  Maybe that is what you want in a man.. but not what I want. 

My husband is exactly how I want him to be and my marriage is exactly how I want it to be.   We do not need to meet or conform to any standards that anyone else thinks we should.  We do not accept that from Chinese people and I will not accept it from Americans either.   If we choose to ignore ignorant people… then we will.. I did it in America and I can do it here.

I feel you are a little bitter.. and that you have had some issues in China or with Chinese people in general.  However, I haven’t.. and every Black person that lives in China doesn’t.  I have several Black American friends that have lived in China for years.. and love it here.  They wouldn’t live any other place.

As for the Africans in China… what I say is true.. from my experiences..and what has happened to me… and I write what has happened to ME.  I am not out interviewing people, or trying to force anyone to change their beliefs.  That is not my job and not my purpose.  I am sorry if my life doesn’t fit into your ideals of what a Black woman should do or say.
 I guess my “Blackness” is being questioned and I am not “Representing” the Black people properly…. But, you know what?  I am who I am and I dont need your approval or anyone else’s to be who I am.

Everyone that reads my blogs knows it is about me and my life.(I actually say that in the title of my blog and in my about me section.) and what I experience.  I am a not a person that wants to degrade or be little anyone’s beliefs or customs. 

I also think, your purpose was to try to discredit me or make me look bad in some way. However, I have learned that people will not always like what you do or what you say… and I do not live my life waiting for the acceptance of all that know me or in your case…that  dont know me.  Be Blessed

until next time….